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From Hedgehog to Human

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When Eggman turns Sonic into a human, what will happen? Will Sonic, and later, Knuckles, Rouge, Shadow, and Tails ever go back to their normal forms? And how does Chris's dead sister play a role in...

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ok. so the idea of turning Sonic into a human isnt origanal. Thoe origanal part of this story is that im pairng him up with Christopher Thorndyke. Yup. It's Yaoi. No likey? Then Dont read.
The rating may go up. Depened on wether i feel like writing a lemon. Possible rape.

Disclaimer: i do not, and do not claim to, own Sonic or anything related to sonic other than my own story ideas. I wish i owned Sonic and Knuckles though...


"uugh." Sonic Said. He rubbed the back of his head softly, checking for bumbs or bruises.

"What happened?" Sonic said. He stood up and looked around. He was still in Eggman's lair. He had come to get the Chaos Emerald that Eggman had found, but something went wrong. Why couldnt Sonic remember what happened? Sonic began to run to get out of Eggman's lair. 'Whatever happened, I shouldn't stick around. My body feels kinda funny.' Sonic thought as he ran. He ran out of eggman's lair, taking note that it seemed as though none of Eggman's robots were attacking him. He kept running even after he got out of the fallen air craft and into the forest. 'Why am I going so slow? Why can't I run any faster?' Sonic thought. He suddenly felt himself falling. He landed on the ground with a thud and an 'umph'.

"Huh? W-what the-?" Sonic said, confused. He never fell before. He looked down at his feet and saw that he had tripped on an uprooted tree root. He also notied something else. He was wearing tan colored pants! His shoes were the same, but bigger, longer, and slightly more oval shaped. His legs seemed thicker to. He let his eyes wander further up his body to see he seemed taller, slightly more muscular. He saw he was wearing a sweat shirt, or 'hoodie' as Chris had called these things, that matched the color of his fur. He trailed to one of his hands. The hoodie's sleeve stoped a few inches after his elbow. Covering his hand was a white glove. Sonic noticed that, although his arm was still slim, it was more muscular that before. His body almost resembled Chris's. Sonic saw the reflection of a lake nearby. He stood up and saw that he was taller than before, and began to walk towards the lake. He came out of the forest and before him was a vast lake, the moon's light flickering in the water.

"When had it gotten dark? Hadnt I left at noon?" Sonic said. He walked to the water, knelt down, and looked at his reflection. He jumped away from the water in shock. He slowly crawled back tot he water, and looked at his reflection again. If it really was him he was looking at, then somehow he had turned into a human. His hedgehog head had been switched with that of a human boy's. His face was slightly slim. He looked about fifteen or sixteen. He had deep green eyes, just like before. His hair was spiked back, just like before, but wasnt very long. It was slightly longer than Chris's hair, but only by an inch or two, and was the same color of blue his fur was (1).

"I-is that really me?" Sonic said. He pinched his face, and watched his reflection do the same. He also found that the pinch hurt.

"Ow!. Ok so this isnt a dream. How did I becoume human?" Sonic mumbled. He looked up at the night sky.

"What's going on?" He asked the night sky. 'More imprtantly, how am I supposed to get back to Chris's house? I can't run as fast as before now.' Sonic thought, frowning. He heard a low rumble in the distance.

"Huh?" He looked up and listened. The sound got louder.

"That soudns familiar... It sounds ike the X Tornado!" Sonic said. He knew Tails was comming. Problem was, how was he going to get Tails to see him? Sonic looked around quickly. He saw only rock, wood, and water. An idea struck him. He ran around, collecting as much wood as he could and grabbed two rocks. Puting the wood in a pile he began hitting the rocks together. Sparks came, but the wood wouldnt catch fire (2). He could plainly hear the X Tornado now. He knew Tails was going to miss him if he didnt think of something fast. He screamed in fustration. He saw the X Tornado fly over head of him at the same time he screamed. The X Tornado turned and circled above him. He looked and saw Tails and Chris on the plane. He smiled and ran out to were they could see him. He was knee length in water but he didnt care. He bagan waving his hands and screaming their names. Tails made the X Tornado land before He and Chris jumped out of the plane. They landed behind Sonic, near the forest.

"Guys!" Sonic said with joy, running towards them. Tails and Chris ran up to him with confused looks.

"Hey, are you lost or something? This isn't the best place to be. It's dangerous here." Chris said. Sonic looked at him in shock.

"C-Chris! It's me!" Sonic said, desperation was evident in his voice. Chris and Tails looked at him funny.

"How did you know my name? Have we met before?" Chris said, confusion seeped into his voice. Sonic felt like he was about to scream.

"Guys! It's me! Sonic!" Sonic practically screamed. He was desprate, scared, confused, and tired. Tails and Chris looked shocked.

"S-Sonic?" Tails said. Sonic smiled and laughed.

"Y-yes. I am Sonic!" Sonic said. Chris laughed nervously.

"You feeling ok? Sonic is a hedgehog and you're a... human." Tails said, taking a step back from Sonic. Sonic was at a point were he could just scream.

"Miles Prower!(3) I know it's hard to believe, but somehow I got turned into a human." Sonic said, trying without succes to keep his voice even and steady, so they couldnt tell how afraid he really was. He ould admit it, he was terrefied. He had no idea what had happened to him, but he needed his freinds to believe him. Tails still looked skeptical.

"Sonikku?(4)" Chris said. Tails looked up at him, and Sonic turned to face him. The two held eye contact for while. Sonic couldnt tell if it was secounds, minutes, or hours that they had just stood like that, before Chris finally spoke.

"It is Sonic. Tails we need to get him back home." Chris said, breaking eye contact with Sonic so he could face Tails. Chris had a look of determanation. Tails nodded silently and hopped back intot he X Tornado.

"C'mon... Sonic." chris said hesitnently. Sonic nodded and climbed in behind Chris in the back cocpit. Tails kept a comlink open, so the three could chat.

"Sonic what happened to you?" Tails asked through the comlink.

"I'm not sure myself Tails. One secound I was about to grab the Chaos Emerald, the next I was waking up on the floor, turned into a human." Sonic said. He looked over at Chris, but couldnt see his face.

"Chris?" Sonic called. Chris turned his head a bit so they could slightly make eye contact.

"Yeah Sonic?" Chris asked.

"Are you ok?"

"I'm fine Sonikku. Are you ok?" Chris asked Sonic.

"I feel fine. But I dont know. It kinda feels weird being in this body." Sonic said in all honesty. He saw Chris nod as he turned to face foreward again. Sonic frowned.


"Yeah Sonic?"

"I-...Nothing." Sonic. He wasnt sure on what to say really. He wasnt sure what he was even feeling. It was strange. He never had this feeling back when he was a hedgehog. Sonic couldnt say it was a bad feeling. He actually liked it. It was warm, and kinda fluttery. When he talked to Chris it felt as if butterfles were in his stomach, or however that saying went.

"Whatever you say Sonic." Chris said. Sonic nodded, knowing that Chris probobly didnt even see him nod.

"How are you two doing? We will be arriving home in about another half hour." Tails said.

"We're fine Tails. Why is it taking so long to get home?" Chris asked.

"Wind turbulence. We are flying agianst the wind. A storm is brewing up. We may be force from the sky if it gets any worse." Tails said. Sonic looked out at the night sky. Clouds had begun to form outside. he could tell the wind was getting bad by the way the x Tornado was flying slightly unsteady.

"Ok. Tell us if anything else happens." Chris said. A click was heard, signifying that Tails could no longer hear if the two began to talk.

"Chris?" Sonic tried to talk again.

"Yes Sonic?"

"How did you guys know to come and look for me? And how could you really tell it was me back there?" Sonic asked. Chris turned to look at him again.

"We got worried after you hadnt come home by five, so me and Tails came out to look for you." Chris said with a smile. Sonic could feel a heat rising in his face and he turned his head to look at his lap. He noticed for the first time that there were parts of the pants that had clips with gold rings holding then together, like chains almost. Two large pockets were on both of his legs, similar gold rings were attached to the zippers of these pockets.

"You didn't answer my other question." Sonic said, not looking up.

"Should it really be that hard, to tell if a person is your friend Sonic, if you look them in the eye? No matter how you look on the outside, your the same on the inside." Chris said. Sonic looked up at Chris. He was smiling. Sonic could feel his face get even hotter.

"T-that sound like something you would say." Sonic said. Chris shook his head.

"No it's-. It is something a friend of mine used to say." Chris said.

"A friend of yours? Have I met him?" Sonic asked.

"You mean 'her'. My freind was female. And no. She...Died. In and accident a few years ago."

"I'm sorry."

"For what?I'm the one who should be sorry. She died protecting me." Chris said. His voice was full of remorse.

"She must have been a good friend..." Sonic said. He felt a pang in his chest. Was it jealousy? Was Sonic jealous of Chris's old friend?

"She should have been. She was my sister." Chris said. Chris was no longer facing Sonic. Sonic was in shock.

"I didnt know you had a sister!" He said.

"I would appreciate it if you didnt tell anyone that I did. I dont really like to talk about her." Chris said. Sonic kept silent, which wasnt normal for him.

"Sonic, Chris. We'll be arriving soon."

"Ok Tails." Chris said. Soon after they arrived at Christopher's mansion, just as a thunder storm began to start.

"She hated thunder." Chris mumbled as he climed out of the cocpit. Sonic followed him and the three headed to get inside, being pelted with rain on the way.


"Docter. Sonic has arrived back at that boys mansion. Are you sure it was ok to let him go?" One of Dr. Eggman's robots said. Dr. Eggman storked his mustache evily and laughed a bit.

"Of course you bumbling excuse of a tin can. He poses no threat to me now that the experiment worked. Now I just got to do the same to Knuckles, Tails, Shadow, and that theiving bat Rouge." Eggman said. He laughed evily. His plan was underway, but what did he truely have in store for Sonic and his freinds?


(1) I found a pic that enspired Sonic's appearance. If you want a link, just message me.

(2) Sonic is confuse. You need flint and steel for this to actually work. Trust me, I tried

(3) for those of you who dont know: Mile Prower is Tails' real name.

(4) In Japan, Chris calls sonic 'Sonikku'. Hence why i had Chris call him this in the fanfic at times.

Christopher's Sister - take note of her existance. She is going to play a key role in this. Also, her death and the way she died will be important to. take note of that,.

Like it? hope you review and tell me so!
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