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Stairway to......the 23rd floor.

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Patrick meets a girl, and her cup of coffee.

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"Come ON! it's not that far! Only 5 more flights" Tyler was urging the boys up the stairs that led to her condo.
"Stupid elevator, stupid maintenance people, stupid stairs, STUPID CONDO ON THE 23rd FLOOR!" Joe was repeating over and over again. He had been doing so since the first 2 flights. Andy had resorted to climbing the stairs on hsi hands and knees.Patrick was sweating like a pregnant woman and breathing like he had a severe case of asthma. Pete was...somewhere on the 15th floor.
Looking down at the exhausted boys that made up Fall Out BOy (minus one), Tyler laughed, she had done hat a lot today. "How do you guys have so much energy on stage but can't even handle a few stairs?
"Because we don't do it uphill!!" Joe yelled in frustration.
Puff, Puff "How come you puff /find this so /puff easy?" Andy asked completely out of breath.
"I've been taking them for 2 years. I hate elvators." Tyler shrugged her shoulders. "I guess i got used to them. I guess i got DAMN good at them" Tyler puffed out her chest and hld her hand on her hips like a superhero.
"Oh, really?" Joe and Andy looked at each other. Somehow they got a jolt of energy and bolted up the stairs to get to Tyler. The threw their bags at her and continued running up the stairs. Patrck and Tyler heard the door slam and could hear them laughing like hyenas.
Tyler struggled to push the bags off of her so she could get up- no use, they were extremely heavy. She leaned back on her hands and blew the bangs out of her face.
"Sorry about that" patrick tried to apologize for his friends "They don't usually - they're more hel-" he sighed "they're pricks" Tyler giggled as Patrick lifted the bags off of her. They heard grunting and heavy breathing. "Here comes Pete" Patrick chuckled. At the bottom of the flight, was Pete looking up at the two. He glanced at Patrick, then at Tyler, then at the 6 bags lying around and on top of Tyler. a smile spread across his face.
"Hee....heehee....hee...heehee" Pete remained in his place. "hee....hee" he dahsed up the stairs and threw the bags at Patrick and Tyler. They heard him giggle happily up the rest of the stairs.
"Oh god" Patrick and Tyler said together. They looked at eachother and blushed. Tyler looked at the bags and started hoisting a couple over her shoulders. Patrick grabbed her arm and forced her to drop them. "Hey, we have to carry those up the-" she was interrupted by Patrick lips meeting hers. It was a soft kiss, nothing you can find in a porno movie. Tyler's mouth opened to say soemthing, then when nothing came to mind she closed it. She opened it again, then closed it again. She blushed and smiled shyly at him.
"Well, come on, Tyler. We can't wait around here all night, let's get a move on" Patrick winked at her and grabbed 5 bags, leaving her with only three and began walking up the stairs. Tyler picked up the three, raced up to him, pecked him on the cheek quickly and ran up the rest of the steps leaving him behind. Now it was Patrick turn to blush.

"Wow, i'm exhausted" Joe said after basically tearing her fridge apart.
"Me too, i think im going to bed" Pete said to Tyler "Where do we sleep?"
Tyler lived in a two bedroom condo. "Two of you can share the bed in the guest room and i have a pretty comfy cot folded in the closet, one of you can take that, and i guess someone can take the couch.
"BED!" Pete yelled and ran into the guest bedroom
"BED!" Andy yelled louder and ran after him
"COMFY COT!" Joe was already dragging it into the guest bedroom.
"Couch?" Patrick questioned at his bandmates. They all nodded. "I can deal with that" he stood there awkwardly looking at Tyler. "So, goodnight" he whispered in her ear and kissed her forehead before he headed out of the kicthen.
Tyler desperately wanted to tell him that he didnt have to sleep there. That he could share her bed. That she wanted him there. But that was too forward. She didn't want him to think she was easy. Instead she set the timer for the coffee machine and headed towards her bedroom with a quiet goodnight, to no one in particular. She looked into the living room and saw him laying on the couch, hat over his face. She smiled.

It was 8:00pm the next day. Their show at MTV was cancelled because someone put tin foil in the micrwave and forgot about it. Perfect equation for a little fire. No one was hurt though. This meant, the boys had a day off. This ACTUALLY meant that Tyler was playing the role of a hostess. In the end, all they wanted to do was sit and rest at Tyler's place. This sounded perfect to her. They ordered pizza from a little place down the street because it was the only place with vegetarian and, even better, vegan alternatives. They sat there all day. Eating pizza, talking, laughing and took turns showering throughout the day.
"And then i spilled my coffee all over him and made him hold my purse" everyone laughed at the story of how Patrick and Tyler met.
"Yeah, too bad i didnt have a shitload of Tide to Go with me" Patrick added. Tyler laughed and she apologized to him again. She looked at her watch "Shit, guys it already 10:00"
"Wow, time goes by fast when you wake up at 3:00 in the afternoon" Andy laughed and glanced at his watch. By 11:00 everybody was in bed and sound asleep.
Tyler shifted and turned but couldnt find any comfortable position. Felling defeated, she headed for the kitchen to get something to eat. She was about to open the fridge but was startled by a voice behind her.
"Can't sleep either?" It was Patrick.
"Haha, no. Want something to eat?" Patrick shook his head as she made herself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. She could really put it away when she wanted to. How she kept such an amzing figure, no one knows. She followed Patrick out to the couch and sat down taking a bite out of the sandwich. Patrick took the other half and began eating it. "Hey, you said you didnt want one" she teased.
"Cause i knew you'd share with me" he laughed and nudged her. Tyler stuck her tonuge out at him.
After finishing the sandwiches, Tyler layed her head on his lap and he played with her hair. She closed her eyes and only opened them when she felt him shift so he was lying down. She had her head and his chest and could hear his heartbeat. She looked up at him.
"I might fall asleep here, i feel so comfortable" Tyler said to him quietly.
"Me too" Patrick said simply and leaned his head down. She met him halfway and they shared a soft, but pasionate kiss. When the kiss was broken, she layed her head back down and snuggled into his chest and he slowly rubbed the middle of her back urging her deeper into sleep mode. God, she's beautiful and so much fun. What am i getting myself into? he looked back at her, she was already asleep, he closed his eyes. It could wait until morning.
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