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Straying from the Path

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It has been twenty years since Sarah left; now her daughter has vanished into the Labyrinth. How will Sarah get her back? Will she be able to stand up to Jareth again?

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"So," Lauren started after an awkward silence. "You say you're Jareth's adopted son?"

Hunter stared at her, his steel eyes piercing through Lauren's being. "I believe I already stated that fact."

Lauren glared at Hunter before remembering she was in an unknown place and that it was best to stay on the good side of her only connection to the Labyrinth.

"When you say adopted, do you mean he took you from my world?"

There was a long stretch of silence. "You could say that."

"How old were you?"

Hunter stood abruptly. "My personal life is none of your business. Truth be told, I didn't even want to entertain you. Jareth, however, has more important matters to handle and he..." Hunter paused, seeming to think of the best word to use before continuing, "requested I act as a host for you here."

"But don't I need to find the castle in order to go home?" Lauren asked slowly.

"Why would you wish yourself here if you wanted to be at home?" Hunter responded.

Lauren sat still, trying to calm down. She was a pro at answering questions with questions. She knew he was trying to frustrate her, but refused to let him have the satisfaction. "Wouldn't you wish to be away from a place that makes you unhappy?"

"What is happiness anyways?" he responded. "It's a temporary state of mind that you allow yourself to feel. Happiness doesn't prove anything, and it doesn't maintain anything. Why allow yourself to feel a temporary feeling when you know it can go away at any time?"

Lauren's eyes narrowed as she bore into Hunter's cold eyes. "Why allow yourself to continue on if all you will feel during your existence is unhappiness? If you can go to a place where you can find happiness, why not be brave enough to dare find happiness, no matter how momentary it is." As Hunter glared at her and walked out of the room, Lauren felt triumphant. She may not be the best student, but she was pretty good when it came to words.

Tired of waiting for her host to return, Lauren started to explore the cottage. She was surprised, however, when she found a large quantity of rooms down an expansive hall. She went from room to room and hall to hall, surprised with each door she opened. Each room had a window that revealed different scenery outside than the room before. One room showed a stone maze that had since crumbled into ruins, another showed a murky forest, while yet another showed a beach where the sand was white and the waters were gray even though the sky was a clear blue without a cloud. Lauren opened the door to one room and immediately wished she hadn't. As she opened the door, a horrid stench poured from the room. As she slammed the door closed, Lauren glanced out the window to see what she assumed to be the Bog of Eternal Stench.

"That's it," Lauren muttered. "I'm out of here." She continued peeking into rooms, trying to find one that showed the Goblin City. Having no luck and getting increasingly impatient, Lauren found one with another forest. She walked across the room, opened the window, and climbed out. She brushed herself off as she turned to close the window, only to find she had climbed out of a tree. Peering back into the tree, she no longer saw the room she had just come from. "It does keep changing," she whispered. She turned and found her way to a path. Looking around to see if she could find any landmarks Sarah may have spoken of, Lauren found a stream flowing with crystal clear water. Remembering how thirsty she was, Lauren knelt and drank from the stream, ignoring the strange taste. She wiped her mouth with the back of her hand, and picked a direction on the path. She stumbled along for a while before deciding to rest on some nearby moss. She sat just staring at her hands, not really seeing them before her. Then she heard some faint sounds and blinked before looking around. To her surprise, she was no longer in the forest. Instead, she seemed to be in a huge hall of some sort. She turned and gasped. There before her stood what could only be Jareth.

"Hello Lauren," he said silkily. "How have you enjoyed your stay so far?"

"It's great," she responded automatically. "Well, except for one thing."

Jareth raised an eyebrow before questioning, "And what might that be?"

"Your adopted son, Hunter, could use some lesson in manners. I was waiting for a beverage that I never received. While we waited, he answered my questions with questions, only to storm off and leave me by myself."

Jareth studied her in silence for a moment before responding. "I've been meaning to have a discussion with him on some things. I had hoped he would show the qualities of the prince that he is. I will talk to him. Until then, why don't you enjoy yourself here? I'm afraid I cannot stay and act as your host, but feel free to help yourself to whatever refreshments you may find."

"Thank you," Lauren said. "This is a lot better than trying to find my way through the forest."

Jareth smiled. "While I did design this place on my own, a lot of influence for it came from your mother. Sarah loved forests when she was a child, so I made sure there were plenty of them throughout the Labyrinth." Jareth paused before continuing softly, "I just wanted to make sure she'd be happy."

Lauren smiled sympathetically at Jareth. "She just doesn't appreciate what she has. She's still like that."

Jareth studied Lauren again, a blank expression even in his eyes. Then he smiled at her and nodded before turning to leave.

"Oh, before I forget," Jareth said, turning to face her. "I'd appreciate it if you'd attend a party I'm having a little later. You'll find a room down that hallway you can use to get ready, and there are various outfits in there that should fit you."

"I'd love that," Lauren responded automatically. She didn't know how long she was going to be here, but she was going to make sure she enjoyed herself.

"Very well. I'll see you later on." With that, Jareth left.

Grinning, Lauren sought out the room to decide what to wear.
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