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Silence that Speaks a Thousand Words

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Ok, first off. You guys are amazing. You're reviews make me smile. -smiles- So keep them up. :] And secondly, sorry for the wait. My memory sucks. So next time I forget, messege me here or on my myspace (which is on my profile) and bug the hell out of me. I give you permission. lol. And apologies for this crappy chapter. -shrugs- Unfortunately, this chapter has to be here. :/

The car ride was quiet. In the car, there were two people whose lives are constantly surrounded by noise and chaos. They found it consoling to suddenly find themselves surrounded in comfortable silence for once. They didn't really know each other. They didn't know the small things about one another. They didn't know what the other had wanted to be when they were 5 years old. They didn't know if the other snores in their sleep or whether they stay awake at night and stare at the ceiling. They don't know the little things, yet. But they did know one thing. They knew one important thing. They knew that the person next to him/her is the only person that can make them comfortable in pure silence. They knew that the person next to them is the only one that can make silence speak a thousand words.

"So, this is where you live?" Brendon asked as he put his car in park.

"It's not as bad as it looks."

"Oh no. I wasn't criticizing. I was just asking, cause I didn't want to walk you to the wrong door. How embarrassing would that be, right," he rambled.

Desi smiled. "Walk me to my door? My, my, aren't you chivalrous."

He shruged. "It's the way I was raised."

"Well, it's ok. The light in my house is on, which means my mom is waiting for me by the door to beat me down, so I don't think it's the smartest idea for you to come to the door."


"Yeah. So I'll just say goodnight here."


They suddenly started to feel awkward. How were they supposed to end the night? Were they supposed to hug? Or were they supposed to kiss? What was the proper etiquette?


Desi took a deep breath. "So..."


"Right. Goodnight." She turned to open the door, but was stopped when Brendon spoke up.

"Do you, uh, maybe if you're not busy or something, you know, uh, if you wanted to, no pressure-"

She smiled at his nervousness. "Spit it out already will you. I'm on a time limit here."

"Do you want to hang out again, sometime? Like, tomorrow, maybe?"

Her smile grew. "Yeah, sure. How long are in California for?"

"A week or two. Then me and the band are gonna get together to write."

"Right. I forgot, the new record. You guys must be excited."

"Yeah, we are."

She chuckled. "So tomorrow? What time?"

"Right, tomorrow. Uh, what time do you get out of school?"

"12:30. I get home around one."

"How about 1:30? We can get lunch or something."

"Sounds good. Let me see your phone." He handed her his phone and she entered her cell number. "Call me when you're almost here, ok?"

"Yeah." His eyes dropped to his lap. A hint of blush washed over his face.

She laughed. "Ok. I'll see you tomorrow." Desi turned and opened the door. She grabbed her purse and jumped out of the car. Before she closed the door, she turned back to Brendon. "Thank you., for everything. I really appreciate it." She said with the utter most sincerity.

"You're welcome."

She gave him one last smile before she shut the car door and ran towards her front door. She got out her keys and unlocked it. She turned back and waved at Brendon before she walked into her house. She felt like a smiling fool.

"Where the hell have you been?" Desi's mother yelled the second Desi stepped into the house. Her smile disappeared. She always knew how to put a damper on a good night.

"Out. Don't worry about it." Desi was not in the mood to be nagged at.

"Don't worry about it? It's three o'clock in the damn morning! I've got work today. I should be asleep!"

"Then why aren't you? No one asked you to stay up."

"I've been waiting for you!"

"No one asked you to do that either."

"You know what? Enough with the smart mouth before I slap you. I don't care how old and tough you think you are, I am your mother and I deserve respect! And until you are out of this house and supporting yourself, you waltzing into the house at three in the morning, on a school night none the less, is not happening. Do you understand me?"

"Yeah, yeah. Whatever." Desi tred to walk past her but her mother grabbed her arm.

"This rebellious act you have right now is beneath you. I don't know what's going on in your head, but you're better than this. I know it."

/You're better than this/.....Here we go again. This damn statement has been appearing a lot lately and it's been driving Desi crazy. How do they know what she's better than? She's human She's a teenager. She's not better than anything.

Desi lowered her gaze to her mother. "You don't know anything." She snatched her arm from her mother and stomped to her room. She should have just stayed at the beach.


It was break-time when Desi finally saw her best friend, Lisa. Yes, the friend who had ditched Desi last night at the party. Desi doesn't know whether she should be mad at her or thank her.

She took a seat next to Desi. "Good morning my little Desmoni," she said awfully chipper.

Desi turned to Lisa. "You know, nicknames are usually shortenings of a name, not elongations."

"Whatever." Lisa rolled her eyes and t took in Desi's appearance. "God, you look dead."

"Thank you." Desi scoffed. "I'm working on 2 hours of sleep. Why don't you look dead? What time did you get home?"

"Four. But I just woke up an hour ago though."

"And your mom didn't say anything?"

Lisa laughed sarcastically. "My mom was passed out on her bathroom floor still clenching her precious booze. Trust me, she didn't notice. Your mom kick your ass?"

"Pretty close."

"So, how'd you get home?" Lisa asked with the biggest smile on her face.

"You already know, don't you?"

Lisa obnoxiously nodded her head. "Someone got hooked up with a rock star hottie."

Desi shook her head. "I did not get hooked up. Nothing happened."

"Uh-huh. Likely story. Come on. I'm your best friend, you can tell me. I won't tell a soul. Details please."

Desi chuckled. "Ok 1) Nothing happened and 2) if something were to happen, I wouldn't tell you. You are the biggest blabbermouth ever."

"I am not!"

"Dude, you so are," Desi said with a smirk on her face. "Anyway, what poor guy did you trick into hooking up with you last night?"

"Eh, no one special. He said he was in a band; turns out he was just a roadie. Ew."

Desi shook her head while she laughed. "Whore."

"Hey, we can't all be like you and nab Brendon-fucking-Urie just by smiling at him."

"I did not nab him. And would you hush? You know the rumor mill here. I don't want to talk about this anymore. Now I gotta go talk to Ms. Concord about my college applications." Desi gathered her stuff from the table.

"Alright Brainiac. I'll see you later?"

"Yeah." Desi stood up from the table. "And please, try not to sleep with anyone in the remainder of break-time."

"I will do my best."

Desi laughed and made her way to Ms. Concord's room. She suddenly started to feel guilty about not telling Lisa about her "date" with Brendon. But the guiltiness went away at the thought of Brendon and was replaced with a smile. Only a couple more hours.
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