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Category: Panic! At The Disco - Rating: R - Genres: Action/Adventure, Romance - Published: 2007-03-10 - Updated: 2007-03-11 - 417 words

She walked through the alley in the red zone. She looked at the windows of the houses around her. It was all dark, boarded up. The only light was coming from an almost dead lamp post in the end of the alley. She looked around her and finally stopped, waited.
"Razors. I know you're here." She said outloud. She heard some scuffling and finally saw two men emerge from behind garbage containers.
"well well well. Who do we have here. If it isn't Ms. Rhyen Wenz." They said.
"great" mumbled Ryzen to herself.
"oh come on baby hit me one more time!" yelled one of the guys and ran off. Then it began. Shots were fired and swords were struck. She got one of the twins down which enraged the other one. Then the un-thinkable happened. Brendon Goddamn Urie emerged from no where. "Haha who do we have here? A FRIEND!" yelled Twin 2. Ryzen grumbled and yelled at Brendon "GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE IF U WANT TO BE ALIVE!" she was already shot in her shoulder, her stomach was split by the sword and she had multiple cuts on her arms and legs. Twin 1 was down with a shot to the head and Twin 2 was shot in the arm twice, and he was cut multiple times on his body. With sword in one hand and gun in the other Ryzen stormed over to Brendon and started to shove him away. Twin 2 meantime decided to take a shot at Brendon. Ryzen with eyes wide open saw the shot coming and fell on top of Brendon taking the shot. The bullet pierced her thigh with all its mite. Ryzen yelled out in pain and bit her bottom lip. She opened her eyes and glared at Brendon "Leave before I kill you myself" she told him. Brendon got up from under her and ran for his life. Ryzen closed her eyes and with pain seething through her whole body she slowly got up "Are you done finally bitch" said Twin 2. She got up and leaned on her sword in pain. "NO" she said and ran at him swinging her sword. He recoiled and tried to shoot but his gun was done. Delusional and in pain Ryzen swung her sword twice and slit his throat. He gagged, threw up and fell on the ground dead. Ryzen laughed to herself, walked two steps, everything around her went black and she fell unconscious onto the ground.

*short chapter again i noe =]*
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