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Episode Five: Brother

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The fated showdown between Canth and his brother Siln. A duel to the death.

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Disclaimer: I created all these characters, the plot, the setting, the story, everything about this story short of the English language was created by me. Never use this story/idea and
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Episode 5: Brother


"It's been a long time, brother."

"You..." Canth said turning around and preparing his weapon.

"Why would you go through the trouble to dye your hair brown when you couldn't hide those red eyes of yours? It's so pointless." Siln explained. Siln was standing on a tree, looking down at Canth. Canth still wore the blue over shirt/coat over a plain black shirt made out of silk as well as black pants made out of the same material. It was all torn up from his previous battle with Doctor and like most non-nobles and non-soldiers, he had simple sandals. Siln on the other hand wore low shine silver armor which covered his body from below the neck all the way to the tips of his toe. Canth was about five foot nine and Siln was about five foot eleven.

"Well you still came to me right? I suppose it all played out in my favor in the end." Canth said holding back his anger, even sounding a little calm.

"You think this is a blessing? You vastly underestimate me brother." Siln said with a smile. His eyes showed no hint of hostility. Canth's on the other hand showed the intense anger he felt. He grabbed his blue over coat with his right hand and tossed it to the side. Then he grabbed his sword, the radiant blue blade emerged in the familiar katana shape.

"Very well, let's see whose superior then." Canth said with a slight smile. He held his sword straight out with both hands, the tip pointing at Siln.

"I see you still have father's sword. Would he be proud of your swordsmanship skills? Let's see." Siln said drawing his own sword. The sword appeared from the hilt. It was in the same katana shape; however this blade was glowing green. Canth jumped up at Siln and landed on the same tree limb. Their blades clashed, Canth kicked out Siln's legs. Siln fell to the ground below but effortlessly landed on the ground without a scratch. "You'll have to do better than that."

"Gladly!" Canth yelled jumping in to the air. He put his sword above his head and brought it down with both hands on the hilt. Siln extended the arm with his sword in it. He was holding the sword with only one hand when the sword clashed. The resulting clash created a bright light. Canth jumped back, his feet landing on the ground a few feet from Siln.

"Pathetic. Dad would be ashamed of your swordsmanship." Siln said with glee. Canth you've got to calm down, anger and emotion can be powerful tools but if you loose control you'll become sloppy. Keep your anger in check as best as possible unless you're absolutely sure you can control yourself. Canth remembered his sword trainer saying. Alright, I'll get him then. Canth thought more determined than ever to end Siln's life. He charged at Siln holding his sword in one hand. He secretly held the sword by the bottom of the blade, where it was dull. He made several quick slashes, all of which Siln easily blocked. Then he used his free left hand to punch at Siln. Siln caught it using his right hand. Then Canth kneed Siln in the gut. The impact against the armor busted his knee but pushed Siln back and did minor damage. Canth brought his sword sideways at Siln. Siln did a back flip to dodge the attack. Siln landed and smiled, and then the unthinkable happened, a small cut on Siln's cheek opened and blood slithered down his cheek. Siln's smile turned to a frown. "I see, so you held the blade at the bottom of the sword where the blade is duller. That made the blade shorter and more maneuverable. Well, I can see you're serious. I was planning on messing around for a while but I guess I'll finish this now. Time to die." Siln said in a harsh tone, his eyes now intense, just like Canth's. He put his armor glad hands together with his index fingers and thumbs forming a diamond. In the diamond a round white ball appeared. It began growing, and growing, it became bigger, and bigger. Gradually at first and once it got to about the size of Siln's body it suddenly expanded outwards. In less than five seconds the whole area was blanketed in a large white orb. The area was the embodiment of purgatory. The whole place was completely white. Siln raised both of his hands into the air and the environment suddenly changed. Behind Canth was a cliff dropping into an ocean. Behind Siln was a forest with smoke billowing out of it.

"What the hell happened?!?" Canth yelled, demanding answers.

"Don't you recognize it? The smoke, the forest... the cliff. This is back then, it was when I killed everyone in our village and pursued you through the forest. That cliff behind you was the cliff I through you from. Against all odds you survived, but I won't make the same mistake twice." Siln said pointing his weapon's tip at Canth.

"How did you create this place?" Canth said calming himself but still showing off hostility and rage through his eyes.

"You really think that in the five years you were gone I wasn't training myself? I hit the peak of swordsmanship skill, after that I trained in magic. This is my territory; I can change the scenery through intense concentration. But enough talk, time to die." Siln said charging at Canth. He swiped at Canth. Canth jumped back only to be punched in the face by Siln. Canth fell to the ground and rolled to the side to avoid the stabbing motion by Siln. Canth swiped his sword but Siln was too quick, he blocked the attack and kicked Canth in the ribs with such force that Canth went near the end of the cliff. Shit he wasn't kidding about toying with me earlier. This is bad. Canth thought. Siln clapped his hands together in the diamond shape of magi and the earth beneath him lifted his body up. The earth then moved at an alarming rate at Canth. Siln jumped high into the air and aimed his sword at Canth. Canth readied his defense at the obvious attack but was hit by the earth Siln had moved earlier. Siln cut through most of Canth's left arm and then slashed him across the chest before kicking him to the edge of the cliff.

"So you weren't kidding about the magic." Canth said standing up and coughing up blood.

"You're inferior to me in several ways. I modified my forge sword to be stronger, I learned to be a better swordsman, and I learned magic. You can't compete with me. You see..." he couldn't finish as Canth was charging at him. Canth horizontally slashed at Siln with both hands on the sword, who easily blocked the attack with one hand. Canth ducked as Siln's fist passed over his head. However this left Canth open and he was quickly slammed in the face by Siln's armor plated knee. Canth's nose clicked, signifying that it was broken. Crimson poured out of his nose. Siln raised his hands in the air and stabbed down at Canth. Canth was barely able to escape; he managed to roll backwards out of the way. Canth quickly got up and charged Siln. Before he could defend himself Canth slashed Siln's left arm, creating a large cut in his armor. Siln stepped back and Canth charged forward shouldering Siln. Siln slid back a few feet from the force of the impact.

"This fight isn't over yet you bastard, I'm not going to die like you think I will. I will finally have my revenge!" Canth yelled in defiance.

"Hahaha, you're still good for a few laughs aren't you brother? Your actions aren't rational anymore; I can see from here that you shattered your shoulder with that last attack. You think I'm going all out even now? Brother his battle is over, if you want, I will end it now." Siln said in a softer tone. He held his sword at his side, then suddenly he moved it in front of him and it grew in size. It was now the size of a large zanbato. Canth stared in awe and fear at Siln's new weapon.

"What... what the hell is that...." He said shaking.

"This brother, is your death. This is the ascended form of the forge sword. You obviously cannot ascend your own, proving your weakness. Believe it or not father's attempts to create an all powerful, indestructible sword were a failure. These swords aren't as indestructible as you think. The sword I fought father with was red if you remember right. I had help in forging this new green sword. Then I experimented with a way to break forge swords, and it turns out there is a way. Allow me to show you." Siln stuck his sword into the ground and extended his hands in both directions. One of his hands turned black and the other turned white. "When you combine shadow and light do you know what happen? Few people can do it successfully without the result being death. But if you can it creates a force of enough power to destroy whole cities!" Siln said his calm demeanor turning into a crazed look. He clapped his hands together. The force of the combination sent whirlwinds in every direction. The sky turned black all around the area. Electricity shot out and hit many trees before finally a swirling mass of multiple colors formed around Siln's left arm. "This is know as the Chaos: Lance. I have three shots with this, allow me to demonstrate its power!" Siln said in a crazed frenzy. He turned and yelled "Fire first shot!" he lunged his arm forward and a lance fire into the trees. The trees were hit head on by the lance, being shredded into a fine dust for miles down. "It's so powerful it turns things to dust! The way I see it you have two choices, block or run, either way you're dead! So die!" he said charging at Canth after briefly picking up the enlarged forge blade with his right hand. I guess there's only one thing left that I can do. I lived last time, maybe I'll live again. Canth turned and jumped off the cliff. "No this time!" Siln yelled as more torrents of wind hit him from all directions. Siln fired a shot at the free falling Canth. The lance missed Canth and struck the water below, causing a large explosion as the water was thrust in all directions. Amazing, he split the lake. I was only able to survive last time because of the water, if I make it though I should be safe. Canth thought as he stabbed his sword into the nearby cliff. This slowed his descent. Canth landed at the bottom and busted his leg, but he survived. "Wind Special: Teleportation!" was all Canth heard. Siln appeared nearby with a large breaking of the wind. He lunged for Canth who put his sword in front of him. "Fire third shot!" Siln yelled. The final shot came off, breaking right through the glowing blue blade. No... way... was all Canth could think as his sword broke in half. Time seemed to slow down as Siln lifted his zanbato-shaped forge sword. "Good bye..." he paused "Brother." He said with a slight sadness that was nearly undetectable. He brought the sword down and that... was the end of Canth. The environment Siln made dissipated and Siln walked away, forge sword in tow.


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