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The Last PopTart

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The last PopTart, a spoiled Sasuke, an angry mother, and a jibbed Itachi. What could be better?

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Itachi and Sasuke glared at each other. If looks could kill it would be hard to say who would have been dead first. In Sasuke's tiny hand was clutched his prize; a prize he would give his life, or at least his lunch money, to protect. Itachi lunged forward; he to wanted this item of untold value, for it was the last Brown Sugar Cinnamon Pop-Tart in the house. Sasuke let out a girlish squeal that caused Itachi to pause just long enough for his little brother to make it to the other side of the kitchen. Sasuke ripped the beautiful sliver wrapper, and let it fall to the floor. Slow he lifted one of the Pop-Tarts to his mouth, only to be forced to shove it in, in a very undignified manner as a Itachi threw himself towards his little brother.

"MAMA!!" Sasuke hollered as Itachi pinned him to the wall, "MAMA, ITACHI IS TRYING TO KILL ME!!" Indeed Itachi had pulled out his knife and was holding it threateningly at Sasuke throat.

"Don't be ridiculous Sasuke, Itachi would never... ITACHI UCHIHA PUT YOUR LITTLE BROTHER DOWN!!" Their normally soft spoken mother roared as she came into the kitchen to discover that her younger son had not been exaggerating. Itachi set Sasuke down and took a step back. Sasuke ran to hide behind his mother, and it was from this vantage point that he stuck his tongue out at Itachi. Itachi glowered and took a step forward. Only to be stopped by his dragonish mother.

"Nothing, I repeat nothing! Give you the right to attack your little brother!" She hissed. Itachi put on his best I'm-not-listening-because-I-don't-give-a-damn face and stuck his nose in the air. If he thought that that would get him out of a lecture he was sorely mistake. Like an enraged cobra his mother stuck out, grabbing her oldest son by the ear.

"You will listen to me young man!" She snapped venomously, "Don't think that your position in this clan exempts you from punishment!" Itachi didn't hear the rest of the speech; he was to busy glaring at Sasuke as the little boy raise the last of the Brown Sugar Cinnamon Pop-Tart in the entire Uchiha complex, Itachi was sure was the last as he had personally stolen the others, to his mouth and licked it in a way that might have been taken as a very suggestive gesture if Sasuke hadn't been seven. All the same Itachi shuddered at the mental images it brought.

"Are you listening to me?" Mikoto Uchiha questioned, Itachi was to busy being disturbed by his Pop-Tart licking little brother to answer in time; which resulted in a sharp yank on his ear.

"Ow! Mother that hurt!" Itachi cried indignantly, all he did was try to get a Pop-Tart that was rightfully his and this was the punishment! Life was so unfair!

"You think that hurt! When I get through with you!" Mikoto said managing to hold his ear and loom menacingly at the same time. Itachi let out a sigh of relief as a bell chimed informing the quarreling family that it was time for work and school. Sasuke skipped happily off to school, Mama like him better so he got the Pop-Tart. Mikoto stood glaring at Itachi as he shuffled down the lane. Itachi face was set in a mask of hate, they would pay. He would make them all pay. He bit into his Blueberry Pop-Tart with disgust, oh yes Sasuke would pay.

AN: The real reason Itachi killed his family! HA! There you go a little peek into my seriously twisted mind!
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