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My brother said I looked stupid, but I didn't really care.

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Mikey and Mel have known each other forever. Can one day change what they think of each other? And will it change to something more?

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A/N: OK so I really wanted to update yesterday, but I was tired from the concert. More about the concert at the end.

Mel's POV

I love Michael James Way. That was all that was going through my head after that day he stood up for us. Whenever someone said Mikey's name, my heart would rise and I'd get a huge grin on my face. My brother said I looked stupid, but I didn't really care. I loved Mikey Way, and that was all that mattered.

Well, except the fact that I couldn't bring myself to say it yet.

I'll never forget that day. Mikey and I were on a picnic in the woods. We were in our spot, a place that only we knew about. We were laughing and joking around, and he was being his sweet self.

Then, all of a sudden, he said it. "I love you." Just blurted it out. And I was left with my mouth hanging open in shock and confusion as I tried to say the words back, but they wouldn't come out. It's like my voice was gone. Mikey must have noticed. "It's OK. You don't have to say it until you're comfortable. But I love you." He was starting to blush a little bit, and I was wondering why my vocal chords weren't working. Of all the times for them to cut out on me, this had to be the worst.

"Mikey, I..." He looked at me expectantly. "I... I... I'm really sorry," I whispered as I ran. That was all I could manage. He looked at me, confused and hurt written across his face, but started running after me as soon as he registered what had just happened. Unfortunately, I wasn't so good of a runner. He caught me and held me as I cried silently. I really did love him. But why in hell's name couldn't I just tell him?

"It's OK. It's OK," he whispered into my ear. He was so wonderful. "Are you OK now?" he asked when I stopped crying. I didn't do anything. "You know, I think you knew I loved you from that day at the cemetary. That first time we kissed. And I will be totally OK if you don't feel like telling me you love me until you're ready. It just came out, and the minute it did, I didn't immediately want to take it back. Even if it made you uncomfortable, which I'm sorry about, I liked saying it out loud." I nodded and turned around to face him, resting my head on his shoulder. He still held me.

All we did was stand there for a while. He rested his head on mine, and I tried to get the words to come out. I couldn't even whisper them. I mouthed them into his shoulder and felt him smile as he finally figured out what I was trying to say.

"I'm sorry I can't say it out loud yet. The words won't come out, and I want to say them so badly." I tried to say it, but that wouldn't come out either. OK, something was really going wrong here. Mikey's smile faded, and he lifted his head and looked straight at me, confusion and worry written across his face.

"Mel?" I heard him say faintly. That's all I remembered before my vision was gone and I felt myself falling into darkness.


A/N (continued): So there's the next chapter. Sorry about updates, read the top.

The concert was AWESOME. These idiots kept hitting me and my sister though, and I almost got in a fight with them, but all in all, it was pretty good. Until we waited outside for them until one in the morning and they didn't show. We had to leave because it was a Tuesday and we had to wake up early the next morning. That made me sad. But I will find them next time. Muahahaha.-
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