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Lonely No More

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It felt so good to be together again...

Category: Samurai Champloo - Rating: R - Genres: Action/Adventure, Drama, Romance - Characters: Fuu, Jin, Mugen - Published: 2005-09-18 - Updated: 2005-09-18 - 988 words

It felt nice to know that she thought that well of him, but he knew that he would never be more than he was. How could he be more when he was a hunted man? There was no way to prove himself in the right. He was resigned to his fate though, had been for quite awhile now. Jin knew he would never settle down; never have those roots that some people seem to crave. When he looked at Fuu though, he could picture her with him, under him, swelling with his child. He could see himself handing his swords down to his son, training the child in their use. She would be a good mother. Fuu was very good at making do and making the best of situations, a trait he would hope her offspring would inherit.

Shaking his head, Jin pushed the daydreams aside. Now was neither the time nor place to be thinking like this.

"You know, I was just looking for you two hoping that we could meet up again. How fortunate that we've all ran into each other so quickly."

She had that big grin on her face, the lighting everything around her up grin. It warmed some place deep inside him. It was nice to know that she still had it.


Like he would ever actually admit to either of them that he'd been looking for them too. He wasn't that stupid.

"I-I'd missed you guys. It feels like it's been so long since we've seen each other."

He heard a sniff and realized that she was tearing up.

"What the hell! Don't start crying over it!"

Deep inside though, it felt good to know that she'd missed him, that he meant something to her still.

"Grr...Mugen can you not just appreciate the time that we spend together?!"

Jeez, she sounded pissed now.

"Uh, yeah. You know I like seeing you Fuu. If I didn't I wouldn't be here now would I?"

He could feel Jins' mental eye roll right about now. How did that bastard never move his face? Well, hardly ever anyways.

She missed the sweet Mugen, the one that had been taking care of her. Crawling over between where the two of them now sat, she knew what she had to do...


It felt so nice to have them both in her arms at once. Her strong steady Jin and her wild passionate Mugen. What would she ever do without the two of them...or at least the memories they provided.

"Ugh! Get you head off of mine ya scrawny idiot!"

That came from Mugen; Jins' only response was to cringe when their heads collided.

"Isn't this nice? All together again! I've missed you guys so much," Fuu pulled them both tighter to her. She didn't want to let go so she gave them one more tug hoping to get as tight as possible...

"Eek!' They all toppled backwards together.

Her head hurt as it hit the ground, it was definitely complaining about all the abuse it had received lately.



She felt their heads land on her. Just as she was about to apologize, she realized how nice it was to be snuggled up between the two of them. One warm body on each side of her. Fuu felt very safe, very protected. If only that feeling could last...

Jin closed his eyes and let out a soft groan as he felt his head land unexpectedly on her stomach. He squeezed his eyes even tighter and lay there for a moment absorbing how it felt to lay on her soft body. She was just as soft as he'd dreamed she'd be. He could smell that familiar fragrance that was Fuu, the soft mix of sunflowers and the outdoors. He wrapped his arm around her waist and hugged her close, burying his face in her kimono. No one spoke for several minutes as they lay there together. Jin didn't even think Mugen could complain about this, this feeling of warmth and caring.

"Hmm, could we you guys mind....." she spoke hesitantly.

"It's okay Fuu. You can ask us."

"Would it be okay, please if we all just snuggled up together tonight? Just for the one night."

He could hear the hope in her voice.

"That would be fine. "

"Sure. Whatever."

He would never have hoped for her to ask that. Closing his eyes, he placed a soft kiss on her stomach and stood up to get their bedding together.

What the hell, shit like this never happened to him. She actually wanted him near her! Mugen didn't want to open his eyes on the chance that this was all a dream. If it was he just wanted to stay in it!



"If you'll let me up, I'll go help Jin get our bedding ready. We can put our bedrolls together and make one big one."

She sounded so happy at the thought of that.

Raising his head he looked in her eyes. There was such trust and happiness present there that he could hardly believe that it was aimed at him.

"Sure Fuu."

He stood up and went over to the fire, poking at it with a stick.

It felt so good to be snuggled up between these two for the night. She couldn't believe that they had gone for her suggestion. She couldn't remember the last night she'd felt this safe.

"Thank you two for sleeping with me tonight. I-I know you'll think I'm silly, but it feels safer this way."

With that she rolled over towards Jin and closed her eyes.

"We'll always take care of you Fuu," she heard Jin whisper to her.

She felt Mugens' hand slide around her waist, he leaned over and his breath was warm as he whispered in her ear, "That won't happen to you again Fuu, I won't let it."
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