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Chapter 14

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Megan, a bulimic girl who believes she is unloveable, falls in love with Frank Iero

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Megan woke up to Franks arms around her, while she was snuggled up into his chest.
She looked up and noted how peaceful he looked.
She really did love him.
Everything about him
From the way his fingers fit hers perfectly, to the way he kissed her nose at random time.
From his little button nose, to the way his hair was parted.
He was so loving, so caring, that Megan thought this was all just a dream. A beautiful, wonderful dream. And she dreaded the morning when she would have to wake up from it.

She lay there, watching him sleep until she saw his eyes start to flicker open.
"Hey there beautiful" He mumbled when he spotted her looking at him.
"Hey" She said, reaching up to kiss him on the lips.
"What d'you wanna do today?" Frank yawned, stretched, then put his arms back around Megan and hugged her close, squishing her in the process.
"Umph" Megans said as she was squished "I don't mind"
"Wanna just hang out at Gee and Mike-o's?
"Sure" Megan smiled.

They got out of bed and Frank put a t-shirt on.
"Breakfast, what do you want?" He asked.
"Nothing Frank." Megan said sternly.
"Megan, I thought we said I was going to help you? You need to eat" Frank pushed.
"Fine, but just a slice of toast" She sighed reluctantly.
"Better than nothing"

Frank gave Megan her toast and buttered it for her.
When she finished it she felt full. Bloated and distgusting.
"Frank, I feel fat"
"You will do. You need to get used to keeping it down again"
"Frankie, please can I go throw it up?" Megan pleaded, as tears sprung to her eyes.
"No Midge. I don't want you to get even sicker. We're going to get through this"
Megan nodded as silent tears ran down her cheeks.
"C'mere Midge" Frank said, opening his arms for Megan to go sit on his lap. Megan gladly accepted and sat down on Frank, hugging him as she cried onto his shoulder.
"I feel horrible Frank. I feel disgustion. I feel fatter and uglier"
Frank just hugged her and wispered in her ear as she told him how she was feeling.

"Hey honey, up already?" Linda said to her son as she walked into the kitchen, then noticed the shaking form of Megan crying into Franks shoulder "What's wrong sweetie?"
"N-nothing" Megan lied, wiping her cheeks and stood up from Franks lap.
"C'mon" Frank said, holding his hand out for Megan to take as he led the way back upstaris.

"Frankie?" Megan said once they stepped into Franks room.
"Yes babe?"
"I need to get my stuff from my house.."
"Want me to come with you?" Frank offered.
"Would you?"
"Of course baby, I'd do anything for you"
"Thank you so much" Megan said and kissed him, eventually sliding her tongue passed his lips and massaging their tongues together. Occasionally moainng into eathothers mouths.

The two of them got changed, Megan ended up wearing a pair of Franks jeans and t-shirt, both too big for her, as all her clothes were in her room.
They walked out the front door and set off to Megans house, both hoping that her father would be out.
To both their wishes, Megans dads car was gone, therfore meaning he was out.
Megan went round the back to find the spare key she had placed under the patio when she first moved in, so that if she ever did get locked out, she could always get back in.
She opened the door and her and Frank made their way up to her room.
Reaching it, they pulled out her suitcase from under her bed and started packing all of her belongings in it.
Frank noticed that on a bedside table Megan had a picture of her and a woman in it.
"This your mum?" He asked.
"Yeah" Megan replied.
He noticed that she looked alot like her mum. The same colour eyes, and same facial features. They also had the same body structure, well back then Megans body was alot fuller and less bony.
She needed to look like that again. He was going to do anything he could to get her back to that.

They made their way back downstairs only to be met with Megan's father walking through the door.
"Well well well. What do we have here" His cold voice rang through the air. Alcohol visible in his slightly slurred speach.

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