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I'd give up forever

by Honeybee 12 Reviews

Jay has a really sweet moment..... sorry guys, I don't have the energy todo a summary (",)

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  • I'd give up forever

    (#) iheartyou07 2007-03-16 08:10:05 AM

    haha, nice smut scene description there. lmao, actually my mom walked in while I was reading this, and got all curious when i minimized it:P The ending WAS really cute, Jay's so adorable. Keep writing, this was great!

    Author's response

    hee hee hee Thanks!!!! lmfao I'm sure that wuld have been an amusing, yet emmbarrasing, situation!!!! Glad ya enjoyed the smuttiness!!! (",)oh and a little info, just for ya, keep on the look-out for smut in Atlanta 'n Archie's fic!!!!! lol ;p luv ya
  • I'd give up forever

    (#) jade_kwl_name_eva 2007-03-16 09:27:15 AM

    Kiff story! Sorry, skipped the flashback part (not that big of a smut fan, but its still fine, read some of it though) but read the rest. Pretty kiff, who's next? Oh, almost forgot. Awwww!

    Author's response

    Hey 's kwl not everyone's mind is absolutely corrupted like some others Cough, ME,Cough ;p lmao I'm glad ya liked it and thought it was awwww worthy!!!! So far ur the only one 'n I really appreciate it!!!! lol Hmmmmm I dunno which one I'll do next, maybe Odie, maybe Herry, but what I do know is that Archie and Atlanta's stories will be the last two...... oh and these next ones won't be smut filled!!!! So thanks sweetie love me... (",)
  • I'd give up forever

    (#) jennieman 2007-03-16 02:13:51 PM

    yay! that was fantastic. the lemon part was absolutely wonderful, you wrote it extremely well. i loved this, the ending was definitely 'aww' worthy. and all the a/a moments were a realy cute touch too. loved it!! write more smut please! XD or just anything :P i'll love it all

    Author's response

    Awww...thanks man!!!! Hmmmmm...... If ya liked the smut you might have to wait a bit, cuz the next two stories will be sweeter and less hormonal...sigh, but Archie's and Atlanta's ones' will be filled with all the smuttie goodness you can handle!!! ;) lmao so yeah!!! anywho can't wait till YOU update!!!! I'm like dying here!!! lol Love ya Honey
  • I'd give up forever

    (#) Theresa599 2007-03-17 06:14:34 PM

    Ya better continu that story rocks and very detailed dirty mind
  • I'd give up forever

    (#) Theresa599 2007-03-17 06:29:50 PM

    Okay my mom was here so i couldn't write me actule review. Okay i like but i'm VEY curios of what's gonna happen to Jay and Theresa and you described a * scene very good there and no i'm not a big fan of it but latly my mind has wanted me to read something about that.Yes i'm soooo weird.But still your older then me and you have more words then i do and I don't think i'll be writing any * scenes anytime soon. Sorry for the fans of * scenes but i'm not that into it. i'll have many make out sessions though.Hehehehe i'm soo evil And I like change. Lol. I'M NUTS. Here i go again going on about my life so other people will end up completly ignoring me. WELL I GOT A LIFE PEOPLE. Okay that was rude. So ignore that please.Man i'm gonna write too much sooner or later.Okay so that was me Fire-Star so now 2 of my friends will be talking.
    Fighter: Funny i'm not no virgen no more and i'm curios. Are you a virgen cause' descibed it how it happens. Oh i'm 18 and I lost my vigenity when I was 14. But I won't say no more cause' you all will freak out. All I will say is that it's a great story and i'll be keeping up to date on it as well when i'm with Fire-Star(Theresa599).
    Fire: Hey I am only 17 and I am proud to be a virgen. Now I like the story and as well I will be keeping up to date on it and i think Fire-Star will have to get the other 3 over to read this. Sorry we have to cram this into one review but it's a long one at least.
    Fire-Star: Okay enough of this. We are basically saying: KEEP ON WRITING YOU ROCK AT WRITING.
    Fighter: Not to mention very good at describing.
    Fire-Star: Okay.
    All: Bye Bye now.

    Author's response

    Hey guys!!!! (",) lmao I think that that was one of the longest reviews I've ever recieved!!!! lol so thanks....... Don't be concerned about not being too interested in smut, Fire-Star, cuz trust me, u still have enough time before those naughty evil thoughts take over!!!! lmao besides makeout scenes can be great, and not as graphic as the real deal..... Hey Fighter, I'm 18 as well and to reply to ur question, I'm definately not innocent, but haven't quiet lost it yet.... so yeah (",) and Fire, that's totally cool that ur proud of ur virginity..... keep it up girl lol :) So to all you guys, thanks for one of the best reviews!!! (and for making it super long!!! lmfao I love 'em!!!) so the next story shuld be up sometime this week, but I can't promise anything!!!! Cheers for now guys love Honey
  • I'd give up forever

    (#) Theresa599 2007-03-17 06:30:12 PM

    Well that was a bit toooooooooo much
  • I'd give up forever

    (#) Theresa599 2007-03-19 03:41:47 AM

    I got some sad news Honey. The guy that Fighter lost her virgenity to was killed trying to protect her only months after and that's why she moved away from Greece and choose to travel the world(Without her parents She hates them)And well she met me by traveling the world at least. but I feel terrible for her.And apperantly she can't sleep at night because of it. She's a 'believer in anything' so she get's scared that maybe that person that tryed to kill her will come after her again.No one google up Fighter cause' that is not her real name.Oh and she says that you were mentioning Greek boy alot well she's a Greek girl and proud of it now i gotta go get ready for school

    Author's response

    Ahhhh.... Thats really sad!!!!! My sympathies Fighter!!!! :( But stuff like that tends to make a person stronger, and I believe everything happens for a reason, and someday I'm sure you will look back with only loving memories for that great guy that saved you...... He's kinda like ur own gaurdian angel huh? Reading this note has me crying and I have goose bumps all over.... and I'm sure the nightmares will slowly fade, just don't do anything rash..... I won't google up 'Fighter' I swear. I feel honoured that you guys would actually tell me something so personal, and I'm glad that she's proud to be Greek, I'm part Italian, and I totally love my heratige....... so be proud and stay strong girl...... and if you ever need to talk..... just press my contact button on my profile and send me an e-mail..... It'll come through ficwad, so you won't need to worry about me being sum strange stalker person (",) and I'll reply by going onto the Theresa599 profile and send my response through there 'k? And I'll label it "fighter" :)
    Luv ya Honey
  • I'd give up forever

    (#) Theresa599 2007-03-19 12:03:11 PM

    Hey one thing Fighter had a black belt or whatever in whatever fighting then you can think of by 12 yeah she rocks but she fears that person everyday
  • I'd give up forever

    (#) CompetiveSwimmaChick 2007-03-21 02:02:57 PM

    WOOT! That was amazing... aren't you proud I read an x rated story? You should be... the only reason I read it was cause your such an awesome author! LUV YA!!!

    Author's response

    I'm really proud!!!!! Well done man!!!! lmao I'm super glad that you liked it, cuz I'm most prolly gonna be a smut author!!! hee hee hee hee Thanks for saying that..... I love your work too, so update soon on the stories!!! (",) Luv ya too
  • I'd give up forever

    (#) twiinklestar 2007-04-15 08:57:23 AM

    u shud make an archie and atlanta one!

    Author's response

    Heya! Yup I'm gonna do that as well, but first it's Odie's story, and I seem to be hitting a little mental roadblock with that one, so if you can be patient enough with me, then I will get it up asap!!! lol Chat soon.

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