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The boys

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Two boys have been stuck in an awful orphanage together all their lives. But after they make friends with three girls, will they beable to run away? My first fanfic so please read.

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Chapter 1

The two fifteen year old boys fell down the steep metal steps onto the hard, cold, stone floor, and heard the big wooden door slam shut behind them. But then, then were used to this.
The first one Laurance stood up wiping the dirt of his hands which had taken the weight of his fall. Luckily for him he was wearing a pair of black fingerless gloves. He was tall and handsome, dressed in ripped combat jeans and converse trainers with a wooden beaded necklace wound around his slim neck. He pushed back his long milky chocolate hair from in front of his dark eyes and sarcastically said,
"Well that was fun!"
He turned to his best friend James, who hadn't been so lucky and who had fallen head first into a pile of rat poo.
Laurance had to try hard not to laugh at the sight of him. James sat up and moaned,
"Ewww rat poo! What's rat poo doing down here?"
Laurance held out a hand to help James up.
"Obviously there is rat's down here. Mrs Splinter never cleans the rest of the Orphanage let alone the dungeon."
Laurance stared at James; he remembered the first day they had met five years ago. Laurence's Mother had died giving birth to him and his Father had committed suicide a month later. He had been given to his old Aunt who had brought him up to be a polite, well mannered young boy. But unfortunately she had died when Laurance was only ten.
He had been brought to the Splinter Orphanage the same night as the social services had escorted James there.

At first Laurance had been a bit afraid of the pale, gothic looking James, with his ebony black hair and big sapphire eyes. But now when he looked at him, wearing his long black coat, big leather boots, and an array of heavy pointed jewellery, and he got a strange feeling in his heart.
James had been given up at birth, he had been passed around different Homes and families but he just ran away. He had always felt angry and unwanted, and, until he met Laurance, he never tried to make friends. But then he got sent to the worst possible Orphanage ever!
The Splinter Orphanage...!!

The Splinter Orphanage was a vast looming place, built on a hill guarded with electric barbed fences and The Little Blue people; strange little blue cloaked people... or things, none were sure, who went around chattering in their own strange language and guarding the building as if it was the Crown jewels.
The couple who ran the Orphanage, Mr and Mrs Splinter, were not the type of people who should run an Orphanage full of children with no parents, and no one who cared for them. No, they were doing the job that suited them least. Mr Splinter was a large, portly man with a shiny bald head and eyebrows that looked like over sized brown caterpillars who had never been to the hairdressers! He was strict, and enjoyed storming around the dark Orphanage hallways with his stick, yelling at the children. He especially despised Laurance and James, who played countless tricks on him and were always breaking one of the thousands of rules that's Mr and Mrs Splinter had invented. Today they had been caught in James bedroom listening to music through headphones when music was strictly forbidden inside the Orphanage.

Mrs Splinter was almost as bad as her husband. She sat in front of the television all day, stuffing box after box of chocolates making the children do all the chores. Laurance even had to massage her feet once, which were all wrinkly and flaked dead bits of skin everywhere.
She was probably in her early sixties, but she tried to squeeze into teenage miniskirts and high heels, showing off her awful fake tan which made her look like a salmon fish. Laurance tried to avoid her like the plague but what no one knew, was that she actually fancied Laurance and secretly dreamed about him every night!
But Mr and Mrs Splinter were nothing compared to the other children in residence at the Orphanage. Apart from one or two, the whole lot of them were chavs! And they all picked on Laurance and James because they were the odd ones out. Especially the biggest and scariest chav of them all... named Woodlouse. Well his real name was Henry but James and Laurance called him Woodlouse because he looked like he had a big bleached blonde turd rolled up over the top of head with bits sticking out like legs. Him and his gang of friends enjoyed making James and Laurence's life more of a misery then it already was.
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