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Brendon Urie is pissed. ..

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'So what is going to happen now?'

'I alerted every big police station in the state of Chelsea's case a few weeks ago. I've also alerted them about Chief Anderson, so when we found out where Chelsea was I called a man named Brandon West, he's going to meet us at the mental hospital just incase anything goes wrong.' Jarrod said.

'So she'll be okay?'

'Yes, we'll send you and Cole in first and then we'll wait outside, if at any point something goes wrong, Cole here will let me know and we'll come in. You're going to act as our distraction with Rodney while Cole goes in to talk to Chelsea and tell her what is going on.'

'Okay.' Brendon said as he looked out the window. In just a short amount of time, he would have Chelsea back in his arms.

Mean while back at Sunny Brooke. . .

'Rodney, I need to have a word with your patient for a few moments.' Bob said as he stood in the door way of the room where Chelsea had been talking to her body guard.

'I've been given instructions not to leave her.' Rodney said.

'Well you can leave her for now, Doctor's orders.' Bob said. Rodney looked at Chelsea with a sympathetic look before getting up and walking out of the room. Bob waited until he didn't see Rodney in the hall anymore before turning back to a glaring Chelsea, 'Oh come now Chels, you can't be that mad at me.'

'Are you insane? You made my life a living hell, you made me go into premature labor with my son, you divorced Brendon and I, you kidnapped my baby, and now you have me in a fucking mental hospital.'

'Well Chelsea, we al know you are a little insane.'

'I will have you know that if you think you are getting away with this; you have another thing coming. Brendon and my father are on their way down here right now to get me out of this and once they do, you're as good as dead.'

'Well then we had better get started hadn't we?' Bob said as he locked the door and pulled the shade.

'Wh...what are you doing?' Chelsea asked as she pulled her knees closer to her chest.

'Chelsea you know, ever since I met Brendon and you were attached to him, I've always found you very attractive.'

'Don't touch me you bastard.'

'Such hate Chelsea, why did you ever marry a man like Brendon? There are so many more men out there that can take care of you in the way you need and want to be taken care of. Brendon is nothing but a boy.'

'He's a boy that I love now get away from me before I call the nurse's station and get Rodney back in here.'

'Sorry my dear, no one is going to help you now. You're all mine, at least until your sorry excuse for a husband gets here.' Bob said as he walked over and sat in front of her on the bed.

'Leave me alone.' Chelsea demanded.

'Chelsea just let me show you, I'm better then Brendon.' He said resting a palm on her face as he leaned into kiss her. Chelsea reared back and slapped him.

'There is no one that is better then Brendon now leave me alone.'

'Alright Chelsea, we're going to have to do this the hard way.' He said pulling out a thing of duct tape and tearing some off and placing it on her mouth after tying her hands together. Chelsea felt tears roll down her cheeks as Bob removed her scrub pants and her panties before doing the same to himself. Bob looked towards the door one more time before positioning himself and forcing himself onto Chelsea.

After a long twenty minutes, Bob pulled out and whipped himself off. He dressed himself again before throwing Chelsea's clothing at her, 'If anyone ever hears about this, I swear I'll kill Thomas and Brendon.' He said before he quickly unlocked the door and walked out.

Chelsea curled up on the bed as Rodney walked back into the room to see the sight that had just happened. 'Oh my god Chelsea what happened.' He said quickly walking over and covering her up before removing the tape around her hands and her mouth.

Chelsea got dressed as Rodney had his back turned before breaking down into more tears then she was in before. Chelsea was broke. She had never been treated like that. She had never had a man treat her as irrespectively as Bob had. It hurt her. Brendon was the only man she had ever been with. She felt dirty, she felt used, she felt betrayed but worst of all, she felt like Brendon would never love her again.

Brendon, Mr. Reeves, and Jarrod soon pulled off the highway and onto a gloomy looking road and towards the drive way of an even more gloomy looking hospital, 'She's in there?' Brendon asked.

'Yup, this is Sunny Brooke Mental Hospital.' Cole said as they pulled up outside.

'Alright Brendon, Cole, be careful, Brendon don't let anyone know who you are.' Jarrod said as Brendon and his father in law got out of the car.

'Hi there.' Brendon said to the woman who sat at the front desk.

'Good morning, what can I do for you?' she asked with a smile.

'I need to speak to my partner Rodney Showers.'

'He is actually with a patient at the moment.'

'Which patient is it?'

'Umm let me look...Alexis Ryan.' The woman smiled.

'Is there anyway that I can speak to him, it's very important.'

'Let me go find him.' The woman said.

'Thank you.' Brendon winked as she walked out from behind the desk. Cole looked at Brendon as he nodded. Cole walked past the desk and slowly followed the woman back to where she was walking towards Chelsea's room.

'Rodney, you have a visitor.' The woman said as Chelsea's father turned around pretending to walking into a room as she woman walked past him with a large black man following. Cole turned around and walked into the room where the woman and man had just exited. He snuck in quickly shutting the door behind him.

Mr. Reeves looked over at the bed to find his only daughter curled up in a ball with tears rushing down her cheeks. He rushed over to the bed and kneeled down, 'Sweetie.' He said pulling her up and into a hug. Chelsea hugged her father back and more tears rushed down her cheeks and she sobbed into his shoulders, 'What happened to you baby?'

'Daddy get me out of here.' Chelsea whispered.

'I will honey, you'll be out of here before you know it. Put these on.' Mr. Reeves said handing her a pair of her jeans and a long sleeved shirt. Chelsea quickly changed her clothes. Her father turned back around and handed her a baseball cap of Brendon's, 'Tuck your hair up into this hat and put these glasses on.'

Chelsea did as she was told before walking with her dad out of the room.

Mean while, while Mr. Reeves was in with Chelsea.

'Brendon.' Rodney whispered taking his arm and leading him a ways down the hall.


'I have to tell you something before she leaves.' Rodney started.

'I want to see her; make it fast.' Brendon said.

Bob Waters was here just a little while ago, he made me leave the room as doctor's orders, and he raped Chelsea.' Rodney said.

Brendon stood for a second letting everything soak in. Brendon's fist clinched into a fist as he held back his tears, someone had treated his girl like that, and he wasn't going to get away with it.
Brendon looked back down the hall and quickly walked out, walking out to one of the extra cars he was suppose to take Chelsea back in. Before anyone could stop him, Brendon was out of the drive way of the hospital and on his way to fix a problem that was long time over due for a fixing.
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