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Rude Awakenings

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New story. It focuses on Pete for the most part. Just read.

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It was a bright sunny day in Chicago, which was a wonderful day to have a concert, which exsactly what was going to happen. It was Fall Out Boy's seconds concert since the release of their new CD, Take This To Your Grave. Pete, Patrick, Joe and Andy, we're all excited to get there and perform.
The alarm went off at six thirty that morning, just while the sun was about to rise. The four boys were all exsausted from the night before from their party to celebrate the release of their new album. None of them had gotten much of any sleep at all the entire night, which made it hard for them to even open their eyes.
Joe and Andy had fallen asleep on the floor, Patrick had fallen asleep in the lounge chair, and Pete was sleeping in the twin sized bed. As the alarm went off, Pete lifted the pillow from his face and looked at the clock which read, six thrity five am. He turned over on his side, ignoring the loud ringing noise exploding from out of the alarm. Patrick on the other hand, was a light sleeper, and woke up alomost emediatly as it went off. He got up and stretched, and turning off the alarm after he nudged Andy and Joe with his foot. He pressed the small red botton located at the top of he devise, and yawned.
Andy and Joe awoke a few seconds later and got up from the floor. They had realized they all had fallen asleep with their cloths on, which were now all crinkled and dirty. Joe took a deep breath and went into the bathroom to brush his teeth. Andy stayed in the spot he was standing, looking half asleep.

"Pete wake up." Patrick tapped him on the arm.
"Mmmmmmhmmm. Five more minutes..." Pete mumbled in return.
"No, we don't have time. Get dressed. We have to get there early to help set up equipment."
"Ok mommy...." Patrick giggled and ripped the sheets off Pete's body which left him only in his heart designed boxers..
"Uhhhh, go away." He replied pulling the blankets back on.
"Get up!" Patrick said pulling the blankets off for a second time. He threw them on the floor so Pete couldn't reach them.
"Patrick, pleassseeeeee go away."
"Pete, don't make me do somehting drastic." Patrick warned.
"Give me your best shot. You are not going to get me out of bed."
"Ok then." Patrick went away for a few minutes and came back with a bucket filled with water. Andy watched as he dumped the entire bucket onto Pete. Pete shot up out of bed and fell on the floor. He was completely soaked from head to toe.
"What the fuck was that!?" He yelled.
"I warned you. Now get ready to leave." Patrick left the room while Andy observed the situation and laughed uncontrolably. Pete gave him an evil glare.

After changing out of his wet clothes and into his brand new jeans and black hoodie, he went downstairs to the kitchen to have breakfast. When he arrived, Joe, Patrick and Andy were already finishing up their cereal and putting it away.

"Thank god. I thought you were never going to wake up." Andy said smiling.
Pete ignored the comment and poured himself a bowl of Lucky Charms. Once he finished his breakfast, he slipped on his converse and followed the rest of his band, out the door and into Joe's van.
This was gonig to be a long day.

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