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A Joey Jordison love story pt.4

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This is when you and joey really get to know eachother.

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You open the door to reveal Joey."nice to meet again"he says"ummm...yeah...come on in"you say nervously and he walks in and shut the door behind him. You joey,rose,and jackie all sit down and eat dinner. By now its dark out and joey and jackie have left. You need some fresh air so you walk out the door and to the park down the street. You sit down at one of the benches. You hear the bushes russle around from behind you, you turn around but see nothing and you figure its the wind. A few minutes later you hear the noises getting louder and closer. You turn around again to see Joey."Jesus you scared the living shit out of me" you say,"sorry I didnt mean to" he says and sits down next to you."so why did you move here in the first place?" he asks you. You tell him and then cry.He holds you and tells you that everything is gonna be ok."Im sorry that you had to see me like this","no its ok cuz now I know you alot better" you smile and stand up, you start to walk home when you shiver."are you cold?" he asks you."yeah a little bit" you say and he wraps his jacket around you. Like a gentlemen he walks you to the door."Are you doing anything tomorrow?"he asks you,"nope","well do you think you might wanna come hang out with me and the guys?","yeah id love to", you hand him his jacket, he goes to walk away when you grab his arm. You get closer to him, you close your eyes, lean in and kiss him, he kisses back."thanks for everything joey","no problem"he says, hugs you then walks home. You walk in, shut the door and lean agenst it. All of a sudden a light flicks on and anna walks in."where were you?" she says,"I was with joey","sit down and tell me what happened", so you sit down and fill her in on what happened."Awww im so happy for you, he so likes you", you smile and hug her goodnight, then you go up to your bedroom, take your makeup off and brush your teeth. You change into plaid pajama pants and a tight v-neck shirt. You crawl under the covers and go to sleep. A few houres later you wake up because ypu have to go to the bathroom, you go then wash your hands. You walk back into your room and look out the window to see joey sleeping in a tree near your window. You open the window and wisper his name, he wakes up, you hold out your hand and help him inside."I came to tell you that I was going to pick you up at 5:30 but I saw you sleeping and I didnt want to wake you up.", you smile them go and crawl under the covers."Ill sleep on the couch" he says "no wait sleep here" you say patting the bed. He smiles and goes and layes next to you. you stare at him for a little while till he notices and then you look away. your roll over so that your back is facing toward him and a few seconds later you feel his body press agenst yours and then he puts his arm around your waist. You push yourself closer to him. Soon later you fall asleep in joeys arms.(dreamy)
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