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Summer Kylie Moore is all about her art& friends,but then there is this boy G.W.

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Not only was I volunteered to be Gerard's partner but I had to show him around the school all day, I am somewhat glad that my last class for the day is art. In my class Jason and Ollie: usually we sit in the back but my teacher Jasper was going through one of her crazy mood changes so we had new seats. As I walked in she pointed to my new seat.

God damn! I must be cursed or something, I have to sit by Gerard. He is like a fucking stalker, at least Ollie was at the table too. Slamming my sketchbook on the table top I started working on the new sketchbook assignment: evil alter ego.

" Nice picture Summer."

" Are you fucking kidding me? I have been your guide all day, which means I had to deal with you all day, so it would be nice if you would just shut up and stop talking to me!"

" Come on Kylie you are being a little harsh." clearly Ollie didn't understand my anger at this point.

" No. And another thing Gerard don't you ever call me Summer again, in fact don't even call me Kylie..."

" You have changed, I thought you were different."

" You fucking thought wrong."

The rest of the hour we didn't talk or even glance at each other, just what I wanted. After class I walked to my locker as fast as possible but Ollie was trailing behind.

"What do you want? Ollie I am really not in the mood."

" What's with you and that Way boy?"

" Long story short he is a scum bag."

" Well, he seemed nice to me."

" Then go fuck him Ollie, I don't care how nice you think he is I don't like the boy and I never will."

" You need to chill out, lets go to my house."


Ollie's house was notorious for smoking.

The four of us; Spencer, Jason, Ollie&Me spent hours laughing it up in her backyard, but it started to get dark so I headed home. On the way I dropped Jason off then stopped a couple a blocks down from my house to put Visine in. Out of nowhere Gerard fucking popped up at my car window causing me to jab myself in the eye.

Rolling down my window I started to yell, " What the hell were you thinking popping up like that? Because of you I just jabbed myself in the eye!"

" I was just trying to see if I could get a ride home."

" Awe what the hell, there is no escaping you..."

Running around to the other side he hopped in.

" Why are you putting Visine in?"

" Why is it your business?"

" Its not."

" Well, then...lets just not talk."

There was 10 minutes of silence until he started to jabber his mouth again.

" Don't you want to know where my street is?"

" Why didn't you tell me before? I am already at my house now."

" No worries..." He reached over and touched my hand

" house is across from yours. Thanks."

He darted out of the car crossing to his house, I sat in my car for a moment,

Why did he just grab my hand?

I must say it is hard to hate someone who is so charming, maybe I should give him a chance.

My parents weren't home, while grabbing my keys I got of the car and crossed over to Gerard's. I had nothing else to do might as well see what this boy is all about. Knocking on the door a tall woman with black hair and hazel eyes opened the door.

" Hello." she said while grasping me into a hug.

" Hi..."

" You must be Summer, I met your parents you're a spitting image of your mother."

" Yea thanks. Um, I was wondering if I could talk to Gerard?"

" Sure honey, he is upstairs in his room. Make yourself at home."

" Thank you Mrs. Way."

" Call me Donna."
Inside the house smelled of vanilla, the walls were newly painted and there were unpacked boxes everywhere. Taking the carpeted staircase I tried to guess which room was Gerard's, but then I easily spotted it. The door was painted black and in blood red it said Gerard on the door; standing there I contemplated on whether I should knock or run out of the house screaming. The choice was made for me, he came out of his room shirtless, not paying any attention to me he bumped into me and I fell on my ass.

" Ouch!"

" Oh, sorry Kylie I was listening to my i-pod!" saying this like it happened all the time; he helped me up.

" Its okay, I just came by to see what you were doing. I don't have anything to do my parents are not home yet."

" I see, just go ahead and sit in my room I have to go get a drink."

Stepping into his there was a long thin boy with mousy brown hair and black framed glasses sprawled across his bed reading a comic.
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