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Yeah, We're Stubborn and Melodramatic

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Lunch Time with Pete. R&R please =]

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Upon return to our bus, Spencer and Ryan were up. And let's just say they weren't happy. Okay, Ryan wasn't happy:
"What is wrong with you two?" Ryan scolded. He took a sip of his coffee.
I looked at him. "How can you stand that coffee?"
"Don't change the subject! Do you two have any idea-" The rest I heard was blah, blah, blah, and something about someone getting killed. I tend to drown out Ryan's lectures. Spencer sat happily at the table digging into his Count Chocula. My stomach growled.
"Okay look Ry," Brendon huffed. "We're sorry."
"Yeah, you should know by now about how we get. Besides I blame it on your shitty coffee." I smiled.
Ryan shot me a death glare.
Well,/Someone/ woke up on the wrong side of the bed.
I plopped myself down next to Spencer and poured myself a bowl. I swear whoever invented Count Chocula is God. That Cereal is so friggen amazing.
"So, what's our plans for today?" Spence asked between bites of the God of Cereals.
"Well, Sound-check is at four. The shows at 7."
"No interviews?" Bren had this hopeful look in his eye.
"Nope, 6 hours to kill lady and Gents." Ryan grinned.
The bus erupted with hoots and hollers from the four of us. This is probably the most time we've had off since...since...I don't even know when. Probably before any of this even happened.

I had 3 hours until lunch with Mr. Wentz. About 2 hours of that time was spent getting ready. Technically one hour was spent getting ready. Spencer just had to use the shower, and he insisted he was only going to be a couple of minutes and he was. But then he just had to straighten his hair. All together he wasted a hour. I'll get him for that later. Ryan and Brendon spent those two hours playing Guitar Hero and I bet that all three of them will be in a competition when I get back.

As I predicted I was late and Pete wasn't at our usual table. I figured he was running late himself so I took a seat. Seconds passed and I see him heading over here with two bowls of ice cream.
"Hey," He smiled placing the bowl of chocolate ice cream in front of me, then sat down with his own strawberry one.
I laughed. "You know me to well."
"Nah, I just read minds...So, tell me about you and Bren."
"What about me and Bren?"
"I see the way he looks at you."
"We're just friends."
He raises his eyebrows. "Well I think he wants to be more than that."
"Why? Did he say something to you?"
"No, I just know these things. He brightens up when he's around you, he's always protective over you."
"So is Ryan, Spence, Will, Trick, Andy, Joe, Trav...not to mention /you/, Peter Lewis Kingston Wentz III."
"Hmm, well it comes with the territory." He says reaching across with his spoon to attack my ice cream. I slap his hand away.
"Yes, but stealing my ice cream doesn't."
"Ah, but yes it does, my darling, read the fine print."
I laugh as he takes a bite.
"Why was Mr. Urie, sneaking around our bus?"
"I kind of sort of played a little prank on him."
"Hmm I better watch it next time I cross paths with you. I could end up on The Academy's Tour bus naked or something" He grinned.
I can't help but form an image of that in my mind.
I search for something clever to say "You should, I'm quite dangerous. I run with scissors you know." Touché Tracey.
"I do know, I read minds remember?"
I chew on my lip. I hope he can't read what I'm thinking right now.

So, that was the second chapter. I don't really like it, it feels a little rushed to me.Not to mention it's short. Once again I don't really know where I'm going with tthis...much like all my stories lol. But, anyway I hope you guys like it. If you guys have any ideas feel free to tell me. Thanks for reading!
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