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Episode Three: Deadly Twins

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A strategist is plotting Canth's downfall. His first move is to feed a whole town to a pair of vampires and pit them against Canth. Canth must fight a two on one battle, how can he survive?

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Disclaimer: I created all these characters, the plot, the setting, the story, everything about this story short of the English language was created by me. Never use this story/idea and
claim it as your own. Enjoy!

I'm going to keep writing these stories regardless but I would appreciate feedback on if you like the story and how I can improve it. Please send me feedback.

Episode Three: Deadly Twins


"You were too impatient Morik." A soft voice told him. Morik's brown eyes were glazy and his red hair concealed the blood that was oozing out of his head. Morik wore black pants and a black jacket, even though he should be wearing an Imperial soldier uniform. Water washed over Morik's body. "You knew that man's sword play was on par with your own yet you still insisted to try so a foolish maneuver to end the battle quickly." The voice told him. "When you're healed you're to fight him again, in the mean time your little fight has reached as far up as the immortal 9. They say he's at least on the 5000's list, so they're going to send in a more formidable adversary. Rest up now, you're going to need your energy." He said before leaving.

"You're still following me." Canth said without turning around. Lucia hoped out from behind a tree. "You think that since we're in a realm predominantly composed of forests that you can hide among the trees. That's a mistake, in a forest one expects the enemy to hide behind or in a tree." Canth explained without stopping.

"Why are you treating me like an enemy anyway!?!" She yelled.

"Because you're a pest, quit bothering me." He told her. "Or else I'll kill you myself." He said with a deeper tone.

"But I know the layout of the realm, at the end of the forest is a small Imperial town, right before the borders of the Empire. I can help you by showing you where to go." She said confidently. Canth didn't verbally reply, he just reached into his pocket and pulled out a map and held it up.

"Now get lost." He told her. Lucia was discouraged. She had short brown hair, brown eyes, and wore an assortment of blue and white in her outfit. She also had a small white cape that didn't even cover half her back. Canth on the other hand had short brown hair, had red eyes, wore black gloves, black pants, and black shirt with a huge blue coat covering all of it. His sword was on his left side so he could draw it easily with his right hand. Lucia decided to stop following him and then catch up with him later when he wouldn't suspect it.

"It must be a special case if you're going to use me." A man with black hair, sunglasses and a brown overcoat said to Jukan.

"Well it is a special case, this man is one of the most active on all the death lists. Even if he is only on the 5000's he needs to be contained or taken out right away. That's why we've called you in ex-Captain General Jager."

"You flatter me, no name." Jager said to Jukan. "At least that's what I think you like to be called, I know you hate your real name. Who am I to deny the immortal 9's request? I'll need the information on this target." Jager said.

"Right here." Jukan said handing him a large file of papers.

"According to this he's only ranked 2012 on the Empire's death list, why is he such a big threat?" Jager asked in confusion.

"Like I said, he's not really a threat, he's just incredibly active in attacking our troops. He may be stronger than we ranked him too, he recently defeated Ulmgor and Morik." Jukan informed him.

"I see, from the looks of his movements he's heading for Tiber, which is an Imperial installation now is it not?" He continued. "I have the perfect plan to take care of this little nuisance."

"Do tell."

"Well first, answer me this one question, why doesn't the immortal 9 simply not kill him themselves?"

"That's a question asked by many, but I will tell you. We have many lists, going all the way to the 50,000's list. These 50,000 people are recognized as some of the Empire's strongest enemies, be the soldiers or otherwise. The immortal 9 is only employed to those who make the 100's list. It's better that way because the 100's are usually so infamous and powerful that they have to hide so the immortal 9, being expert trackers, are sent to track down and eliminate them. Anything else would be a waste of time for us." He explained. "In fact, I'm the only member of the immortal 9 not on active hunting duty right now."

"I see... alright then here's what we're going to do...."

Canth was walking through the forest, listening for any sneak attacks or hints that Lucia was still following him. She wasn't, of course. At least not close by like usual, she decided to wait for a larger distance to appear before them, and then instead of walking on the ground she decided to jump from tree to tree and stay out of his range of sight. After getting to the end of the forest, and walking for what seemed like hours he decided to stop and rest. She's following me again isn't she? He thought to himself. She was indeed following him to observe his fighting skills but she kept her distance this time. He decided it was best to keep going so she couldn't get any closer. He could see his destination, a town in the distance, he figured it would take at least 20 minutes to get there. When he arrived, he found nothing. The town was completely silent. The wood and stone houses were abandoned. He walked down a stone path looking for any signs of life. He saw a fountain, knowing it must be the town square he approached it. On the fountain he saw a man, he had smooth black hair, red eyes, and he wore a purple cape with a yellow collar that covered his back and front sides of his body all the way down to his toes. The man was smiling, Canth drew the hilt of the sword and approached him.


"The first part of the plan is to evacuate our troops and the imperial citizens from. We'll release subjects 323 and 324 from their containment and send them to town so they can gain energy off of them."

"Perfect, what's the next stage of your plan?"


End of flashback

"And just who are you?" Canth said, looking at him with hate. The man didn't even answer, instead he bowed his head and shot at Canth like a torpedo. The man's cape fluttered with the wind as Canth powered up his sword. The glowing blue blade of his sword emerged in the familiar katana shape. The man lifted his head to look at Canth. Canth swung his sword at the man who made a sudden sharp turn to the right. The sword cut off some of the man's hair, scalp, and part of his ear. The man flew a little ways before stopping and facing Canth.

"I see, so that's why I was taken out of my containment, you really are a warrior of great threat to the Empire." The man said, revealing his fangs. Small strings shot out from his skull to the missing piece of ear and brought it to his body, sealing the wounds. The scalp healed up and his hair re-grew.

"A vampire?" Canth said in astonishment.

"Hehehe, it's true, I am a 'vampire' as you might call it. Though the rumors aren't true, no pale skin, no harm from sunlight, and I defiantly don't use this fangs for anymore than fear." The vampire explained. "My name is Alec, and the truth is, we absorb life energy a different way... through our hands!" he said holding up his hands palm first. Canth noticed that on the palms of his hands were mouths. Each mouth had hundreds of tiny teeth. "You're looking at the teeth aren't you? Don't be fooled these teeth are also used for decoration, allow me to demonstrate." Alec told him with an evil grin. He walked over to behind a house and dragged a human out. It was a male with black hair who was bound and gagged, he was scared too. "Here, let me show you." Alec said holding his palm up to the man's head. Wind started sucking inward and as it happened the man's skin became tighter, and his hair started to become white. Soon the man was no more than a skeleton. The skeleton became dust and sucked into the mouth. "Do you like it? The mouth absorbs life energy which in turn powers my energy attacks and regeneration." Alec said with a smirk. "I'm powerful on my own but I work even better with my partner." He said with a smile.

"Partner...?" Canth asked confused. Then he realized it and jumped out of the way as Alec's partner punched through the section of the stone path he was standing on a moment before.

"He's brother." Alec's partner said, flying up and landing next to Alec. "Oh I guess I should introduce myself, I'm Sylvia, Alec's one year younger sister and partner." She said. She wore the same cape as Alec, and she had the same red eyes, but she had frizzy blond hair. "Let's get him." She said, charging at him. Alec fired a blue energy beam. The beam was a ball of energy connected to a smaller ball, which was connected to a smaller ball, which was connected to yet another smaller ball. Canth jumped out of the way of the beam, which hit a house, but Sylvia closed the distance between them. She swung, and that's when Canth realized she had really long claws. He managed to get out of the way in time, but he got a deep cut on his right cheek and he wasn't able to get in a counter-attack. Sylvia charged at him and stabbed forward. Canth was ready this time, he jumped in the air, did a front flip and brought his sword to slice her skull in half. He landed a few inches behind her and faced an oncoming energy beam shot by Alec. He readied his sword and swung as the blast got within range, dispelling the blast. He turned to where Sylvia was, knowing she would come for him. She stabbed at him with her left arm, he dodged and brought his sword down to cut her arm off. She pulled her arm back and stabbed with her right hand. He moved to the right, causing her hand to tear a piece of his clothing. She stabbed at his face with her left arm. He ducked and sliced her in half. He did a back flip to get out of the way of another energy beam. Alec fired another beam to where he would land, however. The beam hit the ground near Canth, almost killing him, and creating smoke. Canth ran through the smoke, towards Alec. Alec fired another energy blast which Canth swatted aside. He was almost in range of Alec when Sylvia jumped at him. He jumped back and readied his sword again.

"Brother." Sylvia said.

"Right." He responded. The both of them flew up into the air and put their hands together. His right hand and her left hand touched and it started to glow red. Canth watched in amusement, wondering what they would do next.


"Next we have them both engage him. Their unique double style of fighting combined with the ability to regenerate should be able to overwhelm him if he is truly as weak as we think."

"And if he's not?"

"Then we'll be able to better measure his power."

End of Flashback

The energy ball became huge, and they both hurled the energy ball at him. Canth was surprised, it was huge. Canth turned to run out of the blast radius. He ended up having to dive to avoid the blast. A huge cloud of smoke rose into the air. From one side came Sylvia. She stabbed for his lower body, from the other side came Alec who stabbed for his upper body. He didn't notice Alec until it was almost too late, he jumped to avoid Sylvia and then he saw Alec. He covered his neck as the nails went into his hand. Canth was thrown to the ground.

"Damn I missed his jugular, but he should be weak enough to absorb without a fight now." Alec said. "You take him, you've lost more energy than I have." Sylvia walked up to Canth's body and the mouth on her hand opened. The next second Canth's sword was stabbed through the mouth and Canth kicked her in the chest. He rolled backwards and stood up.

"There's no way I'm going to lose to the likes of you." He said pointing his sword at them.

"Heh, this is an interesting one indeed." Alec said.

"Alec, we have to finish this, we haven't been given enough energy for a long drawn out battle." Sylvia told him.

"Agreed." He said. Sylvia fired multiple blasts in a line, creating a line of ground up stone dust. Canth knew what they were doing; the smoke would distract him while Alec would come from the side. He was correct; Alec came and lunged at him. Canth dodged his attack and slashed his chest. Then Sylvia fired a blast at Canth's body. Canth wasn't able to avoid it and he fell to the ground. Alec slammed his hands down, trying to hit Canth. Canth rolled out of the way as Sylvia fired another blast. Canth jumped to his feet, swatted the energy to the side and threw his sword Alec. The sword went through his shoulder. Canth ran towards Alec, dodging blasts from Sylvia. He grabbed the sword out of Alec, loped off is head, and ran towards Sylvia. He was charging Sylvia; he jumped over a blast, rolled under another blast and threw his sword which hit Sylvia in the chest. Canth ran up to Sylvia, retrieved the sword and cut her head and left arm off. In an instant Canth was hit in the back by an energy blast by Alec. He recovered and put distance between him, Sylvia, and Alec.

"Sylvia, we're too low on energy. Let's regroup and try again another day." He told her.

"Agreed." She said getting up.

"Who says I'm going to allow either of you to escape." Canth told them.


"Right, even in our conditions we must do it." They flew up and put their hands together again, creating an energy attack and launching it at Canth. Canth dodged the blast much easier than the last one. But when the smoke cleared, the vampires were gone. A note drifted to the ground.

"Enjoy your victory while it lasts, next time we'll have ten times the energy and we'll defeat you with ease." Canth said out loud. Canth looked at the vast sky, and couldn't help but feel happy. He didn't know why, but it was a nice feeling.


"And if the vampires fail?"

"From what I hear, Doctor has healed Ulmgor, and Morik. He'll be my target's next opponent."

"Excellent, Doctor is nearly impossible to even injure, even a member of the immortal 9 would have trouble with him."


Thanks for reading! I hope you continue reading this story as well as check out some of my other stories: Agent Angel, The Immortal Dead (Formerly Never-ending War), and Age of Psychics. Happy reading xD

Note: Captain General is the highest rank of general in the past, so I used it instead of General. Also, Jager is pronounced Yaeger
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