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Name: Amy Walker
Age: 18
Location: You used to live in New York but then moved to Belleville due to your mothers sudden death. She died when you were 10.
Description: Tall-55. Eyes- Icy Blue. Hair-Black hair that has purple tips on the edge of it. Body Type-In Good Conditions. You dont work out a lot. Tattoos-Angel wings on your shoulder blades and in between them is Abigail and underneath that is the date of birth and date of death (1960-1995).

Name: Adam Walker
Age: 18
Description: Tall-56. Eyes- Icy Blue. Hair- Jet Black hair that constantly falls into his face. Body Type- Top Shape. He likes to work-out a lot. He sometimes wears your clothing. Tattoos- 1. Bar Code on his neck. 2. Your mothers name on his ankle with the date of birth and date of death(you both went out and got matching tattoos for your mother) 3. A Star on the side of his neck. 4. Never Forgive Never Forget across the small part of his back.

Other Background Info: Both you and Adam are twins. Your father drinks way to much and sometimes when hes drunk enough he hits you and Adam. You moved to Belleville because your father needed help raising you and your brother. Your aunts name was Elizabeth or Aunt Lizzy. But she died in a car accident when you were 15. She was in the car with your father because he was to drunk to drive home. When suddenly, when she was yelling at him for not being a good enough father and that he drinks way too much, a four-wheeler hits her in the side. The only reason she was hit was because your father had gotten into a fight with him at the bar and he was trying to kill him. He was also drunk. So you dont like people drunk what so ever. While living in Belleville you met one of your best friends, Meg, who in the end introduces you to Mikey and the rest of the guys.

"Amy open this fucking door!" Adam screamed while banging on the bathroom door. You sat there with the sharpest piece of glass that came from the mirror you just broke. You look at it as if it can free you from all this pain and sorrow. You can still hear Adam banging on the door. You put the piece of glass to your wrist and press down. You stare at the open cut and think..'How did it come to this?'

About Two Years Earlier

"Come On, Adam, we'll be late for school again. And I'm not going to serve detention just because you couldn't get your eyeliner perfect." I yelled at my brother who was looking in the mirror.
"Hold your horses Amy" he screamed as you walk down your steps and out the front door. You don't care if you leave him here. At least you don't have to spend another hour in hell. You started to walker faster and faster, then you felt a hand grab your arm and spun you around. It was Adam.
"Don't You remeber what today is?" he asked.
"Of course I remembered. How could I forget that today is the day that our mother died eight years ago." you start to become sadder and sadder just thinking about her.
"Well, are you still going to the cemetery?"
"Yes," you whispered and turned back around and walked to school in silence.
After a long dreadful 10 minutes of silence you both finally reached the school and realized you weren't late.
"See I told you we wouldn't be late" your brother said. You gave him one of your disgusting 'Yeah-I-Know' looks and searched for some familiar faces. Then you stopped the most wonderful people in the whole world. They were all under a tree talking about something. you nudged Adam and showed him that the guys were under the tree. You both start to walk towards them.
"No, Mikey, Holloween is way better then Christmas," Gerard telling his younger brother Mikey.
"Well do you get presents on Holloween, do you?..No you don't. So Christmas is so much better," he said and looked at your way, "Hey look who it is. The lovely Amy and Adam."
"Sorry Mikey, but I don't think Adam is not aleast bit lovely." you giggled.
"Shut Up Amy. Your not lovely niether."
"No, Adam, Your sister is one of the lovelest girls in this whole school." Gerard said. You look at him and he looks at you with his dark hazel eyes. The kind eyes that make you wanna melt.
"Dam, well that's the bell. Amy would you like to join me on the way to our first period class" Gerard said as he held out his arm like a gentleman in one of those black and white flims. you nodded your head and you both begning to walk to class, arms linked.

Both, you and Gerard, leave the group and started heading to your first period class, chemistry. The one class you hate the most. The only good thing is that you got to blow things up.
"So what are you doing for Halloween?" Gerard asks.
"Im not to sure yet. What are you doing?" I replied.
"Well...The guys and I were thinking maybe we should throw Frankie a surprise birthday party since it will be his birthday."
"OMG. That a wonderful idea. He'll love it."
"Okay and will get everyone who comes to dress up. It could be like a Halloween party and a birthday party in one." Gerard added.
"I like the way you think." We both entered room 132, the wonderful chemistry room. You went and found your seat in the very back and Gerard took the seat next to you.
"Grr. I hate chemistry in the morning. Im not awake enough to think." You said loud enough for Gerard to hear. He let out a small laugh and took out his sketch book. Then I noticed Ray had entered the classroom.
"Thanks guys for leaving me with everyone and not telling me that you were heading here." He said while taking the seat in front of me.
"Oops, sorry Ray-Ray," you apologized.
"Yeah, sorry man," Gerard said while sketching something. He didnt look up or anything. He was so into it.
"So, what are y-" you started to say but was cut of by the teacher.
"Hello Class!" Mr. Goldman said with way to much happiness in this voice, "Today we will be preparing to do a lab for tomorrow. Now I want groups of two or three..." he went on and on for like most of the period. He was explaining the experiment and how we will do it. After he was done; Gerard, Ray and yourself got into your usually group of three and sat the last lab table in the back. Gerard was still had his nose in the sketchbook. And it was begging you what he was drawing.
"So, Gee, what are you drawing?" I asked.
"And what is that something?"
"I cant tell you." He replied without looking from his book.
"Why not?"
"Because Id have to kill you," he laughed.
"Fine, be that way." Ray began to laugh and shake his head.
"You know you guys act like a effing old and miserable married couple." He told us. We all started to laugh and began to prepare for tomorrows lab. The day pretty much was the same as first period. Gerard was blocking out the world because he was sketching. Ive never seen him so protective of his drawing. 'What is he drawing?' You kept asking yourself.

The bell for fifth period rang, which meant lunch with everyone. You went left your English class and headed to your locker. You opened with no problem. Well thats a first you said to yourself, It never opens for me.
AMY! Just the girl that I was looking for! you heard a oh to familiar voice and turned around and saw Frank running done the hallway.
Yes Franklin, what do you want? I asked while putting books into my locker.
WellI was wondering.? He began while leaning on my locker door.
Spit it out, Iero.
What are you getting me for my birthday? he asked in an annoying five-year-old voice.
Nothing, If you keep asking me. I told him while pushing him off my locker door and shutting it. Then laughed at his hurt expression.
Wellthen do you know what the guys are getting me?
Nope I dont have the slightest idea what they would get you. You lied. You knew that they were going to throw him a party. The both you and Frank started you way to lunch, with him asking the same question very five seconds.
Amy, give me a piggy back ride, he said.
In your dreams, Iero, I said as we walked into the lunch room.
What about Franks dreams? A voice came from behind us. We both turned and looked who was just taking. It was Meg. Meg was the first person you met here. She had short black hair, tall, and average weight. She also has a tattoo of a black rose on her lower back with her fathers date of birth to date of death. She was also Frankies beloved girlfriend.
Only that in my dreams, Amy will finally give me a piggy-back ride. He wined.
Sorry to tell you darling, but Amy is like a breakable doll. If you jump on her back, you might break her into a million pieces. All of you just busted out laughing.
All of you entered the lunch room and found your usual table in the back of the room. It was beginning to get colder outside, which meant you had to say inside. All the guys were there already, so you took the seat between Adam and Meg. Gerard was across from you with his nose still in the dam sketchbook. Whatever hes drawing, it better be the best dam thing in the world you said to yourself.
Hey, you wanna come up with me? Meg asked you while poking your arm. You nodded your head and you both got up and headed to the hot food line. You both got into the line and we were both silent.
SoWhy wont you tell him? She asked out of the blue while picking up a tray.
Tell who? And tell them what? You asked already knowing what she meant.
Why wont you tell Gerard that you like him? You know, you guys would make a wonderful couple. She replied.
BecauseI dont think he likes me in that way. I wouldnt want to fuck this friendship up. Besides the whole couple thing, I doubt it could ever happen. You said sadly.
Give your self so credit. Just tell him already. You might just be surprised. She said and ordered her food.

Gerards Point Of View.

I noticed that Frankie, Meg and Amy had sat down at the table. I can see Amy looking at me. So I looked up at her and, God how I love those icy blue eyes. She could make any man go weak in the knees with her beautiful smile. She is like an angel. I looked back down at my sketch book and I cant wait to show her this I said to myself. I looked up again and she was gone, but then spotted her walking to the lunch line with Meg.
Yo Gee, I need to talk to you. Come up and get something with me, Adam yelled across the table. I nodded and closed my sketch book. I placed it in my bookbag and slide it under the table. I dont want her to see it yet you said to yourself once again. Both Adam and I walked up to the sandwich line that was opposite of Amy and Meg.
So whats up Adam? you asked.
WellI think you should go and tell Amy how you feel about her. You guys would be cute together.
Adam, weve been through this like a hundred times. We both dont know who shes interested in. And anywaysI dont think she likes me in that way. I said sadly.
Then get her to like you. Oh, I know what shell really like! he announced.
And what might that be, you asked while grabbing a water out of the bin.
Well ask her if she wants you to go to the cemetery later, seeing that it is the day our mom died. He explained sadly. Then it hit me, why didnt I remember. I always remember, Fuck.
Shit. I said under my breath, I totally forgot. God, shell be so upset if she found out I forgot. You both paid for the food and drinks and headed back to the table where the most beautiful angel was already sittingAmy.
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