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Not seeing you in a cabaret

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This is based on the music video' But it's better if you do' and my unrehearsed love for the 1920's. It's a radio play that I wrote for my Theatre 2 class....NO STEALING!! Enjoy!!

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Narrator: The time is set in the 1920's when prohibition banned alcohol and people frequently attended cabarets or speak-easies. We see, Velma and her two friends, Veronica and Roxy, are talking about Velma's husband; Fred always goes to illegal speak-easies.

Velma: He doesn't love me anymore.

Veronica: You know he does. Why would you say such a thing?

Velma: Well, everyday after work I see him walking into one of those illegal clubs!!

Roxy: Oh hunny I'm sorry. You must feel terrible.

Veronica: How could he go to on of those speak-easies behind your back?

Roxy: I know, he's there every night and he always comes over to my table.

Velma: He what!? How do you?? Wait. What do you mean??

(Enters Fred and Amos)
Fred: Hey Babe.

Velma: Don't you hey babe me. I've had it up to here with you Mr. Fred Sullivan!!
Fred: Whoa there Vel, what did I do?

Velma: You don't love me anymore.

Fred: Stop that sugar, you know I do. What have I done to make you think I didn't love you?

Velma: Well what am I suppose to think? Every night you go out with your friends to those illegal strip clubs.

Amos: Hey Freddy, I think I should go.

Fred: No Amos, you can back me up here.

Veronica: Roxy sees you there so don't even try to make up excuses.

Fred: Look Velma, I am not goin' to no illegal clubs, I gotta go to work to pay for this dump. Now stop your complainin' 'cause I gotta go.

Roxy: Vel, I gotta go too. The boss man hates when I'm late.

Velma: Fine, bye and thanks for your help. I'll see you tonight, I-I mean around. Bye Roxy.
(Roxy exits).

Fred: Look babe, you're the only one for me. You're the bee's knees, the cat's meow, and my hunny bunny.

Veronica: Oh don't give in that easily. He's obviously trying to butter you up. Remember, he betrayed you.

Amos: Hey Freddy, looky what I found. It's a mask from that cabaret we go to.

Fred: How'd that get there? Velma, you gots some explainin' to do.

Velma: Alright you caught me. I work at that cabaret over on 4th street, but only because you're always late getting home and I well, I want to make sure that you don't got another woman or something. I miss you Freddy, I really do.

Fred: Ohh Velma baby, you know that you can trust me. You're my girl and I don't want you to worry. But wait, you work there?

Velma: Umm, yes? I'm the dancer with the black dress, red boa, and sparkly mask with feathers on it. It was me the whole time.

Veronica: Don't forget the black high heels.

Fred: Ohh wow, I didn't even recognize my own wife
Amos: Wow, don't you feel dumb?

( Fred laughs nervously ).

Velma: I'm really sorry Freddy. Can you ever forgive me?

Fred: Of course babe. But seriously, I've gotta go. I uhh got some work to do.

Velma: No. Don't go.

Fred: I gotta go. ( Opens door ) And don't wait up for me. (Slams door).
(Fred exits.)

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