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Five years after leaving Schwarz, things in Schuldig's life have gone horribly wrong. He finds himself back where he started but things are not as they once were. Deals with M/M domestic violence i...

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Don't own it. Just borrowing the characters for a while.
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Almost there, he thought. Almost safe. Just a few more steps. Nearly home.

Of course it hadn't been home in five years. Maybe it had never exactly been home in the first place but it was close enough. And right now it was somewhere safe. Somewhere to hide until he could think of a better plan. Until he could find a way out permanently. One that didn't mean his death.

He put the key in the lock and almost cried in relief as he felt the lock click open. He pushed the door in with his uninjured shoulder and had just set one foot across the threshold when a voice stopped him cold. A very properly modulated voice that he didn't recognize.

"Whom might you be and why are you invading this household?" said the incredibly large man blocking his way into the penthouse.

Before he could answer there was another voice. "It's fine, James. He's a friend," came the soft baritone from behind the other man. Though the tone was quiet and serene there was underlying steel in it, brooking no refusal. "Take his bag upstairs, please."

"As you wish, Sir," James said and took the overnight bag out of his hand then started up the stairs with it. Giving him a clear view of the other man.

He was trying to place where he'd seen this person before. Why were the gorgeous features new yet known to him? The other man was a tall as he was, with shoulder length chocolate colored hair and the richest sapphire eyes he had ever seen. Why did the voice sound so familiar yet so alien to him at the same time? Then it hit him.

"N-Nagi?" he said in disbelief.

The man smiled. "Welcome home, Schuldig."

"Mein Gott, you grew up beautiful," he breathed. Hardly believing that the man standing in front of him was the boy he had teased and goofed off with so long ago.

"Thank you." He smiled a little. "What? You expected me to stay sixteen all my life?"

"No. Yes. Not really. It's just a surprise."

"I dare say it's a far better surprise than the ones you're used to lately," Nagi said, looking over the massive injuries. One of Schuldig's eyes was swelled nearly shut. His bottom lip was split, though it looked as if it had been done a couple of days ago. The way he was holding his left side Nagi was certain he had at least one cracked or broken rib.

"This was not a surprise," Schuldig said, moving away from the door. He winced and ground his teeth in an effort to hold back the scream of pain that threatened.

"Do you need the hospital, Schuldig?" Nagi said, going to his uninjured side and bolstering him up. Together they limped to the couch and Schuldig eased onto it carefully.

"No. No hospital. He'd find me."

"Who'd find you, Schuldig?"

He shook his head and nearly passed out. Getting a grip on himself he mustered all of the blocks he could to keep everything and everyone out. So much effort had been spent trying to block out the pain just so he could make it here. He was safe here. He had to be safe here. There was no where else for him to go.
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