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Chapter Two: We'll Meet Again

by Clinga 7 reviews

As time draws closer and closer to the concert, Alexis really starts to wonder about that guy... Gerard.

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Alexis walked upstairs to the hallway. She opened her bedroom door and slipped off her shoes as she thumped down on her bed. She stared at the ceiling fan. Alexis could get amused by the littlest things.

"Lexi, your girlfriend is in the phone!" yelled Alexis' fourteen year old brother.
Alexis sat up on her bed and walked into the hallway to retrieve the phone.


"Oh my god I can't wait to goto the concert! Its gonna rock so much! Have you heard any of MCR's songs? Well your gonna have to if your gonna sing along." exclaimed Britney.

"Umm, I'm not really the singing type." said Alexis, almost as out of breath as Britney.
Alexis walked downstairs and into the kitchen as Britney played My Chemical Romance's songs through the phone. Alexis putted the phone between her ear and shoulder as she searched for something to drink in the refrigerator.

"Yeah, they sound real nice, Britney." Alexis commented as she took a sip of Capri Sun.

Actually, Alexis wasn't listening to the music. Her mind was more focused on the lead singer's voice. It was a sound she had heard before, but now in a more mature form. Alexis ran back upstairs, pushing her brother into the wall on her way.

"Britney, whats the singer's name?"

"Gerard. Gerard Way."

As Britney spilled out hundreds of facts about Gerard, Alexis took out a box from underneath her bed. Inside was her old diary, and some other childish junk. She pulled out the diary, she created the cover herself, with the help of her 'imaginary' friend of course. It was pink with white lace around the edges. Alexis, then, was a girly girl.
She fumbled through pages of useless, four year old thoughts and wishes. This was the paragraph that made her heart skip.

'Today me and Gerard went to the mall with mommy. Gerard played hide and go seek with me in JC Penny's. I love Gerard, hes my best friend. We'll be friends forever!'

"Lexi?" Britney asked. "You there?"

"Hey, I'll call you back." Alexis replied.

She hung up the phone and flipped through more pages, but that was the last she ever wrote.
'Its just a coincidence.' Alexis thought.
A light breeze brushed against her face from the open window. There was an eerie whisper in Alexis' ear.

"We'll me again, Lexi."

Clinga a.k.a Author of Story: GASP Was that Gerard whispering to her? Will Alexis actually take some time to listen to MCR's music? Will Britney shut up about the concert (I know I couldn't)? Well, the next chapter should actually involve them going to the concert. Muwahahahaa! Thanks for the reviews, I feel loved. :)
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