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Chapter 33: Rogue in the House Part I

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Harry Potter/Ninja Turtles 2003 crossover. Read the first three books first. Harry's fourth year at Hogwarts is marked by the return of the Triwizard Tournament. More complete summary in profile.

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Chapter Thirty Three: Rogue in the House Part One

The Shredder felt refreshed in his new and improved armor. He looked around for a brief moment before preparing to get down to business. Turning to Karai, the Shredder prepared to speak.

“But, we have precious little time to waste,” said the Shredder. “The Utroms and their accursed human Guardians may have gone, but they will return in an attempt to capture me in even greater numbers. We must be ready.”

“Unfortunately my Lord we are anything but ready,” said Karai in a nervous voice.

“What!” thundered Shredder, the eyes on his helmet glowing an extremely dark shade of red to show his anger at this new development.

“Many of your forces were depleted in a futile war to gain control of New York,” said Karai. “Many Foot Ninja fell in battle and we are ill equipped with the current lessened amount of available warriors.”

“Yes, Karai, we may have fallen in number but we make up for it in strength and loyalty,” said Hun, who had just walked into the room cracking his knuckles looking ready to crack some skulls. He turned his head to the Shredder. “Master, it is good to see you back in action and if you will allow me, I’ll show you some of what we have been working on recently.”

“Proceed,” said the Shredder, as he followed Hun, along with Karai out into the main Foot laboratory area of the ship. There were many Foot technicians at work on various projects.

“First Master Shredder, a little welcome back present for you. Let me introduce you once again to Baxter Stockman,” said Hun pointing to a giant container with fluid that contained a human brain, an eyeball, and a spinal cord along with technology allowing Stockman to hear what was going around him and the ability of speech.

“This is Baxter Stockman?” asked Shredder in an amused tone of voice. “Stockman, you’ve…lost weight.”

“Of course it’s me, Shredder,” said Stockman in incredulously. “Look around you; do you really think this facility would be possible without my genius input? These imbeciles you have working for you have the technological savvy of amoeba.”

“And you’ve been very naughty Stockman, betraying me once too often,” said the Shredder staring at the brain in the container. “You should have quit while you were…a head.”

The Shredder and Hun laughed evilly at that but Stockman didn’t seem all too pleased.

“Go ahead and laugh Shredder, if it wasn’t for my genius then you…” started Stockman but he was cut off as Hun bent down, twisting a volume control knob, muting Stockman in mid speech.

“One of the greatest benefits of having Baxter Stockman in this state,” said Hun casually before pulling out a remote control device. “Allow me to show you how the good doctor handed over so much of his information.”

Hun quickly pushed a button on the remote, causing electrical shockwaves to emit through Stockman’s brain causing him great agony. The volume was cranked up, causing Stockman’s screams of terror and agony to be heard.

“Ah, stop it ah, too much, the pain!” screamed Stockman in a blood curdling matter.

Karai looked at Stockman’s discomfort in horror. This wasn’t right and she felt an urge to speak up and say something to her Master.

“Master, this misery should be put to an end, not prolonged,” suggested Karai feebly.

“Do not presume to question me Karai,” said Shredder in a dangerous voice as Stockman was tortured by Hun for a few more seconds before he let up. “Baxter Stockman is the perfect example of what happens to those who betray me. Is that clear?”

“Yes, Master Shredder, a perfect example,” said Hun, grinning evilly at Karai before getting back down to business. “Now Master, if I may, let me introduce you to your new army.”

Hun motioned over to a platform which quickly became lighted revealing a group of dark blue and grey androids with the Foot logo stamped on their arms.

“Master Shredder, the Foot’s latest and greatest weapons of destruction, the Foot Mechs,” said Hun. “These eleven Foot Mechs are of the most android technology and are based off the Utrom exosuits, which had unimaginable strength and reflexes and upgraded with weaponry. The eleven Foot Mechs will be able to be controlled by you from this command station.”

This was definitely a novel approach, robotic Foot Ninja being used until he could train some replacement Foot Ninjas for those killed in the war in New York but the Shredder questioned the lack of the warriors available for his command.

“Why are there only eleven?” asked the Shredder.

“Well you see, they are structured around an Utrom biochip that is beyond our ability to duplicate or replicate. We were only able to salvage eleven such biochips from what the Utroms left behind. But eleven may be all we need, no one on earth will have weapons such as these,” explained Hun before pointing to two Foot Mechs dressed in suits. “With a few modifications, these two will be perfect reproductions of the President of the United States and the Prime Minister of England.”

Shredder’s attention was caught but Hun decided to point out the crown jewel in the Foot Mech collection.

“And I think you’ll really enjoy this one, Master,” said Hun as a Foot Mech that resembled Master Splinter walked into view. Two Foot Technicians pushed a few buttons, causing a metal slab with a picture of a turtle to come down along with a lightning bolt scar. “Foot Mech, destroy the Turtles and Potter!”

The Splinter robot bowed before leaping into the metal slab, kicking it off the chain, causing it to fly up into the air before leaping up and denting it with another well placed kick. The slab hit the ground, breaking in half. The Splinter Foot Mech stepped back, with the metal slab completely destroyed.

“Well?” asked Hun.

“It is perfect,” said the Shredder looking at the Splinter robot, an evil scheme quickly forming. “Hun, send this Foot Mech to hunt down the hiding place of the Turtles and destroy them. If that wretched brat Harry Potter is in town, destroy him as well.”

“Yes Master,” said Hun before sending the Foot Mech out to due its deadly duty.

Karai did not look too happy at this new development but forced her face into a neutral expression once the Shredder looked at her.

In the sewers, the Turtles and Harry kept on with their testing of the sewer sleds. They were having the time of their life and had been at it for a little over an hour.

Raph was riding at the front but he stopped short. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing but it was there as clear as day. A Triceraton had wandered into the path where they were heading, looking dazed and confused.

Mikey, Don, Leo, and Harry all stopped short, wondering why Raph had stopped.

“Hey Raph, what’s with the…” said Mikey before spotting their alien guest. “Whoa.”

“A Triceraton?” asked Harry, hoping he wasn’t seeing what he thought he was seeing.

“It can’t be,” said Raph as the Triceraton turned to them growling.

Harry and the Turtles climbed off of the sewer sleds, nervously looking at the Triceraton and preparing themselves for an attack.

“Ragh, engage the enemy,” growled the Triceraton, brushing past the Turtles and Harry and attacking one of the sewer sleds viciously. The Triceraton pounded on the sewer sled with his meaty hands, putting dents in as he continued his assault. “Federation robot must destroy with extreme prejudice.”

“Okay, what’s up with that?” asked Mikey, looking at the Triceraton who continued his assault on the Sewer Sled, leaving it a mangled mess before backing off, beginning to gag falling to his knees and looking as if he’s having trouble breathing.”

The Triceraton turned to the Turtles and Harry, who all looked nervous but due to the delusions he was suffering due to breathing the oxygen in the Earth’s air, they appeared to him to be nothing more than a group of Triceraton commanding officers.

“Trooper Zog, serial number XG40 reporting for duty, sir” gasped the Triceraton known as Zog saluting the Turtles and Harry.

Nervously, Harry and the Turtles saluted Zog back.

“Okay, what’s he doing,” whispered Mikey.

“He must think we’re some kind of Triceraton commanding officers or something,” said Raph.

“So what should we do?” asked Don.

“Anything to keep big, horned, and ugly from ripping us limb from limb,” said Mikey nervously.

“Agreed,” said Harry before turning to Zog. “At ease solider. Situation report.”

“Sir, must complete mission, sir,” gasped Zog.

“What mission would that be?” asked Leo.

“Must capture Fugitoid at all costs. Was on route to capture Fugitoid but got caught in energy beam,” gasped Zog. “Transported to coordinates unfamiliar to this solider along with Federation troops also tracking Fugitoid. Engaged in fierce fire fight but became separated from squadron. Wound up in this area, unable to radio any Triceraton outposts due to communication equipment being damaged in battle. Cracked breather mask in meantime and also lost weapon after wandering for unknown number of days. Permission to terminate self for disgraceful behavior and failure of mission, sirs.”

“Wait, no,” said Leo quickly. “The Fugitoid mission was uh a success. You should be commended for your um survival skills and yeah, survival efforts.”

“Sir, thank you sir,” said Zog, gasping for breath and falling to his knees, gagging on the oxygen.

“Okay, why is he is not able to breath?” asked Mikey.

“Well oxygen is like poison to him,” answered Harry. “If you remember correctly, the Triceraton homeworld has a mixture of nitrogen and sulfur. The oxygen is like poison to him and is causing him to suffer delusions due to brain damage suffered from breathing our air for extensive amounts of time.”

“Thank you Professor Potter, sir,” said Raph in a sarcastic tone of voice.

“Well we do need to help him,” said Don before walking up to the sewer sled that was destroyed, removing the nitrogen fuel tank that was hooked to it. “Maybe I can rig up a temporary breather from the nitrogen fuel tank from the sewer sled.”

“Are you nuts, Don?” asked Raph. “If horn head gets a clear head, he might realize that we’re the enemy and wipe us all out.”

“Raph’s right, this can only end in tears, most likely for us,” said Harry darkly.

“Still we can’t turn our back on him in his time of need, that’s just…wrong,” said Don before walking up to Zog with the nitrogen fuel tank. “Here, let me hook you up, big guy. I’m not sure exactly how much this may help but you will breathe a bit easier right now.”

The fuel tank was hooked up and Zog seemed to be breathing a bit more easily then he had prior to acquiring this piece of technology. He saluted Don.

“Sir, thank you sir,” said Zog, taking deep breathes and able to breathe, but due to the permanent damage done to his brain, he still suffered the delusions of thinking the Turtles and Harry were Triceraton commanding officers.

“My sons, my sons,” gasped the voice of Master Splinter who staggered out, clutching his side before collapsing down to his knees. The Turtles and Harry rushed over to Master Splinter, with horrified looks on their face.

“Master Splinter, what’s wrong?” asked Harry in a frantic voice.

“An intruder…in the lair,” gasped Master Splinter. “You must go back, defend our home, defend our…”

Master Splinter collapsed in Leo’s arms unconscious.

“Well?” asked Harry.

“We’re going to do as we are told,” said Leo in a sharp voice. “We’re going to go back to the lair and…”

“Whoever did this to Master Splinter will pay,” said Raph angrily.

“What about him, we can’t just leave him here?” asked Mikey, looking at Zog.

“Well bring him but we need to leave now,” said Leo in an absent minded tone of voice.

Mikey turned to Zog before addressing the Triceraton.

“Solider, new mission, follow us,” said Mikey.

“Sir yes sir,” responded Zog as the Turtles and Harry climbed up their sewer sleds, driving back towards the lair with the unconscious form of Master Splinter. Zog ran behind them following the Turtles and Harry.

They reached a ledge when they saw a figure standing on a sewer pipe, holding up its hand. Harry twisted a knob, flashing a light on the figure to reveal it was Master Splinter.

“Huh, what’s going on, Master Splinter?” asked Harry, looking from Master Splinter on a sewer pipe and the Master Splinter unconscious on the sewer sled.

“Put that down this instant,” said the Master Splinter on a sewer pipe in a sharp tone of voice.

At the Foot Headquarters, The Shredder, Hun, Karai, and Stockman were watching the events from a camera hidden on the Splinter Foot Mech. Stockman turned to Hun to address him.

“Now you’ve done it you muscle-bound lug, we can’t have two Master Splinters in the same place,” said Stockman in an irritated voice. “Thanks to your incompetence, you’ve just botched the whole thing.”

“Back off Stockman!” snapped Hun angrily threatening the brain of the mad scientist with the shock button and Stockman obeyed. Hun then turned his attention to the Foot technician controlling the robot. “Get the Turtles and Potter to attack the rat, accuse it of being an imposter.”

In the sewer, the Master Splinter in the sewer sled raised its head groggily.

“That is what attacked me,” said the Master Splinter in the sewer sled in a groggy voice. “Destroy it!”

“No my sons he is the imposter, you must believe me,” said the Master Splinter standing on the sewer pipe.

“Say what?” asked Mikey.

In the Foot Headquarters, the Shredder was getting irritated from what happened.

“Hun, they will not be taken in by such an obvious ruse,” said the Shredder. “Destroy them now, while you still have the element of surprise!”

Hun grabbed the foot technician operating the Splinter Foot Mech by the shoulders.

“You heard Master Shredder, activate the Foot Mech’s lethal protocols,” said Hun.

The Foot Technician did just that, pressing several buttons.

In the sewer, the Splinter Foot Mech’s eyes glowed a deep, sinister shade of red, before it sprang into action. The Foot Mech cracked both Leo and Don with a split kick knocking them back. It uppercutted Raph in the jaw before kicking him in the face, causing the turtle to fly back from the impact of the shot. Harry pulled out his double edged sword but the Foot Mech grabbed his sword before hoisting Harry up and kicking him in the back. Harry reached into his pocket, pulling out his wand.

“Stupefy!” yelled Harry but the Foot Mech blasted the spell well placed laser blast from its eyes, causing the spell to disappear in midair. The Foot Mech kicked Harry full force in the ribs, causing him to fly back and land on the ground with a thud.

Mikey swung his nunchucks, readying himself for battle but Master Splinter leaped up with his walking stick and engaged his Foot Mech doubled, whacking him a couple of times with the walking stick but the Foot Mech threw itself on its back before kicking the walking stick out of Splinter’s head before grabbing Splinter by the robe and tossing the rat back.

In the Foot Headquarters, Shredder wanted this to wrap up right now, as he was rather impatient.

“Hun, I am growing impatient!” thundered the Shedder. “Finish them….NOW!”

“Take it up to full force attack,” barked Hun to the Foot Technician controlling the Splinter Foot Mech.

The Foot Technician punched a few force, upgrading the attack of the Foot Mech.

The Splinter Foot Mech grabbed Raph by the throat and tossed him back into Leo and Don. Mikey swung his nunchucks up but the Foot Mech grabbed them and kneed him in the ribs before flipping him over. Harry stabbed his double edged sword but the Foot Mech expertly caught him and tossed Harry into his brothers. Master Splinter rushed forward to battle with the Foot Mech resembling his likeness in battle.

“We’ve got to help him,” said Don.

“Yeah, but which him,” said Raph as the Foot Mech knocked Master Splinter back into the wall, causing it to be cracked due to the impact.

“We need an equalizer to combat that robot,” said Harry before seeing Zog out of the corner of his eye and a brilliant idea entering his head. “I’ve got it.”

“What?” asked Leo before seeing Harry pointing Zog and realizing. “Solider, engage the enemy.”

“Sir, yes sir,” said Zog, rushing the Splinter Foot Mech. “For the republic!”

Zog punched the Splinter Foot Mech hard in the stomach, causing it to fly into the wall. The Splinter Foot Mech leaped into the attack but Zog caught the robot and with his Triceraton strength, ripped it in half. The Foot Mech was dropped on the ground and Zog stomped it into pieces, completely destroying it. Leo walked over to Zog.

“Stand down, stand down, at ease solider, mission accomplished,” said Leo before looking at the mangled form of the Splinter Foot Mech. “Definitely accomplished.”

“I wonder who sent that Splinter robot after us?” asked Raph in a curious tone of voice.

“It does not matter!” snapped Master Splinter angrily. “I will not stand by while someone uses my likeness to attack my family. We must strike back immediately!”

“Man, I’ve never seen him so steamed,” said Raph. “I’m kind of enjoying it to be honest.”

Harry heard a buzzing sound from inside the wreckage of the Splinter Foot Mech.

“Some kind of beeping sound,” muttered Harry before squatting down and pulling out an electrical device shaped like a spark plug and holding it up for all to see. “Any of you have a clue to what this is?”

“That looks like some sort of remote control module,” said Don. “Which means the Splinter robot was remote controlled and we can use this device to trace the source.”

Leo, Raph, Mikey, Splinter, and Harry looked at Don nodding their heads.

“Wait here, I need some equipment from my lab,” said Don, before rushing off back to the lair.

Back in the Foot Headquarters, the Shredder turned from the screen with static on it to Hun.

“Hun!” thundered the Shredder in a dangerous voice.

“Uh, might be a malfunction, sir,” said Hun in a nervous tone of voice.

“Find out what went wrong,” said the Shredder in a dangerous voice, sticking his pronged metal gauntlet a few inches away from Hun’s throat. “I want the Turtles, the rat and Harry Potter hunted down and destroyed! Do you hear me?”

“Yes, Master, right away, Master,” said Hun, hurrying off to see what had went wrong with the Splinter Foot Mech.

In the sewers, Don returned with a tracking device and was beginning to calibrate it with help from the remote control module.

“A direction finder,” said Don, answering the unasked question from his brothers and Master Splinter. The blip on the tracking device began beeping on the screen. “Which appears to be pointing…that way.”

“Out towards the sea apparently,” said Harry, nodding his head after looking in the direction where Don was pointing. “I wonder what could be out there.”

“Let’s go,” said Leo as they climbed on the sewer sleds. Leo pressed a button on his sewer sled, causing a giant platform to pull out. Leo turned to Zog. “New mission solider, hop up.”

Sir, yes sir,” said Zog eagerly, hopping onto the platform on the back of the sewer sled as they sped off towards the direction of the source of the Splinter Foot Mech.

In his dojo, the Shredder was sitting on a throne on a platform that a person needed to scale four stairs to get to. Shredder drummed his fingers impatiently on the side of the throne before Hun walked up, ascending the stairs and dropping to one knee, inclining his head in a short bow towards the Shredder.

“Report Hun,” said the Shredder coldly.

“Sir, the Splinter Foot Mech has gone completely dark but the last received transmission recorded that our enemies may have…” paused Hun before gulping nervously and continuing. “Discovered the remote control module and have become…aware of our presence in the city.”

“Good, let them come, I wish to deal with them personally,” said the Shredder before scaling down the steps and standing in front of a table at the bottom. “It will give me great pressure to squeeze the life out of them all with my own two hands.”

The Shredder raised his hands up before slamming them down onto the table. The force Shredder brought down upon the table caused it to collapse straight down the ground. The Shredder surveyed the destroyed table with disgust before walking off.

On the docks outside of where the floating Foot Headquarters were located, the Turtles, Harry, and Master Splinter peaked out from behind a stack of crates spying the ship with foot logo on it.

“The Foot,” said Harry coldly, surveying the ship with extreme distaste.

“So that’s who set Robo-Splinter on us,” said Raph angrily.

“But Karai leads the Foot now, so…” said Leo before trailing off.

“I’m sorry my son but we must believe exactly what we see,” said Master Splinter.

“And I see at least a dozen Foot Ninjas patrolling the ship and that’s not accounting for the Foot Ninjas that might be concealed somewhere,” said Harry. “There is a potential for that ship to be crawling with Foot Ninja.”

“So in other words, we’re going to be severely outnumbered,” said Don, nodding his head grimly.

“Bingo,” said Harry.

“What we need is something to even the odds,” said Leo thoughtfully.

Mikey stepped to the side before motioning for a figure from the shadows to step forward.

“Gentlemen meet Zog the Equalizer,” said Mikey, as the Triceraton walked out of the shadows, saluting them all.

“Ready for action sir,” said Zog in an excited voice, inadvertently knocking a couple of crates back but Leo and Harry caught the crates before they could tip over and alert the Foot of their presence.

“Calm yourself solider, this is the recon part of the mission, we need stealth,” said Leo.

“Sorry sir but stealth is not one…of my strong points,” said Zog sheepishly.

“Well we obviously can’t take him in there for recon,” said Harry sharply.

“Agreed,” said Leo before turning to the others. “We need to get on the ship to see what we’re up against. Harry, Master Splinter, Raph, and I will do that. Once we know what we are up against, Mikey, you and Zog need to get the ship out to open water and away from civilization. Don, can you sink it?”

“Hey, if I can’t take out a floating foot lab sitting on thousands of galleons of diesel fuel, I might as well just hang up my tool belt,” replied Don.

“Okay, we need to get on the ship and see what we’re up against. Mikey, you stay here and watch Zog,” said Leo before pausing. “Don, you stay here and watch Mikey.”

“Hey!” said Mikey incredulously.

“Get ready to move and get on the ship to see what we are up against…now!” ordered Leo before moving off with Raph, Master Splinter, and Harry following closely behind.

They climbed onto the ship, watching anxiously to see if any Foot Ninja would come by them. Sure enough, one of the Foot Ninja looked over the ledge but Harry swung up, kicking the Foot Ninja full force in the chest, knocking the wind out of him. Harry dragged the Foot Ninja, stashing him behind a crate.

Another pair of Foot Ninja walked over but Raph caught one of the Foot Ninja with a swift attack, by kicking him down. Leo took out the other one with a jumping kick. A fourth and final Foot Ninja walked over but Master Splinter swept the Ninja’s legs out from underneath him with his walking stick. Splinter then sprang up, cracking the Foot Ninja over the head with the walking stick.

“Now what?” asked Harry.

“Up,” said Leo, pointing to a vent on the Foot Headquarters ship. Leo, Raph, Master Splinter, and Harry pulled themselves up through the vent, before climbing a ways before following the sound of voices below.

“Well, there’s a piece of bad news,” whispered Harry, looking down through the vent below and pointing to figure of the Shredder below, who was conversing to a group of Foot Technicians below.

“The Shredder!” whispered Leo. “Not him again.”

“I see he still gets all of his suits at the hardware store,” remarked Raph.

“He’s making some kind of robotic army,” whispered Harry.

“They are manufacturing deadly assassins,” said Splinter darkly. “This facility must be completely and utterly destroyed.”

“Right,” said Leo before pulling out the shell cell. “Don, we’re going to go to the control room and get this ship started up, so find a way to get into the engine room and rework the controls to turn this ship into a ticking time bomb. Mikey, take Zog and knock out the mooring lines so we can get the ship out to sea.”

“Right Leo,” said Don.

“Gotcha,” confirmed Mikey.

In the Shredder’s throne room, Karai ran through the doorway, looking rather panicked before turning to the Shredder to give her report.

“Master, there’s been a security breach, many of our guards were found knocked unconscious on board the ship,” said Karai.

The Shredder rose up before turning to Hun and the Elite Guard.

“Hun, take the Elite and scout the ship,” said the Shredder. “If it’s the Turtles or Potter, hold them. I wish to annihilate them personally.”

“Right away, my lord,” said Hun before walking off, with the Elite Guard following soon after.

Karai had a troubled look on her face which the Shredder managed to see.

“Is there something the matter Karai?” asked the Shredder coldly.

“No nothing, I’ll put the ship on full alert,” said Karai quickly

On the docks, Zog and Mikey were taking out the mooring lines anchoring the ship to the dock. Or to be more accurate, Zog was taking them out while Mikey was supervising.

Zog yanked the second of the four mooring lines out of the ground.

“Good work, Zog,” said Mikey approvingly. “Now let’s go get the front mooring.”

Zog saluted Mikey before following him off but little did they know a group of about fifteen Foot Ninjas were closely following behind them, ready to strike with a vengeance.

Raph, Leo, Master Splinter, and Harry managed to find their way to the control room before walking over to the control panel, attempting to find the button in which to get the ship started.

“Jeez, all of these buttons and not one of them says on,” said Raph before the sound of the lights clicking was heard by all in the control room and the door locking.

Raph, Leo, Master Splinter, and Harry all whipped around to catch a glimpse of Hun who had just walked into the control room.

“Welcome aboard freaks, I’ll be your cruise director for the trip,” said Hun in a savage voice. “And the only thing I can promise you is pain. Lots and lots of pain.”

Hun clapped his hands and in a puff of smoke, the Foot Elite appeared, with weapons drawn and ready to leap into the attack. The five villains advanced on Leo, Raph, Harry, and Master Splinter, preparing to batter them severely.

“Mikey, what’s the story up there?” asked Leo anxiously, as they needed all the help they could get. “Mikey, are you there?”

Unfortunately on the dock, Zog and Mikey had their own problems as they were being surrounded by a group of Foot Ninjas who had their weapons raised and were closing in for the attack.
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