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You smelly Rockstar, You.

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Patrick meets a girl, and her cup of coffee

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"Thanks for coming out tonight. We hope you had fun, and we'll see all you bitches next time!" Pete's voice echoed throughout the amphitheatre just before they ran off the stage in different directions.
Tyler now had her hair tied up in a messy ponytail at the top of her head. She had dropped her sign sometime in the middle of the show so she could join in with the jumping. Even though her 21st birthday was just around the corner, she couldn't help her love for Fall Out Boy. She had listened to them since An Evening Out With Your Girlfriend, and besides, she was pretty short so she didn't stick out of the pool of 13 year olds too much. A tap on her pockets assured her that her cell phone and keys were still in their proper place. Looking out and seeing the crowd all running toward the exit to try and catch a glimpse of the band, discouraged her. I'm going to die if I even attempt to go through there. Tyler looked around and spotted the back exit.
No, I'm NOT going to look for the band. I'm simply looking for a more civil way to exit. I'm going to find a way to exit without getting trampled. Going through the backstage area has nothing to do with looking for Patrick. She began to walk but was stopped by slipping on something and somehow ended up flat on her bottom. Reaching under her to pull whatever she was sitting on into eye's view she recognized the neon yellow. She looked around and saw that nobody was there and felt it was safe enough to say she didn't embarrass herself too much.
"Excellent. I feel a bruise coming on by the amount of blood rushing to my ass at this moment." She mumbled to herself a little more loudly than she had planned.
"Hey, I'm not rushing at anyone's ass." A voice said from...somewhere.
Tyler whipped around still on her butt only to see the boy who claimed he loved bingo. Scratch that. Looking down at her with a curious expression was her new reason to feel embarrassed.
"Heh, I didn't mean you were rushing to my ass, I meant the blood was. Cause well, I fell and that's why I'm on the ground. I wasn't implying that you rushed to anyone's ass or Asses because well, you're not my blood--" Tyler's babble was stopped by Patrick's hand offering her help to stand up. "Thanks" she said while turning a little red. "You guys did great tonight, like always" She tried to change the subject to something to something other than the embarrassing stunt she had just pulled.
"Thanks, that means a lot," he said back being completely honest. "What do you mean like always? How many shows have you been to?"
"Well, how many shows have you done in Toronto?" she asked a question back.
"I think 9 shows, give or take a few" he shrugged his shoulders.
"There's your answer" she looked down shyly and began scraping her foot against the ground to make the situation a little less awkward. Obviously failing with that attempt./Why is this boy making me so nervous? I'm NEVER nervous./
"Wow, that must have been expensive. Hey, we're in town for a few days and that means I have a little time on my hands" he looked at his watch "I owe you a large coffee, whaddya say? To Starbucks?" He held out his arm waiting for her to link hers through./ She makes me feel so comfortable just standing here and talking. There's something about this girl that I can't put my finger on. There's something special about her./
Tyler looked up and smiled at him. Who can refuse and offer like that? She glanced at her watch./ 11:30, it's not that late./ She linked her arm with his and pointed forwards. "To Starbucks!" she yelled out loud allowing everyone cleaning up the amphitheatre to hear her. They both laughed at their silliness and headed for the exit that was no longer filled with girls desperate to catch a peak at the band.
Walking down a very quiet street Patrick's mind drifted to the other ¾ of Fall Out Boy.
"Shit." He said out loud.
"What's wrong?" Tyler looked at him worriedly, afraid he was going to make an excuse to leave.
"I forgot to tell them where I was going, and they have my cell phone." He said searching his pockets.
Yepp, here it comes, he's going to ditch. "Oh?" she could only assume he meant the rest of the band. Tyler put on a fake cheery voice "It's okay. You can go back, it really doesn't matter. We'll have coffee some...other time."
"Um, I'd kind of like it if you would come with me. You don't have to, if you have things to do. Or if you're too tired or something" he said back looking down.
"No it's okay. I don't mind coming at all." She smiled.
He smiled. "Great."
They both turned around and headed back to the amphitheatre. Tyler felt the little kid inside of her spring to life. "Last one to the end of the street smells like a rock star after a concert!" she shouted laughing and took off running. Did she just insult him?
"HEY! No fair you cheated!!" Patrick ran after her laughing just as hard. Just as Tyler thought she was going to win, Patrick came out of nowhere and grabbed her from behind. He swung her around so she was facing the other direction. He put her down and continued running. Patrick jumped and hit the street sign with his palm. "I WIN!" he yelled and faced her to stick out his tongue.
Tyler ran up after him panting and breathing hard.
"Fine, but you're still the one that smells like a rock star after a concert." She laughed uncontrollably. There, this was her normal self.
"Oh really?" Patrick questioned and shot her a grin that only meant he was going to do something evil. He engulfed her in the biggest hug and almost suffocated her. "Really?" he said while still pressing her face against his chest. "I hadn't noticed that I smelled. What do you think?" he held her even tighter pushing Tyler's face deeper into chest if that was even possible. Tyler couldn't stop laughing as she struggled to pull free. No use, he was a lot stronger than she was. When he finally let go she looked at him, hair a mess and face all red form laughing so hard. Patrick tried to suppress his laughter. "Now we both smell like rock stars".
Tyler giggled, "Fair enough". And they both began walking. Patrick got up his nerve and grabbed her hand. She looked at him and smiled giving his hand a small squeeze./ God, that smile is going to be the death of me./
Before they knew it, they were, once again, at the entrance of the Molson Amphitheatre. Patrick held her hand tighter and began to run.
"Come on! I want you to meet the guys," he yelled dragging her along. They laughed all the way there and pushed open the door that held the other 3 boys behind it.
"Hey guys" Patrick panted. "This is Tyler. The girl who spilled the coffee on me" Tyler raised an eyebrow. They were talking about me? She smiled and waved.
"Hey" they all said back in unison. Andy was smiling like a geek on the couch. "I knew you'd find her, man." Joe nodded and Pete winked at Patrick./ No doubt about it, they were definitely talking about me./ She looked at Patrick who ushered her to a couple of chairs./ Why do I have a feeling this boy is going to be the death of me?/
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