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A Joey Jordison love story pt.1

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Getting to know you.

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I put my readers in the story, I like it that way, if you dont, then dont read it. I cant spell for shit, so if you see something wrong, let me know. Thanks, now we start....

Your Name is Kate England and you are 25. You are slim(size 0). You are about 5'1(I wanted to make you shorter than joey and hes about 5'3-5'4). You have black hair with purple streaks thats a little bit past your shoulders, and violet eyes. You have your tounge, lip, nose and right eyebrow pierced. You also have your ears peirced 4x and 2x on your top left ear. You have two tatoos, one is the sliplnot tribal "s" on your inner left thigh and the other is a butterfly with the word "Dreamer" in detailed cursive lettering underneath it in between your shoulderblades. Your two favortie bands are Slipknot and Marilyn Manson. You have a four year degree in art. Art, music and anything a-like is you life. You have a really rough past, your little brother was just muredered three years ago by your father who was sentenced the chair in prison. You live with your mother in a little condo in Cape Code, Massachuttes. Your moms name is Rose and shes 47 years old. She has bleach blonde hair and blue eyes. Shes about 5'8 and shes like your best friend. Your best friend Anna lives with you and your mom. Anna Campell is about 5'7 and she has shoulder length black hair. She has hazel eyes and is thin as well. Anna has to wear reading glasses once in a while. She has never really talked about her past except that she had a boyfriend that would come home from work drunk everynight and beat on her. At the time she also happened to be pregnant so she had a miscarrage because he kicked her so hard and so many times that she bled. You and Anna met in collage and have been friends for about 5 years. You and Anna are also in a band called "Sewn Shut" with your two other friends Travis and Brendon. Travis and Brendon have been your friends scence you guys were in dipers. Travis has short brown hair and brown eyes and is about 5'10. Brendon has a long black mohawk with green tips and he has blue eyes. Brendon is about 5'11. You play gituar as does anna but shes also the lead vocals, you and brendon do back up when needed. Travis plays drums and brendon plays bass.

Now to the next chapter bitches!!!lol
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