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Good Night

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--Review Please-- As she lay inside of that tightly locked cage, she could only wait until she was in the arms of her.

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CREATED: Sunday, 25 September, 2005. 09:51:12 AM.

And she called to her loved one with much dispair in her heart. Come for me, please. I feel you slipping away from me. Slipping away. It's just like she was left afloat as sea. . . .away

And she ran. Her legs were full of sore and transforming into rubber. I can't see you. Where are you, one I love? Are you near, are you far? she began to decend. Was this the end for her. She felt like clay. If she were to hit the ground all of her passed time would be for vain. I wish to live. . .

And her loved one fear it. She feared the firm loam that was an inch away. She was falling, and still falling. She never hit the ground.

How can I save my one and only beauty? I am but a clay-like figure, or so she though. If I hit the ground, my body will chip away. She finally hit. . . .become nothing more.

SMASH! And she hit. Her loved one gasped in pain inside of her guilded cage and she fell against the bars. She sobbed a thousand tears until finally there was nothing moist left inside of her.

And her loved one broke into a million pieces. She was never to be rebuilt and never to see her own one and only beauty.

And within the last moments of the night, before her one and only beauty fell into eternal sleep, she sighed heavily. Sweet dreams, my only one.

- - -

Inspired by the song: "Cyber-slum" - Kajiura Yuki

As stated before this is just pure raw idea. No names at all and no real plot. This was also written for someone very special to me ^_^.

Hope you like it ^_^
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