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When Alexis was younger she had a imaginary friend. Thirteen years later she finds out that her 'imaginary' friend wasn't so imaginary after all. But if he isn't imaginary... then what is he?

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Thirteen years earlier...

He sat on the side of her bed, watching her small figure as she slept. The little glow of her ballerina nightlight cascaded dimly across the room. Her steady breathing and the chirping of the crickets were all that could be heard on that warm summer night.

'She doesn't need an imaginary friend anymore.', Gerard thought, sighing to himself. He didn't want to leave her. She was his best friend and he was hers. Everyday that she got older he continued to tell himself the same thing; she doesn't need an imaginary friend anymore. Gerard wasn't even sure that she really wanted him to leave-he had decided leaving for himself. This would be good for her.

'For the both of us.' his thoughts continued. He placed his deathly cold hand on the side of her cheek, causing her eyelids to flutter open, awaking her from the peaceful slumber she had been in.

"Gerard, what are you doing here?" Her voice sounded drowsy from sleep, making him feel bad for waking her.

"I was uh,... I couldn't sleep." He gave her a sly smile. Gerard was a terrible liar and he knew it. He was so terrible he couldn't even lie to her and she was a child. She always saw right through him.

"Sure, you couldn't Gerard." Sarcasm dripping from her words. She sat up in her bed and pushed away her blanket showing off her lilac colored pajamas.

"Wanna go play a trick on mommy?" She cried eagerly, seeming more awake than before.

He gave a small smile but slowly shook it off, remembering what he came here to do. 'Just tell her Gerard, tell her you're leaving. For good.' He gave another sigh.

"No, Alexis not now."

Her eyebrows furrowed and a hurt look crossed her frail face. He had never said no to playing a trick on her mommy before. Never. She didn't understand why all of a sudden it would be an automatic no.

"I have to go," Gerard looked at her, his deep hazel eyes filled with sadness that she had never seen before."For good."

"For good?" She questioned.

His dark figure began to dissolve from the room, as it always did when he left, but this time something was telling her that he was never coming home.

"I will be with you." The sound of Gerard's voice filled her ear in a soft whisper.

"Don't go," Alexis sniffled as one small delicate tear fell from her eye.

What do you think? This was a random idea that popped in my mind while I was in math class. Okay well...looks around yeah, I'll see ya around. runs away**
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