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Broken Chain

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One's dedicated to this Friday's anniversary. Krissy and Krystle know what I mean, but for those that don't I'm sure you'll figure it out once you read it. Enjoy!!

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Rayne walked through the grassy cemetary, that was covered with beautiful landscapes and tombstones. She was walking with a bouquet of white roses; they are her favorite flowers and her favorite person. She walked quietly and trying to hold back her tears. She had been avoiding the reality of this day, but knew that it would happen, eventually.
"Well there it is," she said to herself with a deep breath.
"R-right there, just go Rayney girl, y-you can do this," she continued.
Rayne croutched down and placed her bouquet of flowers on her father's grave. She then tried to say a few words to his grave, but couldn't hold back her tears; it was too hard. She had been through so much this past year, and it never really seemed like reality until, now. Her friends and family all knew how she was feeling and encouraged her to visit his grave.
"I miss you daddy, I can't believe it's been a year, since we last saw each other. You're probably having a blast in Heaven, but I miss you so much daddy. I really do. And I'm sorry that I'm crying and not smiling, but ohh daddy it's been soo hard!!" cried Rayne.
Rayne started to cry even harder and heard a familar voice, she looked up through her tears and saw Ryan Ross. THE Ryan Ross. Right there, in the flesh, standing over a grave.
"Oh my gosh, dad!! It's Ryan Ross!!" whispered Rayne.
She then giggled to herself, because eventhough her father had past, she still could talk about boys to him, knowing that he'd still want a blood sample and a 200-question-questionare. Ryan then looked up and saw Rayne.
He smiled at her and then said, "That's my dad."
She returned the smile and replied, "That's my daddy, too."
"Ohh, I'm sorry. Those are nice flowers," said Ryan.
Rayne smiled, then came back to the reality of being at her father's grave site, she then had a few tears stream down her face. Ryan offered her a tissue, she excused herself from her dad, and walked over to Mr. Ross' grave, and accepted the tissue.
"You ok?" asked Ryan.
Rayne shook her head, and began to sob even more. She explained that today was the one-year of her father passing. The two walked back over to Rayne's dad's grave, and sat down together. She explained how he always had heart problems and how he smoked, but never in her wildest dreams would she think he could actually, like all humans, die.
"I thought he had a cold or the stomach flu or something, but how did I know that that would turn into a stroke?" asked Rayne.
Ryan nodded and replied, "Sometimes things can just surprise you, but things happen for a reason." "Your dad loves you and that's all that matters."
Rayne nodded and whipped her tears. Ryan gave her a hug and Rayne found herself in his arms. She continued to cry on his shoulder. Ryan rubbed her back and was trying desperately to comfort her.
"He never wanted me to worry or think that anything was seriously wrong. He even apologized the day that he had his stroke. When we were at the hospital and stuff. I told him not to apologize, that I was ok and was only worried about him. He was such a great dad, ya know?? Never wanted us four kids to be unhappy or anything. He listened to me. We just had that bond....that daughter to daddy bond," explained Rayne.
Ryan nodded and explained how his dad wasn't really there for him, with his current decisions and how his dad constantly drank. Ryan explained how eventhough he and his dad didn't really see eye-to-eye that he still was sad at his funeral and even said a few words.
"It's not everyday that you meet a rockstar at a cemetary," said Rayne, with a half smile.
"I'm not a rockstar, I'm your friend," replied Ryan.
Rayne smiled and then layed down on the ground, next to her dad's mushy grave. Eventhough the ground had settled, it was still a little mushy and plus Rayne wanted to give her dad some room to rest, as she put it. She felt the grass with her hands and then brushed off some dirt from his head stone. She made it all clean and presentable, just for her daddy.
"There you go, Daddy, all nice and clean," she said as she whipped her hands free of the dirt.
Ryan suggested that the two grabbed a bite to eat. She said that she'd like that, but she wanted to spend another couple of minutes at the cemetary. Ryan told her to take her time and that she deserved it. Afterall, the man, is her father.
A few minutes past and the two went in Ryan's car to A & W, because it was close by and Rayne explained how her dad and mom would eat there when they first got married and had her brother. She also liked to eat there with her daddy. What a good way to enjoy the good ol' times?? Just like how Daddy Kachin wanted them to.
"So your dad used to cook??" asked Ryan.
"Mmhmm, he made these Heaven-sent burgers that he'd call, Ray burgers," explained Rayne.
"What were these award winning burgers made out of??" asked Ryan.
Rayne then smiled and replied, "Well, I'd tell you, but then I'd have to kill you." " And then I'd get this hour long lecture from my friends Krissy and Krystle about me killing you. They're big-time Panic! fans. Well, Kris is more of a MCR fan, but you get what I mean. It'd just be bad."
Ryan and Rayne laughed and then they continued to eat their lunches. Once they finished, they exchanged cell-phone numbers and gave each other a hug. Ryan drove Rayne back to her car and gave her a kiss on the cheek. Soon they were in different cars and went about their way.

A/N: This was my first one-shot.....aside from my lost chapter of the critically acclaimed, BEST VAMPIRE FICTION EVER 'Sweet Blood' that my bestest friend in the ENTIRE world, Miss Krystle, wrote. With my little input......tehe Pete moments....err, I hope ya'll enjoyed it. And please keep me in your prayers for this Friday, April 6th, 2007, is the one-year of my daddy passing-away.
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