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Chapter the Sixth

by jennieman 13 Reviews

Some new revelations come about, and changes are made to the team dynamics. Will they unify our heroes, or slowly tear them apart?

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  • A New Twist

    (#) iheartyou07 2007-02-28 08:18:29 PM

    I swear I litterally shrieked when I saw that this was updated:D I honestly can't believe you paired them up! They're going to be living together.. wow. That's promising to be very interesing:D not to mention a little heated between Theresa and Archie; which I always love! I'm glad Jay's getting what he deserves; god, he's such an ass to her, yet he claims he loves her. ha. I love Archie now. ooo, I really want them to get closer, lol. I love seeing them happy together, and Jay getting jealous. But once again, you don't need me to tell you how much I loved this chapter, like every other one you write:P They're always so well written and you can't help but feel excited when it's updated. It's actually well thought out and builds up to something, unlike most stories here nowadays. God, I love it. And my reviews are always long:P Poor lanta though, Neil, oh god. That should definitely be hilarious. And you said it was Hera's plan.. hm, what exactly does she have in mind?
    I want to see Theresa bitchslap Jay. god he deserves it.. haha, or even just making out with Archie infront of him:P oo. well, you know you rock, and you know we can't wait for the next chapter to come:D better be sooonnnnn:P

    Author's response

    wow, a shriek. i am moving on up in the fandom world. yes! go me! ahem...anywhooo...ya them living together is gonna be awesomely cracked up, with perhaps some unresolved sexual tension ;);) I'm glad you think it's well thought out lol, I am trying to get someplot development in here, finally, to move the story along some more. So there'll prolly be more of that in the next chapter, hopefully...yess, Neil and Lanta...mwuahahaha there are gonna be soooo much fun. As for Hera's plan, well you'll just have to wait and see for that. I dunno about bitchslapping Jay, lmao though it would be funny, but the making out part could possibly happen. ;) you never know where i might go with this...and right now i'm gonna go start on the next chapter. So thanks again for the lovely, long review that i always love reading from you!! hugs
  • A New Twist

    (#) Theresa599 2007-03-01 12:41:46 PM

    OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH update soon I put this story in my favorites too cause' i love it sooo much
  • A New Twist

    (#) CompetiveSwimmaChick 2007-03-01 02:35:51 PM

    OH MY>>> IT IS SO GREAT GREAT GREAT AWESOME AWESOME OUT OF THIS WORLD! Note the capitalization - that should tell ya how much I TOTALLY LUV this story! Haha.. LOL in Jay's face! Ya know, at first The Archie and Theresa didn't stirke me as aweosme, but as soon as read the first chapter of this story I fell head over heels in luv with the pairing! WOOT! yep, as I repeat - totally awesome chapter to a totally awesome story with a totally awesome plot with totally awesome action that gives you tatally awesome "LUV It and I want to read the next chappie" kinda felling with a totally awesome pairing written by a totally awesome author named totally awesome Jennieman! Woot! Wait- I just gotta count how many times I just used "totally awesome"... this might take a minute (I suck at math)...1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8! Wow, thats a lot of "totally aweosmes"! Oh, I spelt one with an A instead of an O, to lazy to change it... moving on.. sing praises to jennieman1 Those 8 totally awesomes should show you how good your story is and how much I luv it! Yeah! Now I'll stop my blurbbling and rambling on annoying you to death and shut my trap. LUV YA!

    Oh, P.S! Update soon, for me flutters eyelashes and gives puppy dog eyes. For me? Please? LUV YA!!!!!!!! =D

    Author's response

    lol wow, i think i just might have to update soon, thanks to all those totally awesome's you gave me. and cuz you rated it hot. ;) I'm soooo glad you like it, and maybe there'll be even more hotness in the next chapter, along with some jealousy and gasp more plot development. you never know with me. ;) so thanks again! hugs
  • A New Twist

    (#) CompetiveSwimmaChick 2007-03-01 02:38:11 PM

    Oh, and just to tell ya, I rated it HOT!! Cause it is... LUV YA!
  • A New Twist

    (#) CompetiveSwimmaChick 2007-03-01 02:38:27 PM

    Oh, and just to tell ya, I rated it HOT!! Cause it is... LUV YA!
  • A New Twist

    (#) hockeygrl195 2007-03-19 04:18:32 PM

    lol... this story is the only one that has made me laugh out loud. PLZZ update ASAP cuz i luv reading this... it's totally awesome!~
  • A New Twist

    (#) twiinklestar 2007-04-15 09:14:58 AM


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