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center stage

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Slight SasuSaku. Because you can't have a shadow without light.

Category: Naruto - Rating: PG - Genres: Angst, Horror - Characters: Sakura, Sasuke - Warnings: [!] - Published: 2007-03-04 - Updated: 2007-03-04 - 278 words - Complete

center stage


/I am but a shadow/, He says, silent words on his lips.

She thinks she is deaf, but when she opens her mouth to reply, she realizes her hands are planted at her ears, a fistful of hair in each hand with the ache of her scalp. A droplet, warm at first but cold as it distances itself away from home (a story eerily familiar) rolls down her flushed cheek; her face is warm and distorted into anger but her body is as cold and frigid as his heart.

Her hands drop loose; blood oozes down her legs like a parasite and she is surprised she has not given in into the temptation of a screech. Her jaw hangs still and the gaping whole in her chest is numb, but she can still feel the ache somewhere else- she feels like someone is screwing with her, (and /what did I ever do to you?/) because it is her end and while her heart ceases to beat for her body her heart continues to beat for him.

Sha- She coughs scarlet onto her rough hands, and her vision flashes with the dull throb of her eyes. -Shadows only exist with light.

And I am forever trapped in the spotlight of center stage/, He kneels to her, and she realizes that she lays on the muddy ground. because my story never ends./

/Neither mine/, She whispers, the rain tapping against the high of her cheekbone.

The light follows me everywhere, and in its obviation is a signal that there is now no wrong in what cannot be seen.

Ghostly, spidery hands encircle her throat.

"Lights out, Sakura."


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