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The Cure

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The cure. It's almost self-explanitory.

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It was quiet. Unusually quiet, and the only sound was Dad opening the door to Mikey.
"Hey, Mikes." I raised a hand as if in a greeting, tapping my knee on the floor harshly, in deep thought.
What will he say? What will I say? Dad will save me, I hope... Another thought suddenly lit up somewhere in the twisted evil part of my head. What if he kills you?
"What's up, guys?" He asked, and before I knew what I said I said it.
"I'm not human."
"Huh?" Mikey asked as he shed his coat and turned to me.
"I meant it." I said, avoiding eye contact.
"I'll be right in the kitchen..." Dad said quietly, sliding to the other room with the door open.
"What do you mean? You're joking, right?" I looked over at him but when I met his hard, serious gaze my eyes flickered away.
When you can't look someone in the eye, it means you have something to hide. Who had said that? Probably some sixth grade history teacher...
"Mike, I said that I'm not human. Gee knows, and I'm not insane. I'm just not human."
"If you're not human, then what are you? A vampire?" There was laughter in his voice, but he cut it off when he saw a tear slide from my eye and onto my hand.
"Close. I'm a lycan. No, don't laugh yet. Watch closely. It isn't brain surgery. Oh, and don't throw anything. I don't want to go to the hospital."

I couldn't believe this. She was fucking serious, and she resented it all... But he watched her hand and glanced at her face as her eyes sharpened to a golden with a white pupil. I looked down to her hand to see claws forming... I rubbed my eyes, but kept looking. Yes, her hand was a claw.
"Do you believe me?" I bit my lip, staring, my hands clutched in fists.
"There's a cure." Was what I blurted out.

"There's a cure," He said quickly and I looked up at him, hand shrinking to it's original form.
"What? A cure?" There was this tinge of excitement in my voice as I said the word.
"There's a cure." Mikey said, gaining confidence at my wolven presence. "I know it. It's actually pretty easy to figure out..." By then Dad had poked his head out of the kitchen door.

full moon
"You sure?"
"Sure?" I asked, gaping up at him. "If I had known about this I would've changed when I was four. It was terrible growing up like that." I smiled. "Just hope it works." I said, gulping. "I wouldn't want to..."
"Hurt me? I'll be fine." I knew Dad could take care of himself, but I still felt that if I was lost into the wolven thoughts I might just... Snap, and kill him. I looked up into the sky through the leaves of the park, hearing Mikey blow out a whisle of air as I did so.
"It's just about full-" I began, but then felt it slip into me. "I would... appreciate it if you... closed your eyes for a moment..." I gasped, and Mikey and Dad looked away as I stripped off my clothes and felt it rip through me, my fingers shortening and sharpening to points. My backbone began to straighten to the wolven form, snapping as I let out a wuick breath. Finally, I was standing there in my white fur, golden eyes flecked with white. I gave a small huff of breath and looked up to see Mikey and Dad staring at me. I took a step forward and lifted up my head slightly as Dad kneeled next to me. I could hear his heartbeat, the blood sliding through his veins. His pale skin was glinted on by the moonlight, and it made me want to lash out and just bite him, feed on his flesh, and I swear I would have until I heard Mikey say quietly,
"Raine, just don't move." My name brought me back to my human life, and I squeezed my eyes shut as I watched Dad slid a small needle into his wrist to get blood that he would use to inject his blood into me. I shivered at the sight of the glinting metal and almost ran at the sight of it but stayed rooted to the spot, even when he pulled the knife out of his pocket and grimaced as he slit my neck to watch one, two, three drops of blood slide off my fur, staining it. Then the worst part: the needle.
Dad used it, and he hates it, so I can do this. I can do this... The needle pierced my skin, and I squeezed my eyes shut. Then it was out, and I felt something strange come over me. I cocked my head at Dad, then Mikey, took a step back and then fell on my side, finally feeling something normal come over me. Yes; I felt normal. I felt equal...
And most of all, I felt naked.

a week after the cure

I was late, again. Dammit, late. Always late. Don't call Raine, she'll be late.
Whatever. I was just really good at not being on time.

I slid through the door and smiled at the woman who greeted me.
"I'm Raine Way." I said, and she nodded.
"They're in there. They were doing some sort of pre-show, so they're probably talking about you. Better get in there soon." She winked and I smiled, walking towards where she had indicated me to go.

"That girl is just... like..." Mike began, but I cut him off.
"Like, a saint. She can cook, man." Everyone laughed.
"How old is she?" Asked the interviewer, and Gee replied:
"She's sixteen. Birthday was July 5th." He nodded. I shook my head, thinking.
"And yet again Frank seems lost in thought... Frank is a pansy... Frank is a cannibal..." Finally my head snapped up. "Lost in thought, bud?" I smiled and shook my head.
"Just thinking about Raine. She's kind of weird. I mean, she's got that 'tell me what to do and I'll kick your ass' attitude, but like, she'll do anything for you. Like, she'd say 'I love that band, they're my favorite, and I have a ticket to their show finally' and I could say 'Oh I like them too' and she'd hand over the ticket right there." Gee looked at me funny. "I wish you guys could be like that sometimes..." But we were cut off by a door shutting and a 'oh, fuck.'
Yep, Raine was there.

"Oh, fuck!" I said, lifting my converse-covered foot and hopping from side to side. "Damn door! You should've never been a tree!" I said before I realized that the thoughts had passed through my head. "Oh. Sorry." I said quietly, blushing.
"Have a seat." Said the interviewer, smiling. "I'm James."
"You probably know I'm Raine, but I'll say that anyway." I said, sitting next to Ray on a speaker- there were about five large speakers or something arranged around the room, a camera facing Bob, Gerard, Frankie, Mikey, and Ray.
"Scooch your ass." I said quietly, and he did so as I got comfortable.
"Aw, man this part of the speaker's cold."
"Yeah, well this is warm. Nasty. Live with it." I retorted, and Ray glared at me.
"So Raine, I heard you had an interesting background."
"An interesting background? James, my life is anything but interesting."
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