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The Car on the Curb

by pinkkissypetefreak 12 Reviews

What's in the car on the curb????

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: R - Genres: Drama, Fantasy, Humor - Characters: Bob Bryar, Frank Iero, Gerard Way, Mikey Way, Ray Toro - Published: 2007/03/09 - Updated: 2007/03/10 - 779 words


  • Teenagers...for lack of a better title...

    (#) MCR_dynamite 2007-03-09 04:31:56 PM

    OMG OMG OMG OMG OMFG!!!! What was in the car? Tell me, now!!! Please? Pretty please? Pretty pretty pretty please??? Luv this story! (You know that it's 12:30 am in England?!?!) :D Update!!!! Please? Pretty- oh, sorry! Lol! FRANK N GEE R SOO HOT!!!! XxX

    Author's response

    :) cheese grin
  • Teenagers...for lack of a better title...

    (#) cnharp 2007-03-09 04:40:43 PM

    WTF!!!! you really are evil, i can't believe you stopped it there. although, it was a good move, keep people wanting more!! LOL!!! anyways, i love this story and can't wait for more. keep up the great work!!!

    Author's response

    maniacal laughter no, but i love the cliffies. thank you so much.
  • Teenagers...for lack of a better title...

    (#) cutegirl12356 2007-03-09 06:39:09 PM

    omg more!

    Author's response

    yeah! don't worry, you won't have to wait a whole week this time!
  • Teenagers...for lack of a better title...

    (#) AlexSanDee 2007-03-09 08:01:06 PM

    Her name is Sandee? Wow that's a great name. Just kissed - darn! I love this story so damn much. I can't believe you stopped there. I think I know what she saw but I'll patiently wait....NOT really---Update SOON

    Author's response

    hahahaha! read your e-mail oh crap! you already knew what i wrote! i misread this review! haha! i'm so crazy. update more than likely tomorrow i've been out all day today.
  • Teenagers...for lack of a better title...

    (#) MCRfanXX 2007-03-10 12:46:35 AM

    omg im dieing to know what she saw ..... luved it xxx

    Author's response

    you'll probably find out tomorrow! lolz. don't die. :)
  • Teenagers...for lack of a better title...

    (#) SafeFromRobotsDAMN 2007-03-10 11:07:56 AM

    dances [but this time i have a reason] You just made my shitty [literally]day so much better!!!!!!!....i had to unblock a really nasty, FULL toilet at work today...yuck!...but THEN, i came home and i read your update and suddenly my day was really nice???!!!!! shrugs you must be magic or sommit! :)

    yeah, Kris and gee were the only ones not to make a love connection......DAMN!!-lol :)

    Author's response

    aw, honey i'm so sorry!! that sucks...i mean, who shits in a public toilet? gross. i'm glad you enjoyed the update though, and I'm gonna try and post another before the day ends. if i don't today, i will tomorrow for sure. cause i'll be home ALL DAY. lol. :)
  • Teenagers...for lack of a better title...

    (#) artistelamore 2007-03-10 03:03:45 PM

    ohmigosh! whats in the car? its going to be on my mind until I find out. update soon, loving this story tons so far! =]
  • Teenagers...for lack of a better title...

    (#) keepxonxscreaming 2007-03-11 01:59:27 PM

    fucking update or i'll spoon your eyes out!
    and i like the cusses you made up
    haha, they're awesome
    this fic's awesome
    just fucking update!

    Author's response

    pouts I HAVE ONE! but ficwad is being a ass to me and I can't upload! sharpens pencil of death for ficwad's eye

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