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Lost Friends, New Lives

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Years pass by, and they started a band. Mikey was all excited and hyper and ------------ energy!!!! Concerts always pumped him up. Tho, theres not much to pump up, he was still excited. They were all seated in the living area of the bus, waiting on the Manager to hurry up and say what he had to say. Gerard looked at Mikey with a smile. "I hear that we're getting some chick to tour with us..." Mikey sat down a little bit lower. He had a girlfriend, he didn't want to ruin what he had at the moment. The manager, Kevin, smiled. "Not just any chick guys, a model. She heard one of your songs, Welcome To the black Parade, and wanted to join the tour." Frank smiled. "What's her name?" Kevin sighed. "Uh.." He began flipping through some paper work that he had. "Her name is...Ara..(Are-uh)" Frank and Bob smiled to themselves. "Ara...Sounds Exotic..." Gerard laughed. "Too bad for you Mikey, you could've had a chance with a model..." Mikey make a sarcastic laugh and smile and rolled his eyes. Kevin laughed. "Uh, meet me out here in 5 mins, she's on her way up here." Then he walked out. Ray spoke. "Ara...I wonder what she looks like..." He looked off into space and held his chin. After a few mins there was a knock on the door and the guys got up. As soon as they walked out, Mikey noticed long black hair and long tan legs under a very short skirt. The guys gathered around her and Kevin smiled. "MCR, this is..Ara.." Ara turned around and her jaw dropped. Mikey stood there, entranced. "Gee?? Mikes?? Frank, Ray, Bob????" Gerard walked up to her and smiled. "Arabella..." Almost instantly, she fell into his open arms. "Gee!! OMG, I've missed you all!!!" He pulled her back at arms length and smiled. "You've grown." Mikey silently agreed. She had gotten taller, curvier, and...even more beautiful. Her green eyes, and her smile still remained the same. She looked at Frank and blushed. His eyes wer popping out of his head. "Arabella, your still as hot as ever." She giggled and pulled him into a hug. "And your still Frank..The donut." Mikey couldn't help but laugh. Bob took her from Frank and hugged her tightly. "I've missed you." She giggled and hugged him back. "You talk!! OMG.." She kissed his cheek. "I've missed you too Bob." Ray watched as she pulled away from Bob and put her arms around him. "RAY RAY!" She giggled as he lifted her up off the ground and squeezed her tightly. "BELLA!!" When her feet touched the ground she touched his hair. "You've always had a thing for your hair." He touched hers. "And you finally grew yours out. You look beautiful." She blushed and hit him softly. "Grrr..." She then turned to Mikey. Mikey felt as the blood came rushing to his face. All the emotions he had as a kid, came rushing back to him too. She looked at him with a smile, and spoke in a low voice. "Michael Way, are you gonna stand there looking like an idiot, or are you gonna come over here and give me a hug??" He smiled and walked over, giving her the biggest hug he could muster. "I missed you the most Mikes.." He smiled and pulled away. "Same here. I cried for a week straight.." She giggled and wiped away a tear. "You just don't know..." She sniffed and smiled. "I'm sorry for the skimpy outfit. I just got off a photo shoot, and got rushed over here. Thank goodness I can keep the clothes.." She giggled and turned to the other guys. Gerard had her bags. Bob was smiling, Ray was giddy and Frank was eyeing her. She blushed from all the attention. "So what do we do??' Frank spoke before anyone else could. "You could...Go with me..for some snacks before the tour starts.." She blushed big time and looked down. "But I'm sorta kinda over dressed.." He took her hand. "Who cares? Lets go." She giggled as she was being drug away.

Mikey was still shocked, as the rest of them piled into the bus. Gerard sat down with a smile on his face. "Bella's all grown up..I like it." Mikey still had this blush on his face. "It's just weird that we find her." Bob laughed. "Got that right." Ray sighed happily. "Bella...." They all laughed and sorta had a silent discussion about Bella till she got back. The door opened and her laugh flooded the room. Frank wasn't too far behind. He smiled at everyone. "Bella, has NOT changed one bit. She's still Bella!!" Mikey watched as he pulled her in front of him and put his arms around her waist. She giggled. "Hey, I did change!! I grew TALLER, and SLIMMER and,....FAMOUS..!" They laughed and Frank let her go, to sit down, then pulled her into his lap. Mikey didn't like all the attention he was giving her. Gerard could tell, so he sorta moved over and she slid off his lap into the empty space. 'Thanks." She sighed and tugged at her skirt. "So, what happened since I was gone?" Gerard smiled. "Well, Frank and Kady broke up, Bob talked more, Ray sulked for a while before actually getting a girlfriend, and Mikey here, has one, oh, and we all lost our Virginities, that fill you in??" She laughed and covered her face. "OMG, are you serious?" Gerard nodded and gave her his famous smirk. She blushed and smiled sweetly. "You forgot to mention that you guys got hotter and famous.." Gerard ran his hand through his hair and his pale face got pink. "What about you?" She grew a little quiet and solomn. "When we moved, my dad, wasn't thinking. He kept that job for about 2 months, and things were fine, till he got drunk. Lets just say that my parents diviorced. We were a little poor for a while, so, mom took me to modeling classes to make some money. I got signed and here I am. Ara." Mikey looked at her face and noticed a dull shine. "I've been in magazines since I can remember. Its hard.." She looked down and sighed. "I cried for a year. I missed home, you guys, everything.." She looked up and smiled. "I'm so glad to see you guys again." She wiped away a tear and sighed again. "Grr...I hate crying." They all laughed and just talked about everything. Around concert time, she had changed into jeans and a shirt. Mikey found alone time with her. "So, you have anyone waiting on you when you get home?" She shook her head. "Nope, I'm single. Why?" He shook his head. "No reason. Seems like Frank has a thing for you. Noticed you flirted back." She laughed. "Ok." He smiled at her. Just as he was about to say something, his cell rang. He looked at her. "Sorry, its my girl, I gotta take this." Bella laughed. "OK, you do that Mikes. I'm going go 'flirt' with Frank." She did air quotes and walked off toward him. He sighed and talked to Alice. He glanced over and found her smiling away at Frank, and standing a little too close. Frank was smiling too and he had hand contact with her waist. He sighed and looked away. "I love you too Baby. Bye." Then he hung up and walked over to the two. Bella looked at him with a smile. "Mikey.." Frank looked at him with this, "get the hell away, I've got my game going," look. "Mikey?" Mikey smiled at them, despite the look. "I'm going to go..Come on Frank." Frank sighed and nodded. "Yeah, we've got to go get ready. I'll talk to you later ok? We'll finish this.." She giggled and nodded. "Ok.." He hugged her and kissed her forehead, causing her to blush. Then they walked on to the dressing room.

Mikey looked at him. "What was that all about?" Frank laughed. "Oh, come on. You still have feelings for her?" Mikey blushed and shook his head. "No, I don't. I just wanna know what your doing." Frank rolled his eyes. "Getting with Bella. Shes still the same girl, just grown up. You had a chance, but..lost it, a long time ago." Mikey got a little angry. "So? That's NO reason to act all touchy feely. Bella never liked you. The day she moved, she left me a note that said she always loved me, NOT YOU." Frank and the other guys looked at him. Gerard spoke. "Mikey, calm down. If that's true, its pretty obvious that she's moved on, and so have you. If Frank wants her, or...if we want to get with her, let it be. You've got a girl.." Mikey calmed down at the last part. It was true, he was with Alice.. Just then there was a light knock on the door. They turned and saw green eyes looking at them. Ray smiled. "What's wrong Bella?" She blushed. "I sorta...kinda...gotta pee..." They laughed and all pointed to the bathroom. She then ran to it. Bob spoke. "I wouldn't mind having her...its just that, she's my friend...a really old friend.." He smiled and looked away. Ray laughed. "Bella's like my sister. I can't touch weird man. So, Frank, Gerard, may the best man win." Gerard and Frank both shook and nodded. Bella walked out and smiled, putting her arms aroud Bob. "Robert...Bryar...." She smiled at his mirror and he smiled back. "You talk..NOW." He looked at her, spun around and put her in his lap. "Well, Lets see. Mikey missed you like crazy, you know that right?" She shook her head. "Nope..I figured...he had you guys. I had no one." Bob looked a bit sad. "I missed you too. I just didn't want to say anything.." She smiled and hugged him. "Same here." They just talked and got ready...FOR THE CONCERT!!!!

*What are the odds, that she'd be a model and find her bestest best friends in the whole wide world?? Oh, the romance will start with Mikey in a while....or will there be a big twist??? o.o o.O O.O O.o o.o **
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