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A Joey Jordison love story pt.2

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A new start, a new begning, a new life.

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Its dark, your in your room, door shut, black curtain shut with only a crack of moonlight showing through. Theres blood dripping on your jeans and onto the carpet. You set the bloody blade back into your drawer. You stand up, but get dizzy, collapse and black out.

(2 Years later)

You wake up in a hospital with bright lights and machines surounding you. You lift your head up because you hear the voices of your mother, anna and a few unfamiliar voices. Right as you lift your head two nursed along with your mother and anna come running over. "whats the hell is going on, where am I" you say."you are in Des Moins, Iowa and you've also been in a coma for the last two years because you cut yourself 60 and bleed almost 3 pints of blood which could kill you." an old nurse says as she checks all the machine things."well when can I go home?"
"you can go home tomorrow if nothing happens tonight.","dont ever do that to me again, your all that I have left" your mother says gripping your hand tightly. You nod then look at anna smile then look back at your mom. "when are we going back to Cape Cod?" you say, " well were not gonna go back, I figured that it was better for me and you to leave the past behind. I think you'll like it here though, its really pretty and not only that its the hometown of your favorite band"
"whats my room look like"
"well its a two story house, and your room is painted black and I got you new deep red curatins". You smile then look at anna. I've got a job at a book store and their still looking for help"she says with a slight smile and a tear filled up in her eye. she leans down and hugs you. You hold her tightly. "I've already made a friend" your mom says "whats her name", "jackie, shes really nice, you'll love her", you smile." you better get some sleep you look really tired, Ill be here to pick you up tomorrow", you say goodbye and then she leaves. Right after she closed the door behind her you slowly fall asleep.
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