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Chapter thirty

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It does not go well with Harry Potter. In order to increase Harry's magical power, Dumbledore infects Harry and two girls with a disease. And his power surges.

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Beta reader for this chapter is Rebby



The pale man stood in his full length before the entrance of the cave. He looked out over a group of black cloaked people, who were standing in a circle around a large square table. The silence was deafening ... nobody moved ... all the attention was on the table ... on enlarge sheet of paper. He approached the group with his wand in his right hand. In his left he held a long knife, pointing to the floor. The people in the group gave way for him. The sheet of paper was a map... a map of the castle Hogwarts and its surroundings. The tall man stood in front of the table and lifted both hands above his head and started to speak in a low voice. The map started slowly to glow ... the sheet of paper grew larger and the lines on the paper changed colors ... small dots started to appear on the map ... every dot contained a label with a name on it.

"Malfoy ... is this map finally ready?"

"Yes master, the map is ready. It shows every living person in the castle and around it."

"So, where are Potter and his harem?"

Malfoy came closer and looked intently at the map, studying it. "They're here, Master. They are in the great hall."

The pale man looked to the map, moved his gaze to Malfoy, but said nothing. He turned and walked back to the entrance of the cave. "How are our people doing near the village? " The tall man stopped, and did not turn ... waiting for the answer from Malfoy.

"We are not ready yet, Master. We are not at full strength. We expect a large group from Germany next week and then we have 1500 death eaters available for this attack. "

"I want to have as much death as possible. We want to start with London. Poison their water, starting Monday."

The tall, pale man waited for some moments, deep in thoughts.

"When we are on full strength, I want to attack according when the attacks are starting, I will call the demons and let them loose on the castle, and we will see how they will survive that."

Voldemort turned to Malfoy. "Is the attack force ready for the ministry?"

"Yes Master, they are all ready."

"Good. After the people start dying in London, let them start attacking the ministry. Let nobody escape, kill them all. I want to have the terror campaign started at the beginning of the coming week."

With this, he turned suddenly around and left the cave. Malfoy relaxed a bit, and turned to the people of his group around the table. "Do we have all the people available for the ministry attack? "

"Yes, we have them ready, but none of them are yet on their place. We have invisibility cloaks in your manor, Malfoy, so they can be supplied when the time is right. "

"Where is the attack force at the moment? "

"Most of them in a camp in the forbidden forest."

"How many of them are in the camp?"

"We have almost thousand men ready, and five hundred of them are in the other camp near Manchester."

"Good ... we will have fun when the time arrives ... very soon."

"Lord Voldemort, welcome to our castle. I want to introduce Lord Satan, the dark wizard from Siberia."

Lord Satan was a short, but corpulent man, who was totally bald. His eyes were replaced by magical eyes, which were shining sinisterly in his skeleton-like face. Voldemort sat down in a chair near the large table in the central visitor's hall of the castle. It was very cold in the dark hall. He could sense movements all around him, but not see anyone.

Satan stood up from his chair. "I will start my campaign at the end of the coming week. How far are you with the preparations for your campaign of terror? "

"My campaign is not a campaign of terror only; there will be a lot of fighting to come, Satan. I plan to attack the muggles as well, to produce a lot of death for the daemons and a lot of their soul-food. First I want to start with indeed a terror campaign to kill as many wizard families as possible, and then I want to destroy Hogwarts castle and the ministry. Then I want to destroy several other British cities and we will attack the muggle army centers. "

"How about that Potter boy ... how do you want to take care of him? "

"The demons will eat him and his harem, together with everyone in Hogwarts castle. "

"What do you want to do with the demons after that, Voldemort? "

"After they are finished with the castle, I want to send them to the muggle cities. Let them have a big feast. When they are ready with some cities, I will send them back to where they came from."

Both men were looking to each other.

"As you know, my magic with the elements is very strong. At the end of the coming week, I will change the climate here in central Europe. We will have a lot of storms, and the clouds will be dark and black. I will let it rain continuously all over the place. Then I will release the werewolves, giants and the vampires and let them loose on the major cities in Europe. How are your dementors doing?"

"They are fine. I have almost 8,000 dementors and I want to release them all on St. Mungo's and Hogsmeade. When they are ready, I want to send them to Hogwarts and they will finish what is left of anything there."

"Good. Then I have the dragons. I want to send the dragons to major cities in Holland, Belgium and France."

"How many dragons do you have?"

"I have 25 Chinese Fireballs, 60 Common Welsh Greens and 30 Hungarian Horntails. I think it is enough for the task."

"What do you plan to do with the muggles?"

"I want to place them in camps, and let them work. I will take the woman for the pleasure of my forces and kill the children off."

"What do you plan to do with the muggles in England?"

"Kill the children, fuck the women to death ... and work the men to death." Both men cracked laughs at that. "Do you know the situation in America?"

"Not yet, but at the end of this week I know what is being planned for America. I will visit the place and talk with the local death eaters. I will hear their plans and see how ready they are."

Two black dressed figures appeared out of thin air in front of the huge building of the water company in London in the deep of the night. The tallest figure carried a heavy bag. Both figures walked to one of the basins, which were filled with water. The tall figure opened the bag and took out a black wooden box. He opened it, took out five large bottles. The smaller figure opened the bottles and poured them in the water.

"What's in the bottles?"

"Poison, which will kill muggles off within three days."

"Why do we put it here in the water?"

"The water here feeds to the larger reservoirs in the north of here, and all the water gets contaminated with our poison."

"You mean that it will poison all the water in England?"

"No, you idiot, not England, only London and environs, and it will only kill muggles and stay active for two months. "

"So tonight muggles start to die? "

"No, we use a spell to activate the poison, but we need to wait until we know for sure that it is spread correctly. Then we activate the poison with the spell and then it will kill the muggles. "

"When do we use the spell? "

"You have a lot of questions. Why are you so curious? "

The smaller man looked uneasy. "I want to know what I am doing? "

"CRUCIO!" The wand of the tall man pointed to the smaller man. The smaller man dropped immediately down on the floor in terrible pain, the empty bottles falling with him, breaking into pieces, glass spread everywhere.

"No questions anymore for you ... Avada Kedavra! "

The tall man touched the dead man by his clothes, and both disappeared from the site. The only visible traces of the crime were the broken pieces of glass.

Lucius Malfoy, Crabbe Sr and Goyle Sr were standing on a hill, looking down to a strange house. "Here is where the Weasleys are living, and I want to have them dead by Sunday evening. Do you understand?"

"We will burn the house until there is nothing left. We have a small force of 60 people who will help us with it. Now tell me what you have more for us to do."

Lucius looked at him with a sarcastic grin. "Nothing more, that is the only thing you need to do. The rest is taken care of."

With this he disappeared, apparating away, laving Crabbe and Goyle alone.

Brutus Drakestein and Merlin Draugh were standing on a corner of Privet Drive. Brutus pointed to a house. "This is the Dursley's. Sunday night, this house needs to be destroyed. You have 40 men helping you with that. Do you need anything more? "

Merlin shook his head. "No, that is all I need. What do you want to do with the rest of the street?"

"Burn everything down, but start with Dursley's. Take care that all three of them are dead before you torch anything else. "

"How many people are living there? "

"One woman with the name Petunia is living there, her husband Vernon and a fat boy- Dudley. They need to die."

"It will be done."

"It better be, otherwise you will die."

A B-2 Stealth bomber airplane flew high in the stratosphere above Japan. Jack Brew, the pilot of the superior airplane, relaxed behind his instrument panel. Bert Glace, his copilot was busy to eat his third huge sandwich.

"Bert, you are eating like a cow, and the amazing thing about that is that you don't gain any weight."

Bert turned his head towards Jack. "Mmuuuhhh!" He started to laugh. "Who is saying that I'm not a cow?"

Jack laughed, but suddenly his attention was drawn to his instrument panel, where suddenly two lights had started flashing. "What the hell ... "

Both lights changed from red to orange, and other lights went on as well, shining in blue. Jack and Bert were looking in shock to their panels, and saw that the computer was preparing to launch the A- and H-bombs, which were stored in the airplane launch holders. "We are busy to drop A- and H-bombs on Japan! That is impossible! "

Jack switched the power-off but nothing happened. Now both of them were trying to switch off the computer systems, but to no result. Five minutes later the B-2 Stealth bomber airplane dropped five A- and three H-bombs above Japan ... Japan was totally destroyed ... millions of people stopped living in a flash. Behind Jack and Bert a voice screamed "Avada Kedavra!"

Two figures were standing at the foot of a hill, near Three Gorges Dam, in China. "We have three hours before this dam will explode and the 370 mile long lake behind it will flood the area."

Both of them apparated back to their base in Vietnam. Three hours later a huge explosion of purple light ripped through the night, but there was no sound; only the purple light. The foundations of the dam suddenly disappeared into thin air, and the massive structure of 1.3 miles width started to break down. Within hours more then three million people lost their lives.

At the same time that the dam was killing millions of people in China, the Palo Verde Nuclear Generation Station was exploding. The station was located 50 miles west of Phoenix in Tonopah Arizona, and a huge black cloud was drifting over the desert. The explosion was sudden, without any warning, no sign, nothing. One moment, the plant stood there in its full glory, the next moment it was a hell of fire and radiation; everyone was instantly dead. One hour later the Pilgrim nuclear plant in Massachusetts blew into the air as well, killing millions of people in the process. The huge cloud flew directly towards areas where people were living; very strange because the cloud traveled against the wind.

Five people were sitting in the dimly lit room around a large table. The sixth man was standing in front of a black board, busy to talk to the others. There was also a seventh man, but he was hidden in the shadows behind several large carton boxes in the far corner of the room, and he could hear everything what was being said.

The man near the blackboard was talking about the preparations of the death eaters. He was drawing graphs and tables with names of all the important death eaters, and he placed numbers behind the names.

"We have our campaign divided into three parts. The first part starts tomorrow morning, the second starts at Sunday and the last part will start when the second one is finished and completed. It is completed when Hogwarts is destroyed with Harry Potter and his friends."

He looked around and waited for any questions. Everyone was quiet ... so he continued.

"The first phase starts tomorrow morning as we have said. You will be the ones who have the honor to start the campaign. I wrote down your platoons on the black board. You will receive a list of targets to attack tomorrow morning. This list will be ready tonight around 2 am, maybe somewhat later, maybe earlier. But you need to wait for the list. At 5 o'clock in the morning, you need to collect your people together at a location which is only known to you and your people and I want to have the terror started. You will continue with the campaign until everything is finished on your list or until it is Sunday. Do you have any questions?"

Nobody did. All six of the people left the room. Five minutes passed ... The seventh person slowly stood up behind the boxes and moved towards the black board. He walked to the table and looked to the papers. He waved his wand and copies appeared with exactly the same contents as all the papers on the table. The man took the copies and apparated towards the head quarters of the order of phoenix. The war had begun.

The order was in meeting in the large meeting hall in Potter's castle. Harry sat next to Professor Lupin, and Professor Dumbledore was talking intently with a man in dark robes. After the message from the elf, Harry hurried too the meeting hall of the order and was the last to arrive. Professor Dumbledore looked very worried and moved his gaze from the man in black towards the people around the large table. "Let's begin this meeting. I have very bad news for everyone- the entire population of the world."

He let the words sink in. Everyone was staring at the professor, nobody said a word. "I have intelligence that the dark forces are preparing an all-out war against everyone. I have received intelligence a minute ago, which confirms the accuracy of the intelligence. They are preparing a terror campaign, which will start tomorrow morning in England. According to other intelligence, other campaigns will start at the beginning of the next week. "

Now people started to react and questions flew over the table.


Everyone was immediately quiet, and the professor continued.

"I have here papers which tell that around 600 death eaters will start murdering wizard families around the country in five groups. But I don't have any specific information which families will be attacked."

The professor looked took one of the papers and held it up above his head.

"The death eaters have used a magical poison on the water supply of the city London, In order to make the poison active, they must use a spell to activate it. I suspect that they will activate the poison tomorrow, maybe the say after tomorrow. When this poison becomes active, millions of people will die."

"What poison is it, Dumbledore? "

A witch with red robes in the corner of the hall was asking this question.

"Unknown to me, but according this paper the poison only affects muggles and it will work for two months."

"What are we going to do? Will we tell the muggles?" the witch continued.

"We are going into a meeting with the ministry of magic, who will inform the muggle authorities. We do not have the authority to speak with muggle leaders about magic."

"But there is more. Hogwarts will be attacked by demons, which are being summoned by Voldemort. After the demons, several thousands of dementors will attack Hogwarts as well."

Everyone looked in shock to the professor.

"And I am afraid this is not all. We have reasons to belief that the death eaters already have begun with their terror, but in the muggle world. They have blown up five nuclear reactors and we also suspect that the death eaters were involved in destroying Japan and they are also responsible in blowing up the biggest dam in the world, which resulted in the death of five million people until now and flooding huge areas in China. "

Everyone started to talk again, but Professor Dumbledore held his hands up and waited patiently. Everyone quieted down and waited what was coming next.

"I have asked Cornelius Fudge to come to Potter's castle before we started this meeting. I expect him to be here any minute. We will decide what needs to be done then. In the mean time I want to ask Harry for his permission to install the defense wards in and around the castle and to ask for his permission to evacuate everyone from Hogwarts to here. "

Everyone looked to Harry, who was looking dazed to professor Dumbledore. He nodded his head slowly. "Of course you have my permission, professor ... we need to start organizing everything immediately here in the castle, and prepare the evacuation ... who is organizing the evacuation of the Hogwarts, professor?"

"Professor McGonagall is going to organize the evacuation, and everything about it is arranged with her. Please don't mention anything yet to anyone other than your two partners. Then there is the issue of the defense of this castle and the wards ... my old friend will arrive soon who is going to help you with the wards around Potter's castle. I think he will help you to make the wards extremely powerful and impregnable. "

Professor McGonagall stood up, and waved to Harry. Both of them left the room. On their way out, they met a worried Cornelius Fudge, who ran past them. Professor McGonagall and Harry walked quickly to the private quarters of the trio.


Beta reader for this chapter is Rebby
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