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Lisa vs Rachael - (Fall Of DOATEC Mini-Story)

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I have a few mini-stories from a trashed DOA fan-fic. Those that read my stories know what I'm talking about. Before Dokugumo-Ureeru Tsurugi came into play, I was writing a fan-fic that was getting...

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I know, I know...I'm posting too much, you don't have to tell me. But come on, I have a lot of good stuff I want the people to read. What else am I going to do with all of my work, let it sit on my computer idly, looking at the bytes and bits and1s and 0s go by? Not a chance. XD

I have a few mini-stories from a trashed DOA fan-fic. Those that read my stories know what I'm talking about. Before Dokugumo-Ureeru Tsurugi came into play, I was writing a fan-fic that was getting me no where fast. I basically wrote the WHOLE 15+ chapter story, until I looked back and realized that it sucked. Yes, it was horrible. So I warned them that soon I would have some mini-stories. They are already written and ready for posting, but I just didn't know when.

I was already posting every Sunday, then when Entrapment came into play, I, now, find myself starting to post every Sunday AND Thursday.

I'm not posting the entire horrible fan fiction. I'm only posting the good stuff. The chapters where the fights are happening. This Thursday, be sure to check out my site and, cause I will be introducing a new short 2-chapter story titled "Lisa vs Rachael - (Fall Of DOATEC Mini-Story) - Part 1"

In the original DOA RPG on the Tecmo forum boards, Lisa was a bad girl (antagonist) working for DOATEC, just like in Amnesia. As I said in the "End Credits" of Ryu vs Murai, we had no idea of Itagaki's ideal position for Lisa, so we created one for her to contribute to the storyline (still surprised that the participants and I were strangely close to the presented Lisa in DOA4).

Also in the RPG, during a Lisa & Ryu encounter, Ryu managed to turn her to the good side as she helped Ryu and the ninjas penetrate DOATEC fortress for a final showdown. But during the time, Ryu was having that long battle with Murai, Donovan managed to turn Lisa back over to DOATEC, problem is, the ninjas just don't know it yet.

So here's the first of four stories from the trashed fiction. Let me know what you think and enjoy.

Lisa vs Rachael - (Fall Of DOATEC Mini-Story) - Part 1

"Here we are." Lisa said as they reached the top floor of the DOATEC building.

The two women made their exit out of the elevator doors as Rachael followed the guiding Lisa to their location. Lisa kept at a steady pace, they knew they were pressed for time to plant the C4 and make their exits in time for detonation; she didn't want to waste a second idling around waiting for an intrusion to become a distraction.

Rachael, however, was somewhat marveled by DOATEC's layout. Though she was captured and kidnapped to these buildings before, she never really took any time to be amazed of all the rooms and laboratories this one floor alone. Maybe, it was because she was too busy fighting for her own life and escape to be marveled by DOATEC's beauty.

"Donovan has really done good for himself." Rachael said keeping her eyes attached to the building's scenery.

"What do you mean?" Lisa asked still keeping a steady pace heading for the labs.

"Look at this place." She said. "Money, power, established, how did it all start?" She looked at Lisa for confirmation.

Lisa only sighed. "It doesn't matter any more." She gave a loyal chuckle. "By the time we're finished this entire building will be leveled.

Rachael smiled back. "Right, you are."

The ladies reached their destination. They now stood in front of two large doors marked "Research Lab".

Lisa inputted the code on a keypad just outside the locked doors. "HE9C-02L". The red light turned green and the doors slowly began to open.

"Get ready." Lisa warned Rachael for possible security, clones, or any other individuals that may be awaiting them behind the opening doors.

The two stood their fighting stance watching the double doors smoothly, yet slowly, creep to its full "open" status.

"Oh great, no one's here." Lisa gleefully said to Rachael as she quickly scanned the room to assure no one avail.

"Good, let's get these planted and get the hell out of here. I'm already tired of looking at this lab."

"You and me both." Lisa replied. She then directed Rachael. "This way."

Lisa lead the way to a cabinet full of chemical experiments. They were marked with a label marked "Caution: Flammable Contents".

"This is it." She pointed at the bottom shelf of the cabinet. "We just have to plant the bomb here and..." Lisa suddenly stopped as soon had a gazed puzzled look on her face.

"What's wrong?" Lisa asked.

"Shh." Lisa remarked. After a few seconds of pause she asked Rachael. "Did you hear something?"

Rachael stood at alert listening for the slightest sound her ears could pick up, but in the end all she could do was shake her head. "No. What did you hear?"

Instead of answering the question, Lisa stayed quiet with her ears at full alert, after a brief pause she replied. "Plant the bomb, I'm going to take a peek outside."

"You sure?" Rachael asked. "You want me to come with you?"

Lisa smiled shaking her head, "No time." She said emphasizing on their time constraint. "Don't worry, I know how to take care of myself."

"Okay, be careful."

Lisa turned until Rachael stopped her, "Wait," She said and leaned down to pick up a nearby wooden board. "Take this."

Lisa graciously took the weapon. "Thanks." She said with a smiled then turned to take her leave.

She slowly walked to the exit of the lab, snooping cautiously her surroundings for any unknown intruders. Rachael continued to look on until Lisa was out of view's sight. She turned back to concentrate on her own task at hand.

Rachael pulled the bomb out of its bag and began to enter a series of codes given to her by Lisa. "Remember to look for the red light." Lisa's words echoed through her head when she gave the instructions to Kasumi. "Afterwards, meet us back here." She remembered her saying to the others. Ayane, Kasumi, and Hayate, had all split up to plant their bombs in various locations instructed by Lisa within the building. Ryu, however, wanted to meet Donovan face to face to end their quarry once and for all.

Seconds later, she was done as the red light on the bomb illuminated. "There." She said in a smiling accomplishment. "Now to go find Lisa and get the hell out of here." She stood and turned and in front of her, Lisa was standing the wooden plank in hand.

"Oh hey, did you find anyone out there?" She asked.

Lisa smiled and nodded. "Yes," And surprisingly, she rammed the end of that wooden plank hard into Rachael's gut.

Rachael fell to her knees, letting out an aching moan and holding her stomach tight and Lisa finished her sentence. "It was me all along."
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