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Food Comparisons

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Naruto had several methods to define and describe people. His favourite had to be considered the most strangest of the lot.

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A/N : 'tis inspired by a prompt: Grapes. I thought I'd have a little fun with Naruto's thought processes and people comparisons, so it's probably OOC. Review please!

Sasuke's A Grape

Naruto had several methods to define and describe people. Whenever some asked what they were, by the time they walked away from the conversation, they would give him and strange look and tell the blonde he was still weird.

These comments didn't affect the hyperactive ninja. He couldn't care less about what they thought of his mental processes, it was just the way decided to do things.

His favourite had to be considered the most strangest of the lot. He liked to compare people to food. Sakura had called her blonde team mate utterly insane when she heard about this one.

And his favourite person-food association was Avenger Boy, Sasuke Uchiha.

Naruto always mentally laughed whenever he thought about Sasuke's food comparison. And you know what food the blonde come up with? No it wasn't something sweet as the fan-girls would have it and it wasn't something disgusting to fit his bastard-like attitude.

Really Naruto liked to compare Sasuke with grapes. To the blonde's logic it was perfect.

Naruto Uzumaki's Reasons to Why Sasuke is like a Grape:

1) Peel off the bitter skin and you'll get to the soft part
This to the blonde seemed to be the easiest assessment of the few he had come up with. That indifferent mask that Sasuke carried around like a second skin was easy to see if you interacted with him continuously. Or it could be that Naruto recognised the mask because he pulled one on also every once in a while.

Anyway back to the reason, the Uchiha had a genuine soft side, albeit a lot harder than most people but it was still a little more thawed than the mask. Naruto noted that you had to discern the smaller gestures that Sasuke give and to mostly look 'underneath the underneath' as Kakai-sensei would term it. Such as receiving a scathing remark about the faults of a move, and taking it as advice to correct it.

2) If left in the wrong conditions for too long and it will go rotten
And, fortunately or unfortunately, the two best examples leading to this reason is the malevolence of Itachi Uchiha and Orochimaru. The village isn't much better either; who would seriously make an eight-year-old - who just lost his entire clan to his brother - look after himself alone. Well they did that to Naruto at an earlier age so the blonde could sympathise and understand that the hate Sasuke seemed to have for everyone for their attitude towards him had driven him to leave. Understand but not approve of. Naruto just hoped that Sasuke would weather the conditions long enough to turn back to something likable. Like a grape turning into edible sultanas. The blonde would laugh at the thought of the smooth, pale skin getting all wrinkly.

3) When processed the right way and left to mature you get beautiful wine
This one was the most optimistic thing Naruto firmly believed in and continued on from his hope in the second reason. Naruto Uzumaki is adamant that if Sasuke's life hadn't had so much misery - not 'none' because life is never like that just less of - the youngest Uchiha would have turned into a shinobi that even Itachi would be proud of. It is true that as of right now Sasuke is a powerful, skilled and cunning opponent but he is still walking in the darkness of his own making.

- Owari -
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