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Everything I Own

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song fic.. david/ OFC

Category: Simple Plan - Rating: G - Genres: Drama - Characters: David Desrosiers - Published: 2007/03/12 - Updated: 2007/03/12 - 967 words - Complete

You sheltered me from harm.
You kept me warm
You kept me warm
And you gave my life to me
You set me free,
You set me free
The finest years I ever knew
Were all the years I had with you

We met the summer before our first year of high school. You moved here from the United States. You and your family moved a few houses down from mine. We became close friends pretty quick. From then on we were inseparable. You found out that my dad was violent toward my mom, me and my sister. You kept me safe from him. You would let me sneak into your window and spend the nights with you. You gave me a reason to keep going on with my life. Eventually my parents divorced. We had some of the most amazing times together. We always managed to get ourselves in trouble. We were kicked out of more stores than I can count. The best years of my life were the ones I spent with you.

I would give everything I own,
I'd give up my life, my heart, my home.
And I would give everything I own,
Just to have you back again.

After high school was over you went to college at the local university. I was playing in different bands. Simple Plan took off one day. You came on our first tour with us. We started to tour more and more. You were busy with school. We slowly started to lose touch with each other. We rarely even talk anymore. I miss you so much. I miss us together. I would give this all up. The band, the fame. My heart, anything just so I could have things be like they just to be with us.

You taught me how to laugh,
What a time
What a time
You never said too much,
But still you showed you cared,
And I knew from watching you.

You always knew just when and how to make me laugh. We use to laugh for no reason at all. You use to never really express your feelings to anyone. I could always tell though. You showed me that you cared about me. I could tell just from watching you. We could always tell each other everything and know that the other would listen and care.

And nobody else could ever know
The part of me that can't let go.
I would give everything I own,
I'd give up my life, my heart, my home.
And I would give everything I own,
Just to have you back again.

No one will ever know just how important our relationship is to me. They will never know why I can't just let you go. You have been the most important person in my life since day one. Nothing else matters to me. Sure I love the band and this life, but it's nothing without you

Is there someone you know,
Loving them so,
You're taking them all for granted.
You may lose them one day,
Someone takes them away,
And they don't hear the words
You long to say
Give up my life, give up my heart
Everything I own [Repeat]

I took things with us for granted. I didn't realize just how much you meant to me until you were gone. I didn't get the chance to tell you that I fell in love with you. I still am. You are dating some guy that you met in college. Everyone tells me that you don't really love him or care about him. He is just there for the time being. I'd give you anything you want. I never knew just how much of me you made. I need you back in my life.

You know baby, my love for you will
always stay true. That's right. 'Cause
there is no me without you. (And I would give everything)
Everything I own Nobody can love you, love you
Love you, love you like I do

My love for you will always be true to me. I am nothing without you. You made me the person that I am today, you made me believe in my self and in my dreams. YOU believe in me when no one else could give a shit what I did. No one will ever be able to love you as much as I do. We have shared so many memories together. Good and bad. We have always been there for each other. I found out after you graduated college, you went to work as a tour manager for the record company that Simple Plan is signed on. I was really shocked when I found out that you were our new tour manager. That leads me to now. You standing in front of me as I pour my heart and soul out to you I am finally telling you how I feel. Every single emotion. We are both crying. You tell me that you love me too and that you always have. I wrap my arms around you and kiss you lightly on the lips. I know that things are going to be ok. We both are in love with each other and want to be together. I tell you no matter what happens I would drop everything I have just for you. You tell that's not necessary, but you would do that same if you had to. I know now that the one thing we can always count on is our love for each other. That's the one thing we will never lose.

I would give everything I own,
I'd give up my life, my heart, my home.
And I would give everything I own,
Just to have you back again.
Just to have you back again.
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