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Various Ones Shot and Drabbles: First up is a one shot entry for Feb 07 PP3 contest.

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Harry Potter paced quietly in front of the flames leading to the Philosphers Stone and whatever trap Albus Dumbledore had set
Harry Potter paced quietly in front of the flames leading to the Philosophers Stone and whatever trap Albus Dumbledore had set to delay Quirrell. How the Headmaster had missed the fact that the DADA teacher was Voldemorts lackey Harry didn't know but the term Uncle Vernon, no matter how much Harry personally despised the man he occasionally had a good idea but then again like a stopped clock he was only occasionally right, liked to throw around about academics being stuck in ivory towers seemed right. For a powerful leader of the light and master of one of the most prominent school of magics he was spending far too much time stuck in the clouds to be healthy for the student body. Case in point was the awful mess in Slytherin House where the blood fanatics were gaining ground each day, well not anymore considering this year's batch just bought the farm.

Pulling out a pair of the keys from the charms trap, 'Really' Harry thought to himself 'Why even put the key to open the door in the same room. Best thing to do would have been too hide it in another trap say in a patch of Devils Snare.' and began to transfigure them into sets of needles after breaking them in twain. Satisfied with the long hollow needles Harry quickly filled them from the poison vials, again Harry dismissed that trap, as any competent potions student knew that bezoars were a potent counter measure and only a bit of logic was needed to solve the puzzle. It was an insult to his skills and mind that he had developed over this past year.

Frankly Harry was glad the Sorting Hat had refused his demand to not be put in Slytherin, if it had Harry was certain he would have been soft and weak. From the moment the Sorting Hat cried out that Harry Potter was joining the House of the Snake it had become a crucible, a trial by fire, a fight for survival from that moment on. Surrounded by enemies especially in his dorm room seeing as it was filled with sons of Death Eaters and his first personal enemy in Draco Malfroy, Harry didn't have a moments rest. Terror, sheer blind terror had kept Harry going for the first three days as he furiously swotted up on basic wards, curses and counter curses fuelled by many pots of tea and the occasional nap in the library.

It was during those first seventy-two hours that Harry discovered an enemy even worse than that slick haired bleached blond turd, his own Head of House and Potions Master Severus Snape. Oh how Harry recalled being pulled into Snapes office, the mans place of power and felt his mind burn as Snape bored into his mind with magic pulling out every single humiliating moment of his life at the Dursleys. Being mocked ruthlessly in Snapes arrogant tone for being nothing more than a house elf, a slave, and a freak who was going to end up as potions ingredients some time in the next seven years and no one would care. He after all was a Potter and as such doomed to suffer Severus Snapes wrath and be the vessel for his vengeance against Harry's father. At that moment Harry developed two burning desires, first to go back in time if even verbally and kick James's ass for not killing Snape earlier, and secondly seeing Severus Snape dead.

Harry's only constant companion and best friend became his wand, eleven lovely inches of Holly and Phoenix feather that created and crafted his magic. On the third day Harry had finally learnt, oddly enough from a book of prints of Egyptian Scrolls published by Oxford back in Egyptology's heyday, a rather nasty ward that guaranteed his safety for at least one nights sleep. The book had been ignored by practically everyone for seventy years all due to the fact that it was muggles, no not when they dominated the world the way magic hadn't well ever, the normals who had published it not realizing that the scrolls of magic were literally just that. Harry learned to love that book simply because no one knew what to expect from it, with the spells long forgotten and to his great joy it hadn't even been considered for the Restricted Section.

Their still smoking bodies confirmed that Draco had sent Goyle and Crabbe to attack Harry in the night when he awoke the next morning after a few hours of sleep. Not particular concerned about their health, the ward was designed to capture thieves alive and partially unharmed after all, Harry merely raised an eyebrow dropped the ward and stalked into the bathroom. Fifteen minutes later Harry exited to find Draco and his goons gone and a burly perfect waiting for him, Flint something or other proceeded to work him over with his fists, treatment Harry had received from experts and was left with the warning that muggle loving blood traitor Half Bloods like him were at the bottom of the pecking order seeing as no mudbloods were actually allowed into the House.

Harry merely changed into his school uniform, wearing clothes that fit for once was an utter joy and managed to discover where the kitchens were located. From that moment on Harry never attended a single meal with his housemates preferring to gather up sandwiches and other snacks from the House elves and spend more time studying. Utterly alone, something Harry was rather used to after the Dursleys, he knew making friends was too good to be true after that prat Ron Weasley started calling him a Dark Lord in training, he concentrated on one thing, and one thing alone, survival, and to survive in the magical world required Harry become, good, very good with his magic and as fast as possible.

Even though it was school work Harry threw himself into it, spending relentless hours practicing spells, researching new fields of magic, and pulling out long forgotten ideas and concepts. Even Potions where Harry quickly learnt he was an open target for all comers', diligence and hard work paid off as he learnt to quickly set to rights sabotaged potions and even brew his own in the silent hours of the night. Weasley, Malfroy and Snape formed a trio in that class that actively harassed him not at all to Harry's surprise. So when the teachers began posting marks it was a bit of surprise to most that Harry wasn't scoring that high given his open dominance in practical skills, but then again Harry didn't care. An essay here, or work sheet there didn't matter to him, what mattered was learning the spells and principals themselves and applying them. If he was killed because he spent more time worrying about getting an O on an essay than learning how to protect himself it would an utter waste of his mothers sacrifice.

When Albus Dumbledore decided one day during the preparations for the Halloween Feast to come down from his vantage point in the sky and ask which class was Harry's favourite he had answered honestly History of Magic. Given that even Albus Dumbledore knew that Binns had an awful lecturing manner and most students dropped the class as soon as they were able he was a touch surprised. Harry however didn't give his full answer as to why his favourite class was History of Magic. It certainly wasn't Binn's monotone drone as he described one goblin being killed after another.

In fact Harry placed Binns as the third worst teacher at Hogwarts, Snape and Quirrell held spots one and two respectively in his opinion, it was because Binns if approached properly was a veritable fountain of information on magic used in said Goblin wars. The man himself had been one of those on the front lines of the last major goblin rebellion in 1843-7, and had come to Hogwarts to drill home the necessity of knowing ones enemy, and for Binns that had been the goblins. A bit of research in Hogwarts the History had revealed that particular fact, and from there Harry had started asking the ghost all about the various ways wizards could kill goblins. That they could be used to harm wizards as well never occurred to Binns and so Harry began to build up a veritable library of ways to wage magical war.

It was while skipping the Halloween Feast, Harry felt no need to expose himself to his enemies, that he passed by the second floor on his way to a little used room to practice a rather nasty hex and ran right into a troll walking into a bathroom. The screams that followed lead Harry to act, bullies still pissed him off and Harry had a thing for the underdog being one himself, as he cast a simple yet vicious hex at the troll. While it had a resistant hide, having a fireball char ones backside still got a reaction out of it as the stupid beast turned itself around to find its new enemy. Another curse this time an Egyptian Eyeball Gouger, really he should write the Oxford Archaeology Department a letter of thanks, hit it square between the eyes and caused it below in pain as its eyes burst in a spray of blood.

Shouting "Get the bloody hell away while its distracted" lead to a brown blur streaking out of the bathroom and down the hall from the furious but blind troll. Scampering after her Harry quickly found he had a new ally as they ran fast and hard to get away from the monster. Hermoine Granger, the bushy haired bucked tooth girl who had been searching for Neville's toad on the train had been crying in the girl's bathroom. Ignoring her complaints about Weasley, Harry promptly told her to shut up and keep quiet, as he whispered a quick cover story to her about reading the library and going to practice on the second floor when they ran into the troll and promptly kept on running.

He hadn't done it a moment too soon as 'Stick up my Arse' Snape swooped down on them with 'Prim and Proud only if you're a Gryffindor' McGonnagal on his heels. Harry quickly spun their tale of working on an assignment for Binns together then going to practice some basic charms work on the second floor, with his hand clenching Hermoine's arm she rapidly agreed to the story. Lies came easily to him and without a conscious thought he made himself believe it as he held Snapes gaze. Who then promptly took off 5 points for Harry working with a Gryffindor and another 5 for being a troublemaker.

Hermoine with her love of authority, a love Harry was deeply disinclined to share, became an ally for him, one he trusted based on the grounds that she was from a normal background, and secondly she was equally alone. While her love of authority became a point of conflict and especially given Harry's disregard for assignments in favour of mastering spells and theories, he didn't care if he could teach others or explain it in two feet of parchment, they somewhat got along. Though Harry wasn't certain if it was the fact that he could send lists of items for her parents to buy in the normal world and pay her back in galleons that made her more useful to him or her ability to find things in the library in a tenth of the time it took him that he valued her more for. Harry however kept her away from the more deadly spells he was researching and practicing, somehow he doubted his explanation of research for History of Magic would hold up to her law abiding ways.

By the time Christmas holidays had come around, Harry had built himself a reputation as a brilliant practical student except for potions of course, and absolutely lousy in academics. Well that and a state of détente had fallen over Slytherin House, one that stated Harry Potter and his stuff got left the hell alone and no one else got hurt. It had taken a rather vicious trap spell Harry had discovered that was popular against Goblins in the 1775 rebellion that effectively splinched the six year perfect as the final warning for the others to leave Harry the hell alone. That Snape had then proceeded to blast Harry and use him for target practice as he sent a clear message to the House of Salazar, Harry was the Head of Houses punching bag and the Head of Houses alone, which the rest of them were perfectly happy with.

Unfortunately the rest of the Houses didn't get the message and Dark Lord in training Harry Potter soon found himself hexed, curses, and physically assaulted by others trying to make a name for themselves as good guys. The return of his fathers invisibility cloak had aided him in his nocturnal explorations as necessity dictated that he learn the hidden passage ways and secrets of the castle to not end up constantly in the hospital wing. It was almost enough to distract Harry from the fact that not only was Voldemort alive; he was inside Hogwarts and planning something. Given the way his curse scar hurt, even throbbed with pain at times Harry was smart enough to read up on how they worked.

Odds were good that Harry and Voldemort were connected in someway, a mark of the unfinished magic between them and it unfortunately happened to connect to his mind. He wouldn't have minded it connecting to say his off hand, or perhaps his appendix but the headaches it gave him were painful enough. That's when Harry made a vital discovery in his explorations of the dusty tomes students didn't bother to touch, the trials of Death Eaters following Voldemorts downfall included plenty of families inside Slytherin House. Including Snape who was down in writing as an alleged spy for the side of Light.

That was when Harry discovered just how ruthless he could be, after one too many times being mentally flayed by Snape he decided to take action and be pro active. Malfroy being the blond turd he was spreading the Voldemort party line in Slytherin House and no one was willing to challenge him on it. So Harry Potter began planning the deaths of the four Death Eaters spawn he had to room with, no matter how many of their parents decided to claim to be under Voldemorts control they were still blood purist arses. The golden opportunity to act had presented itself when Albus Dumbledore had left Hogwarts to attend a meeting in London after exams were done.

This was the moment Harry knew Quirrell was going after the stone so Harry waited quietly until the nearly invisible trip ward he had placed on that third floor door went off. Harry had discovered the Cerberus guarding a trapdoor on one of his nocturnal wanderings sometime in March and had deduced that it was on guard over the stone.

Inside his dorm room a low powered sleep spell ensured him at least 10 minutes of uninterrupted time to doom the spawn of his enemies. Casting a bubble body charm, it took Harry a few minutes before he successfully produced one, and slipping on a gas mask with an O2 tank which the Grangers had thoughtfully purchased after he wrote he was concerned about the health effects of some of the fumes from his potions experiments, Harry grinned evilly. He then pulled out a pound brick of sulphur that after a quick transfiguration filled the room with hydrogen sulphide. Only cost him 8 sickles from the apothecary too, a few words about purchasing it to begin an independent study of Alchemy and the ever helpful fellow had written back with suggestion of texts to study from.

God thank the BBC, Harry thought to himself with a chuckle as he slipped out of the room recalling back to this time last year as Vernon had taken particular delight in making Harry sit and watch a documentary on mine disasters. In fact Vernon had promised to lock him down an abandoned shaft and leave him to die, if Harry recalled things correctly. What had stuck with Harry was that a simple gas could be absolutely lethal in small chambers. When he had begun planning his revenge Harry had practiced simple chemical changes from the alchemy and chemistry texts, counting on normal science to aid him in making a lethal yet untraceable weapon. Closing the door behind him and casting a timed three minute sealing charm before taking off the gas mask Harry cancelled the bubble body charm before pulling on his invisibility cloak and heading out to catch Quirrell.

It was time to confront the active lackey of Voldemort currently rampaging around the castle after whatever Dumbledore had stored away. He was pretty sure it was a Philosophers Stone after getting the name Flamel from Hagrid who was one man who needed to learn the word discretion. Snape unfortunately would have to wait, as his plotting to kill Harry was his own personal agenda and not Voldemorts. Really it was a case of prioritizing and Harry was perfectly content to take out the weaklings first, while keeping his eye on the deadliest enemies. So it was past the Cerberus who was snoozing away thanks to a badly played harp and down into the Devils Snare which a bit of conjured fire easily took care of.

Being rather good on a broomstick Harry snagged the key and a few others; after all he might as well beat one of the challenges fairly, before flying up and over the chessmen. Which lead him to a bloody massive unconcious troll that quickly started bleeding out thanks to the drilling curse Harry applied to its neck, thank you construction charms, via its arteries. This is in turn brought Harry to Snapes trap as he scoffed at the easy to solve riddle before he began pacing and preparing for the inevitable confrontation.

Recalling the nastiest and fastest curses he had discovered in his readings Harry grabbed the poison filled needles and after downing the potion slipped through the fire. What greeted Harry was Quirrell muttering to himself in front of the odd mirror Harry had found one night over Christmas break and had shown an adult Harry dancing and pissing on a whole pile of graves. Now that was a cheerful thought that had kept him going, though Harry had to admit the graveyard had grown to include a good number of his fellow school children. With a bare flick of his wand and a murmured banishing and homing spell the poisoned needles hit home. While Harry couldn't be certain what poison Snape used, or if any of the needles had delivered their payload he certainly didn't fail to hold back on his second curse.

Which was deflected into the ceiling quite easily by Quirrell and after a loud bang a stream of masonry began falling down as Quirrell hissed in pain "Master it's the Potter Boy"

Turning to trace Harry's rapid movement for cover behind the pillars in the room, Quirrell said in a biting tone "Were you expecting q-quiver-ring Quirrell Potter?"

"Not really. I was expecting Voldemorts new lackey Quirrell. Seeing as his ex lackey Severus Snape currently wants to render me down for potions parts for personal reasons and not your bosses." Harry bite out as he sent a bolt of shadows as he dodged to the next pillar.

"Heh true Potter." Quirrell answered with a sneer "So you actually learnt something from Binns, congratulations. But no matter my master wishes to speak with you and you shall listen."

Cursing as he was frozen in place and dragged out in front of Quirrell by a shadowy force. Harry then watched in slight horror, one of his needles had struck deep into Quirrells neck giving him a bit of a boost, as the turban was removed revealing a second face on the back of Quirrells head. A barely there face with glowing red eyes and snake like voice which hissed out at Harry in fury and caused his scar and mind to explode in pain.

"You. You're the cause of my torment boy. Yet I see now why prophecy claimed you could be the one to defeat me. Oh yes I see the greatness in you, the strive to survive and dominate. I shall give you this one chance join me and we shall be triumphant." Voldemort hissed and added, "After all there is only power, power I can give you."

Even as Voldemort hissed away Harry could feel the shadowy bonds slipping away from him as a nasty purplish blot spread out from the needle into Quirrells body. The poison was doing its job but merely needed more time to work. Time lying like crazy could bring him. "Why not. But first lets get the stone out from the mirror. Oh and I get to kill Snape."

Voldemort laughed in a hissing fit as triumph filled him "Smart choice young Potter, the spy is doomed anyway by my hand or yours. Yes get the stone from the mirror."

With that the bonds were released and Harry found himself in front of the mirror watching himself pissing on his enemies graves, and yes that was him doing the Chicken Dance on Snapes. Really not what he needed right now but great entertainment as he bet the Dark Lord possessing Quirrell was short on patience. That was when Harry figured out what the mirror showed him, his greatest desires. So taking a deep breath and closing his eyes Harry focused his mind on the fact that he really didn't want the Philosophers Stone, what he wanted was Snape dead. So when he opened his eyes again he saw his adult self stop doing a jig on Draco's grave and slip the Philosophers Stone into his pocket.

Turning around Harry let a half smile reach his lip, a smile that became full as he noticed the rapid change in Quirrell's skin tone to a lovely puce. Harry snapped his wand up and casting from the waist fired off one of his strongest hexes, an Egyptian back breaker, causing Voldemort to shriek in horror. Following it up with a series of equally nasty curses as Voldemort's ghost shrieked in agony and Quirrell moaned in pain Harry waited until his enemy was mostly torn to shreds. Safely disarmed, that was to say Quirrells right arm with his wand tightly grasped in his had was laying at least ten feet away in a pool of blood from his body, Harry approached Voldemort and crouched near him eyeing the shrieking monster face to face.

"News flash Voldemort you, me never happening. My name is Harry Potter. You killed my parents. Prepare to die." Slamming his left hand into the barely there face, Harry grinned as Voldemorts shrieks of agony increased again. Then with barely a flicker Harry cast what he liked to call the head squasher curse, a real nifty one used to execute the leader of the 1430 Goblin Rebellion one Smurtash the Vexed.

Cleaning off the various bodily fluids Harry cursed as he saw Voldemorts spirit wail in agony and fly away. Then heaving a sigh of relief Harry sat drained, as the last one was a real bugger of a hex to power on top of all the rest of the spells he cast. That was when Harry noticed Dumbledore sweep into the room a frown on his face. Leveraging himself up Harry upon noticing he was swaying a little decided to get his story straight right quick

"Figured it was Quirrell after the stone, didn't plan on Voldemort possessing Quirrell. They were both utterly mad, Voldemort however was cackling over the fact that he had disciplined his wayward followers. Got him with a curse I found from Binn's class in the end. Here's the stone and I'm going to sleep now." Harry managed to get out as he tossed the Headmaster the stone before slipping down onto the ground.

When Harry next awoke he found himself staring at something twinkling and gold as the familiar scents of disinfectant indicated he was in the hospital wing. His worn and battered glasses were gently placed on his face informed Harry it was the Headmaster who was sitting beside him as the world swam into focus. Noting the rather concerned frown Harry quickly croaked out a request for water which was complied with.

Sitting up Harry noticed a fat round tit in green was manhandling his bowler hat, an older adult version of Draco and a pair of men dressed in red and holding their wands at the ready. Time to see how his version of events handled up to official scrutiny. "Hallo" Harry said weakly as he waited for the inquisition to begin. Draco Sr looked half murderous and half scared shitless, ah good the line about Voldemorts revenge had taken hold Harry thought to himself.

"Alas Harry it seems an official report must be made following last nights events. Minister Fudge, Lucius Malfroy of Hogwarts Board of Directors, and two Aurors will be taking your statements." Albus said in his kind grandfatherly voice.

Swallowing a bit and letting a look of panic cross his face, God he was a good actor, Harry stammered out "Voldemort really did get his revenge then? Did he hurt any students?" Lucius flinched at the mention of revenge not Voldemort unlike Fudge and the Aurors who it seemed were scared shitless by Voldemorts name.

"It seems your dorm mates all perished last night Harry, we have yet to determine the spell Voldemort used" Albus laid on in thick almost sorrowful tone Harry was sure was actually genuine.

Paling Harry added "But they weren't children of supporters of Voldemort, he had their parents all under the Imperious Curse. It's not like any LeStranges or Rookwoods are in school currently." At Lucius's furious glance Harry stammered out "I rather like History of Magic, and well I thought it best to find out just who Voldemorts loyal supporters were last time round."

"Would you please stop saying his name!" Fudge interrupted "For Merlin's sake the fact that Quirrell summoned back his shade is bad enough, but now that's it banished back to the beyond we don't need to keep mentioning it."

Heaving himself forward Fudge asked briskly "Now just why did you go after Quirrell Harry?"

Motioning to his famed curse scar Harry added "My scar, it's been hurting since Halloween. Its hurt yet has drawn me to Quirrell ever since then like a loadstone to steel, I just knew something was wrong. So when Quirrell revealed that he had Voldemorts shade in his body I realized why I was drawn to him. Until Voldemort was banished again I had to fight him, plus my touch actually hurt him, caused Voldemort great pain. I can't explain it, but its like magic has made me Voldemorts destroyer."

Lucius however sneered and added "But first if the Aurors would check your wand young Potter."

Casting a quick spell the Aurors winced as various clouds of smoke come from the holly wand showing the variety of hexes and curses Harry had sent Quirrell's way, ending with the transfiguration used on the keys. Frowning the Auror turned to me and said briskly "A number of these spells are restricted just where did you find them all?"

Shrugging Harry replied quietly "Err a lot of them came from books on the goblin rebellions. Figured it was best to be prepared as I don't trust bankers or lawyers."

Nodding at that Fudge added sotto voice "Always causing the Ministry trouble as well. Nasty buggers those Goblins."

"Seeing as it was a first time offence not to mention on a Death Eater. Perhaps a hundred Galleon fine Minister?" The Auror asked politely.

"Fair enough Dawlish. First time offence and all" Fudge replied as he clenched the brim of his hat "Right Harry consider this an official warning, don't cast those spells again, then research and only use Ministry approved spells."

Sounding contrite Harry added, "Thank you for understanding Sir, it shan't happen again."

Turning stiffly to Lucius Fudge added, "Awfully sorry for the loss of your boy Lucius, he was a fine lad. I'll set the Unspeakables to binding and banishing Voldemorts spirit to never return. Bagnold should have done that ages ago, his fault really another mess of his I have to clean up."

Albus seeing his chance lead Fudge and the Aurors out of the room, after Harry had his wand handed back. Lucius quietly cast a series of privacy wards and spoke in a low and hostile tone "Potter I know you killed Draco, even if I can't prove it. For the death of my son I shall kill you."

Eyes blazing Harry let a hard smile pass across his lips "Fair enough, join the list. Oh though I'd watch out for Voldemort still he's mighty peeved at those who've abandoned him."

Nodding at this Lucius dispersed the wards and turned and joined Fudge and Albus and added in a voice designed to carry "Perhaps I can make a donation to help the Unspeakables with their work Minister. No one wants that mad man gone like I."

Relaxing into the starchy sheets of the bed Harry waited until the party was gone before sighing in relief. He was really looking forward to attending Beauxbatons next year as its enrolment slates were clear of Death Eater spawn not to mention Professors out to kill him. One year at Hogwarts was exciting enough, but if he was going to survive his magical education getting out of the country was essential for his health and well being. Not to mention he had noticed that their uniforms were designed to make the girls look hot if they had any sort of a figure.

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