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Chapter 1: Failed Tests

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Chapter 3 Posted...Project Epsilon is a failure and Ein must suffer the consequences when he is left for dead in Germany's Schwarzwald. With no memory, Ein learns to trust a family that takes him in.

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Chapter 1 - Failed Tests

Hayate awoke from his sleep to find himself surrounded by a body of water.

"Where am I?" he thought to himself as he looked around trying to figure where he was and who or what brought him here.

He tried to swim, but he couldn't. His hands and feet were strapped. He was strapped to some platform. His lungs were beginning to run out of air quick and the increasing race of his heartbeat was telling him, he needed air quick.

All he could do was struggle, but no matter how much he struggled, he couldn't break free from the strong hold of the straps holding him. But he didn't give up, he struggled harder, thinking to himself "What in the world is going on?" He used the rest of his air to try to call for help, but underwater, his sounds only made a slight gurgle sound.

He couldn't last any longer; he shook harder against the straps trying to use any technique to get himself released. But in the end, his luck did not look in his favor as all movement stopped. His body silently rested on the platform and whatever air that was left in lungs, slowly oozed out of his mouth. Hayate had drowned unable to release himself from the restraints.

Suddenly, the platform which held the lifeless body of Hayate started to rise above the body of water.

"EMTs NOW!" a voice yelled out as a group of individuals gathered around the body and began to perform CPR.

It wasn't too long later until Hayate lifeless body moved again as he coughed up a good amount of water that was stuck in his lungs. Even before he composed himself, he frantically tried relieving himself from restraining platform, yelling and screaming for help as if he was still underwater.

"DETAIN HIM!" the same voice yelled out.

The same group of individuals followed their orders as they forcefully pushed Hayate's body completely on the mat. Hayate continued his hopeless struggling and screaming, until he felt a needle being pierced into his chest, not too far from his heart. Suddenly, his face turned pale and an immediate drowsy look came over his eyes.

A blackout that seemed to have lasted for days, which in actuality was only a matter of minutes. Slowly he opened his eyes only to see a body standing over him. She spoke with a comforting voice, "It is okay, ninja. You're not in the water any longer."

"Who are you?" He asked looking at the female with a clear vision now. A woman of slight African-American decent smiled back as she heard a voice from behind.

"Another failure."

Her comforting eyes turned furious as she looked back to the scientists. "WHAT!" She practically yelled as she left Hayate's nearly paralyzed body and headed straight for the scientist. Hayate continued to stare in his own daze. His head pounded, all parts of his body ached for unknown reasons, he was completely weak and at the mercy of any who chooses to have their way.

He saw the woman's face again standing over him. She placed her hand on his face. "You're becoming more trouble than your worth ninja." Then she slapped him hard. And she yelled to her assistants. "GET HIM OUT OF HERE!"

The woman stormed out of the laboratory as the glass doors closed behind her. The remaining people in the lab began to follow their orders.

"We better get him out of here before she kills another one." One of the men said.

"Yeah you're right, "said another. "It's a shame what they do to these people."

They continued their conversation rolling the bed to where Hayate was strapped to down the laboratory halls.

They took the elevator down to the basement level of the building, when they rolled their patient out, the hall was dark, very little light shined from within. Only the logos of the business were seen.

They rolled Hayate in front of a locked cell.

"Okay, just take it easy kid." One of the men said pulling out a syringe filled with an unknown chemical. "This won't hurt too much."

The man pushed the needle into a vein visible near Hayate's temple and injected the chemical slowly.

Hayate let out a grunt, he wanted to fight it off, but he was powerless. Strapped and too weakened to do anything.

The man pulled out the needle, "How do you feel?"

Hayate squinted his eyes. "It burns a little."

"Well we know it's working now." He replied as he placed an alcohol swab on where he was beginning to bleed, but only a little.

"What's going to happen to me now?"

"Well," The other man spoke. "I honestly can't tell you." He responded unlocking the cage door. "It all depends on what Lisa wants to do with you. I'm sorry, but for now, we have to lock you up."

"Who are you?" Hayate asked.

The man chuckled as the two began undoing the straps from his body. "Trust me, knowing who we are won't help you one bit. We just follow orders around here."

"Where am I?"

The first man looked at the other with a little concern in his eye. Then he responded. "Not one of those places you'd take a date.

"Who am I?" Hayate couldn't believe he asked the question, but it was true. He didn't know who he was, where he came from, all of his memory was completely gone, as if it disappeared. He didn't even know his own name.

"Sorry, kid, there was a reason we erased your memory."

Without any more exchange of words, they helped Hayate out of the bed. They threw each arm over their shoulder and practically dragged his helpless body into the cell.

As they dragged him, Hayate looked down and saw keys dangling from one of the men's belt. Now was his only chance.

With a spurt of unknown energy, he kneed one man in his gut, and headbutted the other. The second man hit the wall as Hayate smashed his elbow against the back of the man grabbing his stomach from the fighter's fierce knee. Hayate quickly kicked his head hard, rendering him unconscious. He turned his attention to the second and wasted no time as he grabbed the hair on the head of the man and quickly crushed his head against the stone wall, but careful not to kill him. The man fell limp to the ground.

Hayate quickly recovered the keys from the sleeping man's belt, and then locked them in the cell. He took that key off the large key chain and placed it in his pocket and threw the rest far from the jail cell.

He looked at the two unconscious men. "I'm sorry." He whispered to them as if they could hear him. He could feel that they didn't mean any harm to him, but he had to escape where ever he was at.

He turned to leave the building but already a figure was standing in front of him.

It was the same African-American woman from earlier. "You really are becoming more of a pain than you're worth."

Hayate's eyes lowered as he put up his fist ready to fight.

The woman only chuckled. "You think you can beat me?" She asked. "In the state you're in?"

"You'd be surprised." He responded.

"Did they give you your medication?" She asked, but Hayate didn't respond to the stranger. "That's funny, you should be feeling woozy about now."

And as if she summoned it, Hayate's head began swirling; he gripped his head in pain.

"Ahh there it is. A little off schedule, but always right on time." She sarcastically spoke.

The room began to spin as Hayate fell to his knees. His nose became stuffy and his feet felt numb. "What's going on with me?"

His vision was blurring but he could see the woman walking towards him. "You belong to me. When I want you to leave, I'll let you know."

Even in all of his dizziness, Hayate slung a wild punch at her, even throwing in his body weight for a hard impact. Though, his attempt was unsuccessful as the woman dodged the punch, and Hayate's body flew in front of her. This made matters worse for Hayate. His head began to pound and though his eyes were not bleeding all he saw was red. He fell to his back to give his body some type of rest.

The woman stood over him and stroked the hair out of his face.

"What are you going to do to me?"

"Whatever I please." She said as Hayate was beginning to go into shock. "Good night, little ninja." She finished as Hayate's body shut down and his eyes stayed open looking at the red-blurred vision of the woman taunting him.

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