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Heart of Stone

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Like a blade, like poison, it’s destroying you. But you don’t realize it. Too long have you’re eyes been closed.

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If someone can reach you, then they can hurt you
They can just tear your heart apart and walk away
They won’t ever think of how much you will hurt
Or how many tears you will shed
Those heart-wrenching, painful tears
That isn’t you, but it could be
It happens all around you
It’s all you can see
You’re closing your eyes to everything else
You’re afraid of getting hurt, so you’re guarding your heart
You’re guarding it so much that you’ve begun to forget what it’s like
To appreciate the love that’s all around you
Love that could very well be yours
With your guard up day and night, you begin to forget how to trust
The love that could have belonged to you is offered no longer
It’s all for that armor so painstakingly crafted
To protect your heart
Now, you find
Now you cannot change
You stare into the mirror
And your haunted reflection stares back
Slowly, the realization comes to you
You became what you tried so hard to escape
Your greatest fear
Your worst enemy
The loneliness that you can’t recognize is eating you from the inside out
Like a blade
Like poison
It’s destroying you
But you don’t realize it
Too long have you’re eyes been closed
You can’t be hurt
Isn’t that what you had wanted?
You’re unreachable
Isn’t that what you had been going for?
I say to you
Take a moment
Just a moment
Use that moment to think about it
To protect your heart
To escape the pain you’ve seen
And now this
Was guarding your heart really what you had wanted?
To be unreachable, did it really do what you thought it would?
Hearts are broken every day
That is something anyone can see
Hearts are healed every day
That is a bit harder to notice
And you don’t see it
You can’t see it
You have closed eyes
And a heart of stone
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