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The Fight!

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Woodlouse attacks! Poor Laurance:(

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Chapter 4

James stared eagerly into the space outside the window in the common room which showed the freedom of a gang of boys enjoying the cold, dew, early evening playing football. His cold, ice blue eyes shifted towards Laurance.
"I wish there was more to do around here," he mumbled. Laurance shot his brown eyes back towards James.
"I know but we could make the most of it," he said with a sneer before echoingly chanting the words to "The Ghost of you" by their favourite band "My Chemical Romance."
A crash came from the hall and Laurance swallowed the song in fear. James gave an evil laugh, the kind you hear in films before a cat springs from behind a trash can.
The door slammed open and a tall blonde, tanned chav crashed in. Woodlouse, followed by his two friends. James eyes squinted evilly, Woodlouse just laughed menacingly.
"That's it you two pathetic freaks. I'm fed up with you. You put the bucket of water on the top of my bedroom door didn't you?" Laurance couldn't help but smile and unlucky for them Woodlouse saw. He marched up to Laurance towering over him.
"Think its funny do you?" He asked, breathing heavily, almost spitting in Laurence's face. James pushed in front of Laurance,
"Hey don't you hurt my friend. You have to face me before him!" He threatened; Woodlouse's face grew with disgust. He threw himself eagerly forward in attempt to scare James but James stood stone still, his eyes cold and hateful without even blinking.
"May I ask what was that stupid move you just made?" James questioned as a large bony fist flew into his lip causing him to tumble to the floor.
Woodlouse and friends laughed,
"Now to sort you out," smiled Woodlouse to Laurance who was whimpering as helplessly as a newborn puppy. Laurance let out a wail as Woodlouse punched him on the nose. He fell to the floor, scraping his knees. He closed his eyes afraid of what would happen next. James sat up straight, cursed touching the dripping blood pouring from his lip. Licking his blood stained finger, he lifted himself coolly from the stone floor.
"That wasn't very nice now was it," he said calmly even though you could see the eagerness to gash the idiot who had punched him. His fiery eyes penetrated deeply into those of Woodlouses. The metallic smell of blood hit the air as Laurance eyes watered up. James lashed out gashing Woodlouse's face angrily, every punch spat blood corner to corner of his face until Woodlouse's friends leaped in and grabbed James, who didn't know his own strength.
"Chill!" They said, looking afraid of the younger boy in front of them. Woodlouse dropped helplessly to the floor. James caught his breath, and walked over to Laurance to help him up. They stared at the cowardly Woodlouse,
"Don't worry," laughed James.
"We won't get into any trouble. I have a feeling he won't be telling anyone about this. He'll be too embarrassed!"...

The morning after the fight with Woodlouse, James and Laurance strolled into school, barely scarred unlike Woodlouse himself.
Of course Laurance had made a great fuss over the small bruise on his nose and his scraped knees, insisting they were going to get infected as usual.
It was lunch, and the two boys were sat with Jess, Summer, and Melissa informing the three girls of what had happened yesterday.
"What so you actually punched Woodlouse?," asked Jess impressed. Laurance went red.
"Well I guess so. It was James who punched him mostly," admitted Laurance winking at James.
James smiled back, draining his cup of orange squash.
"God, I hate Woodlouse," sighed Summer, everyone agreed. Laurance lent back in his awful olive green chair,
"So anyway, how are you three doing? Is the Semingzoide boarding house as good as usual," he asked sarcastically. The three friends laughed.
"Yep, still the same bunch of losers," Jess replied. Melissa glanced at her watch,
"We should be off you two. Double Physics now," she moaned.
Summer, Jess and Melissa stood up and walked towards the exit unenthusiastically,
"Catch you soon," shouted Summer,
"Bye bye you lot," waved James, in a far better mood now he had defeated Woodlouse.

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