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Rescue Team Destiny

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Amber and Tree Leaf find and rescue Caterpie. And Later, Amber becoumes the new leader of Rescue Team Destiny

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Ok. So dinner is a little late. I get more time on. Yay. Anyway, becouse the story keeps going through my head, and wont let me do anything else, im going to write down the secound Chappie.


We were walking through a forest. To be honest, it wasnt so bad. There were a few Rattatta and Pidgey but nothing to severe. The forest itself was nice to. It had a sandy like floor and small tries. In my human form, they would have been as tall as me! Wait, in my human form, how tall was I again? I shook my head. I was following Tree Leaf, becouse he seemed to know where we were going.
"Umm. Tree Leaf?"
"Yeah Amber?"
"What is this forest called, and do you kow were we are going?" I asked. Tree Leaf laughed. He seems to like to laugh alot.
"I havent a clue where we are going. I think they call this the Tiny Woods." He said. Wait...
"you DONT know where we are going? Why didnt you say anything?"
"Becouse it was obvious you didnt know which way to go either." He stated. I sighed in defeat. He was right, I had no clue where we were. The name of the forest suited it though. I liked this place. I stopped dead in my tracks when I heard something from my right. Tree Leaf turned to face me.
"Something wrong Amber?"
"Shush." I said. He quieted and we listened. I could faintly hear crying.
"You hear that to?" I asked. Tree Leaf nodded and we headed in the direction that the crying came from. We passed some bushess and came into a clearing. In the middle of the clearing was a child caterpie, who was crying.
"Hey, are you ok?" i called out. The caterpie turned to us.
"Dont worry, we're going to get you out of here." Treeko said. i nodded in agreement.
"Yay. i was so scared. I wanna see Mommy." The Caterpie said. We escorted the caterpie back, facing no other pokemon, which I found a little odd, but said nothing. We met up with Butterfree outside Tiny Woods.
"Oh, my baby! Are you ok dear?" The Butterfree said.
"Yes Mom. Tree Leaf and Amber saved me. They are so cool!" The boy said. He looked at us admiringly. 'This feels kinda weird, having him stare at me like that, but it feels good to know that he is back with his mom.' I thought. I turned to Tree Leaf, and saw he was smiling at me.
"It's not much of a reward, but here." Butterfree said. I turned back to her and she handed me a few berries.
"Th-thank you." I stuttered. For some reason, I felt weird that she was giving me the berries. I wonder why. The butterfree and her child left and Tree Leaf began to lead me to a house. A Brick road showed that there were three other places we could go.
The house he lead me to was pretty nice. He turned to me.
"It's not a complete base. But this is the base for my pokemon rescue team." He said.
"Pokemon rescue team?" I asked. I noticed that one of my ears began pointing down, and the other pointing up, as I tilted my head slightly in confusion.
"Yeah. A pokemon rescue team is a team of pokemon who help out other pokemon." Tree Leaf.
"O-oh. Ok. So does your team have a name?" I asked. His smile turned to a frown. I had no Idea he could frown. If you couldnt tell, that was sarcasm.
"Well, no. I'm the only one in the team, so it doesnt have a name. I know, why dont you join my team and give it a name." I stoped all thought prosses for a few secounds.
"Me? Join your team?" He nodded,"But you had to save me from a pidgy....Six times!" I said with a blush. It was true. During our attempt to save the caterpie, i had been attacked and in need of rescuing from a pidgy... six times.... with the same Pidgy.
"It's ok. Im sure with a bit of practice you wont have that problem anymore." Tree Leaf said. I had to agree with that. I wasnt sure on how to attack really.
"Ok. I guess I could join. A name for the team.. Well..." I thought about it. What could I call it? The idea struck me.
"How about Rescue team Destiny?" I asked. Tree Leaf's smile got even bigger.
"That sounds Great!" He said with a jump. Even I'm not THAT hyper.
"Today was pretty long, so maybe you should get some rest. Tomarrow I'll take you to the town square and the pelliper post office and introduce you to everyone." Tree Leaf said. I looked up at the now twilight sky.
"Ok." I said. I turned and started to walk towards the house when I noticed Tree Leaf walking down a diffrent path.
"Tree Leaf? Isn't this your place? Arnet you going to stay in it to?" I called out. He walked back up to me.
"A team base is for the team leader." He said.
"The team base is for th- WAIT. I thought YOU were the team leader!" I said in shock. Tree Leaf Laughed.
"I may be a good fighter, but your a better stratagest. I noticed that back in Tiny Woods. It would be better if YOU were the team leader." Tree Leaf said. I wasnt to keen on the whole 'staying-alone-in-a-weird-place' idea.
"I-I know this is going to sound childish," I began,"B-but could you.... would you stay here with me untill i get used to living here?" Tree LEaf stared at me for a moment, proccessing my request.
"Sure, I dont mind." Tree Leaf said. I was relieved to find that he would. We both walked into the house. Tree Leaf allowed me to have the bigger bed. I felt bad that he was stuck with the smaller one. I tried to sleep. I could tell that Tree Leaf was due to his even breathing, but I couldnt. He fell asleep pretty quickly. It seemed to be about midnight before I started to move the straw bed over to Tree Leaf's, add it to his, and snuggle up to him. I fell asleep soon after.


I felt bad that Treeko didnt live in the house with Eevee in ym game, so I made up a reason.

Terms of intrest:
Amber geting beat by a pidgy six times - no this didnt really happen in my game and STOP LAUGHIN NOW. When I got to be an eevee, i found that it was so friggin weak. I was at level 20 and i still had problems beating Scarmory. It was kinda hard.

Amber's stratagies - I couldnt think on were to put this in the previous chappie or in this one, but were Amber is lacking in strenght, she makes up for in brains.

Tree Leaf's Strenght - in my game, Tree Leaf was like a friggin tank. His donwfall: He seemed to like to wander off and fight everything. This made me lose, a lot.

Amber wanting Tre Leaf to stay at the house with her - Like me, Amber doesnt like to sleep alone when she is in a new place. hence why she snuck into bed with Tree Leaf.
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