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Only A Test

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Actually it's a fic called only a test. House asks Chase a question.

Category: House - Rating: PG - Genres: Humor - Characters: Gregory House, Robert Chase - Warnings: [X] - Published: 2007/03/01 - Updated: 2007/03/02 - 393 words

Author's Notes: Inspired by RavenToriBlack's vid Barbie Is A over at YouTube. Much thanks to Saarazaara for the beta.

"Hey, Chase."

His voice sounded perfectly normal, as if he had not been practicing it in his head all day. As if he had not been stalling by his bike for the last ten minutes, pretending to look for something in his backpack. As if he was not utterly terrified at this is very moment.

It was all well and good to make snotty comments and pull pigtails, but Greg House wasn't the greatest at outright seduction. He was more of a brood silently in a corner until someone pretty approached him kinda guy.

But, everyone had to grow, right? You could teach an old doctor to cruise new tricks, or however that idiom went.

"Hey, Chase," he repeated.

Chase looked up. His lips always seemed to look ruddy and well used after a long day. Chase squinted in the sunlight, waiting patiently for House to speak. House knew Chase would wait there for a good long while, his actions restricted by an innate desire to please.

Except House didn't want a long drawn out gaze. In fact he was beginning to wish he hadn't said anything at all and had never even schemed up The Slow Seduction of Robert Chase. There was too much room for error. Too many variables.

"Yes?" Chase asked pleasantly.

Anxiety knotted in House's stomach as he repeated the line he'd rehearsed all morning.

"Wanna go for a ride?" he asked. In his mind he had been leaning back on the motorcycle, his crotch prominent, his flat stomach noticeable under his worn out t-shirt, smirking out from under flashing eyes.

In actuality he was so terrified he couldn't get his hands to release the rubber grips of the handlebars.

"On what?" Chase asked, raising an eyebrow.

House let his eyes indicate the whole picture. The bike. The bright summer day. Him.

"On this."

Chase seemed to swallow a smile, only allowing one corner of his mouth to curl up in smugness.

"I don't think," he said carefully, "that would be a good idea." He lowered his head and gave House a subtle knowing look. "Right now," he amended.

House smiled.

Chase nodded and backed away slowly, before turning to parking lot.

House revved up his bike and drove home.
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