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Revenge day is near or closer then you may think.

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Author's Note: This chapter's sentences may not make sense but they are symbolic to what is to come. There is a method to my madness so stay with me.


Damien and I have been dating for the past two weeks. We're in a good place at this point. We have been unstoppable and the most talked about at school. It's as if we never we apart. However, we're not the only ones we are heading our heads on LOVE. Leo and Jada have started dating too. I don't know if it's something in the air but love is defiantly blooming. Jared and I are still working on our projects just as friend. As for him and Angela, I guess they're good. Nevertheless, today on this day, the table will turn and someone will stand on top. Just to get to the point today is Revenge.

On the morning of Revenge, I sat on the floor leaning against my locker. Half sleep I laid my head on Marco's lap while Marco was looking in the mirror franticly trying to fix his hair. Camren was sleep, knocked out cold on the other side of Marco. Leo and Jada were sitting across from us drinking coffee and talking a mile a minutes.

"Come on guys wake up. It's almost time" Jada said getting slowly.

We all slowly got up slowly but wished we could just sleep. We started walking towards the opposite ends of the hallway. We journey to the crowed hallway and patiently watched as Brittney approached her locker. Unbeknown to Brittney there was an unusually mass of students gathering in the hallway. We hung back to watch the chaos unfold. Brittney happily stops at her locker talking furious to one of her brainless minis. Brittney slowly puts in her combination, it unlocks and she slowly opens her locker.


Brittney stood in shock; she was covered in oatmeal, which was pouring out of her locker. Brittney tried to back away but end up slip and fall landing on her ass. At this point, I was very entertained. Brittney tried to talk only to be drowned out by the screams of laughter. On cue, Jada came behind Brittney and dumped a bag of feathers on to her. Jada then disappeared back into the crowd. Brittney was furious and steaming from the ears. She managed to get up and looked around at the massive crowd whom were laughing and smirking.

"Shut Up, Shut Up, Shut Up" Brittney said screaming and stomping her feet then fall once again. I turned giving Jada a high five.

"Shut Up! Who did this?" Brittney said yelling pointing to her locker. Then an administrator appeared trying to break though the crowd.

"Break it up. Break it up" the administrator voice boomed though the halls. The crowd dissolved but the gang and I remained close to the drama. The administrator tried to calm Brittney down. The administrator then directed Brittney to the offices. As Brittney walked pass me, its as if time slowed down, she glanced at me with the coldest eyes every. I had no problem returning the glance.

We decided we had better leave the crime scene and head to class. We went our separated ways; I started heading to first period. Suddenly I was grabbed from behind and was met face to face with Damien. I blushed giving him a kiss on the lips. We parted even though I didn't want to.

"Your a genius, you know that?" Damien stated.

"I don't know what you're talking about"

"Well you're a genius and beautiful. I got to go but see you for lunch"


I walked into first block. I was obviously early cause there was only four people in class including Jerad. Jerad was laughing looking at his cell phone. I sat next to him curious.

"What's so funny?"

"Watching this video of Brittney being finally humiliated"

"So what do you think was it genius or what?"

"How'd you do it?"

"I don't know what you're talking about"

"Oh really"

"Well I have an idea who may be involved"

"You tell this genius prankster that they made my day."

In addition, with that the bell rung and class had begun. I was now in a lighter mood that I made someone's day. Maybe my luck has change and I can finally get though high school on a good note. However, there's always what tomorrow brings.
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