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Chapter 1

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Everyone is screaming, bleeding; all she wants to do is escape.

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[A/N] I had a nightmare the other day, this one's been recurring too because I've been sick. I thought I'd turn it into a fan fiction. I hope you like it.


There were people screaming everywhere, from every possible direction. It was chaos and she was surrounded by it. People were bleeding all over each other, the walls and the floor. She had been here for what only felt like days. There were devices for torture everywhere. She had even experienced the horificness for which they were used.

There was one man orchestrating all of this, she knew. She knew where he was, who he was - but not exactly. People would talk, at every chance they got. They would talk so they could be informed. They would talk so maybe someone could figure out a way to escape this place. Escaping was an imposibility. The only way to escape was to die and even if you so dearly wished for your life to end, you wouldn't die. The ones with a deathwish were condemned to living for a very long time in pain, being tortured for eternity.

This could only be described as hell, a living hell.

She took another look at the only way out of this room. Her glance had wondered many times this way since she had arrived. The door was guarded by two tall, burley looking men who looked as if they could crush your bones just by placing a hand on your shoulder. She didn't doubt that they could either.

This really wasn't a way out though. This door lead to the abode of God, as the people here called him. God only in the sense that he watched over and controlled everything, for he had no mercy like any god she had ever heard of and if he did he had not yet shown it.

To go through this door meant death or unbearable insanity. She had seen people go through it screaming and reappear screaming twice as hard, as if they had lived a nightmare.

Yet she wanted to go through this door, even if it meant death. She may have had a deathwish, but acknowledging it was not something she was about to do. She had seen what happened when people did that.

Without warning someone was grabbed and dragged screaming towards the door. Their screams were only mingled with those of the tortured that occupied this place. She could not see beyond the door when it opened but when they dragged the man through it she ran an slipped through the door after them, pressing herself into the cool stone wall as the door swung shut again. The hallway was dark and by some miraculous stroke of luck, she didn't think she had been seen.

She could hear the man's choked screams as he was dragged down a tunnel to her left. There was only one one more tunnel to her right. A plaque was illuminated by a small flickering light. The plaque announced who was down the end of the tunnel followed by the word Founder. The person that she was looking for was down the end of this dark tunnel and that only proved it.

She could still hear the distant screams of the new resident of the left-bound tunnel, now accompanied by a loud clicking and whirring. The screams only increased and set her stomach churning. She ran down the right-hand tunnel, hearing her blood soaked sneakers thud dully on the stone floor.

When she reached the thick metal door at the end she began pounding on it so hard he fists were bruising. Finally the door swung open to reveal a dirty, dimly lit abode. A soft glow was cast over the dirty interior by a small lamp draped in red fabric. She could see no one inside, maybe the shadows were invading too much of the room to make anything seem visible.

Now her heart began to beat harder than it was before. She questioned if she really wanted this. To face the orchestrator of this horrific tourture house. She only imagined that anyone that could do such a thing was a vile, wretched man. And she was quite possibly about to face him. She knew she would not leave this place alive, and somehow she never expected to.

The door thumped shut behind her and with the bang it made, her breath hitched in her throat. She was trapped here now. This was the beginning of her end. She was no where near prepared.

A brighter light suddenly illuminated the room enough for her to see the man so named God standing by one of the grubby couches that occupied the room.

The light was still not extremely bright but she could make out his features in it's glow. He was pale and dressed in tight black jeans and a loose-fitting black v-necked tee shirt, which allowed the tattoos on his arms and the skin below his collarbone to be visible. His black hair was combed down over his right eye and spiked at the back. His strangely disproportinate lips were curved downwards in a frown and his eyes, kind and dark, were staring into her own questioningly.

He was nothing like she had expected. His eyes should not have been as they were, they should not have been kind. Anyone running this chaos should not have had a hint of kindness about them.

But he did.

Peter Wentz had kind eyes.


[A/N] Hope you liked chapter 1. Please read and review, I love it when you guys do.
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