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Revelations and Propositioning Gerard...

by pinkkissypetefreak 20 Reviews

Kristian spills, then makes Gerard an offer...

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: R - Genres: Angst, Fantasy - Characters: Frank Iero, Gerard Way, Mikey Way - Published: 2007/03/11 - Updated: 2007/03/11 - 960 words


  • Teenagers...for lack of a better title...

    (#) SafeFromRobotsDAMN 2007-03-11 12:15:48 PM

    Aww, poor Kristian hugs Kristian although, after hugging Gerard all night, my hug will be pretty pathetic!
    lol- it was his mother...i giggled for quite a bit after reading that :)
    dances really cool (even though i can't) because it's sunday and i need to cheer myself up...although you've kinda helped!!!

    (have ya noticed my reasons for dancing are becoming more and more pointless?...I have) :)

    Loved it!

    Author's response

    that's because dancing is cool. and you, my dear, are AWESOME!

    i'm glad i helped a little. and i cannot make any promises, but i will try to give you another before the days over. i will try. if not, it will be on in the morning. :)
    haha! yeah. she totally pwned them and i have no idea what that is, but a lot of kids type it and it looks cool, so...
  • Teenagers...for lack of a better title...

    (#) laughlikeyoumeanit 2007-03-11 12:32:01 PM

  • Teenagers...for lack of a better title...

    (#) Danishgirl9 2007-03-11 12:49:23 PM

    The suspense is killing me...I hope it'll last!
  • Teenagers...for lack of a better title...

    (#) thruthekeyholes 2007-03-11 12:49:47 PM

    wowww thats messed up
    hahaha his mom caught them
  • Teenagers...for lack of a better title...

    (#) cnharp 2007-03-11 01:03:33 PM

    oh shit! LOL!! i'm laughing like crazy here!!!! nice little cliffhanger there. you suck! not really, i really like this story and can't wait for more!! keep up the great work!!
  • Teenagers...for lack of a better title...

    (#) AlexSanDee 2007-03-11 01:14:21 PM

    Oh man I just love Donna! Great chapter, keep up the good work!!

    Author's response

    i know, right? thanks! i am having a bit of trouble though with the update
  • Teenagers...for lack of a better title...

    (#) MCRfanXX 2007-03-11 01:19:43 PM

    hehe his mum came grins how embaresing more soon xx

    Author's response

    I know! glad she didn't see anyone's skivvies lol
  • Teenagers...for lack of a better title...

    (#) MCR_dynamite 2007-03-11 01:56:07 PM

    OMG OMG OMG OMG! Gee's mum?!? (I say mum, coz I'm from England! nods head knowingly) Bare chest? LYING on Gee's bare chest?!? (Wish I'd wake up on Gee! Either that or Frankie/ Pete Wentz, or Frakie AND Pete Wentz! Lol) =)

    Update! Now! I said, NOW GODDAMNIT!!! Oh, well, tomorrow then? Grumble mutter grumble

    But poor Kristian! :'(

    =D Can't wait for next chapter!

    Author's response

    omg woman. you've made my afternoon. i'll take pete and gerard thank you. not that frankie isn't as smexy...
  • Teenagers...for lack of a better title...

    (#) Motherwar_13 2007-03-11 02:50:53 PM

    Kris that naughty girl;) Oh I love it can't wait and your such a tease alway ending at good parts. (sticks tounge out) lol. Thaks for you help by the way!!!!I can't wait and they better kiss soon or I'm going to bust!

    Author's response

    lol. yeah. i know. you're very welcome! :)
  • Teenagers...for lack of a better title...

    (#) Sebastien_Is_Hott_ 2007-03-11 05:06:18 PM

    OMG! I can't believe his mom walked in! I hope they hadn't done something they shouldn't have! please update real soon,k? lotz of luv, ;)_Hannah_

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