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Chapter 10

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Megan, a bulimic girl who believes she is unloveable, falls in love with Frank Iero

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Megans phone rang for the second time as her and Candy walked through the busy streets of New York.
"Are you going to get that?" Candy asked, as Megan started down at her phone. It read 'Frank'
"No" She replied and slipped her phone back into her pocket.
Candy said nothing and they carried on walking through New York.
They left Toms Diner at around 7:30 when the first morning customers started piling in and it was now 6:40 pm according to Megans phone.

They reached a small sandwhich trailer and were about to order when Megan realized that there wasn't going to be anywhere for her to throw up.
"Actually, no. I'm not hungry. You just get something"
"You sure?" Candy asked, curious as to how Megan couldn't be hungry when the last thing she ate was the muffin that morning.
"Yeah, I'm not hungry"
"Okay" And she turned back to the guy at the counter and got a tuna sandwhich.

"You sure you don't wnat anything. You're looking rather longingly at my sandwhich" Candy laughed.
"Heh, no. I'm fine. Just thinking is all" 'Yeah, thinking about how bad I want your sandwhich' she thought to herself.

A few hours passed and they were back to walking around the streets, looking for somewhere to spend the night.
"You need to eat something. You're fucking skinny as it is"
"I'm not skinny" Megan replied coldly.
"What the fuck! How can you said you're not skinny. You're fucking skin and bones, you can practically see you're ribs through your freaking hoodie!" Candy said, bewildered as to how Megan could think she wasn't thin.
"I'm not skinny" Megan repeated "Just drop it" and Candy did. She didn't want to start a fight with her new friend, and she didn't want to be alone anymore.

They found an old run down book store and decided to sleep in the doorway.
Candy checked her watch and noticed that it was now 9:47.
"My feet are fucking killing me" Megan complained.
"You get used to it, I guess" Candy said as she took off her worn out chucks and started massaging her feet.
Megan followed suit and joined Candy with rubbing her feet.

They both decided to have an early night as last night they were up till 2 and woke up at 6, so they both got as comfortable as they could under Candy's sleeping bag and used Megans spare jumper as a pillow.
Slowly drifting off to an uncomfortavble sleep.

Candy woke up the next morning to the sound of Misfits - Die, Die My Darling coming from Megans phone. Deciding that she shouldn't really leave it ringing and risk Megan waking up from her sleep, she answered it
Candy: Hello?
Frank: Midge!?
Candy: I'm guessing by 'Midge' you mean Megan, she's asleep right now.
Frank: Oh, erm, who is this then?
Candy: Candy, who're you?
Frank: Frank, Megan's boyfriend
Candy: Ah, I see
Frank: Yeah, can you tell me where she, well you are?
Candy: Erm, I don't really know how to put this as you obviously don't know, but we're somewhere in New York living on the streets.
Frank: Fucking hell.
Candy: She's fine, if that's what you're wondering
Frank: Yeah it was, erm, can I meet you someplace? But only don't tell her it's me that she's seeing. Well just don't tell her that you're meeting someone.
Candy: Um, sure. How about Toms Diner? Know where it is?
Frank: Yeah, cool. Can I meet you there at like 12?
Candy: Okay, sure.
Frank: Thank you so much!
And he hung up, leaving Candy thinking about why Megan would want to run away if she seemed to have such a sweet and caring boyfriend, or even why Frank didn't want her telling Megan that she was going to see him.

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