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reconnecting and new introductions

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this is my first story so sorry if it's lame. i'm up for comments or anything to make it better :)

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The final bell rang. The hallways were littered with papers and kids were running out to their cars and buses. it only meant one thing -- SUMMER VACATION! To Camryn Tyler Wentz, it was the last day she would ever have to go to that school again. Camryn had just finished her senior year and she would spending the summer with her brother Pete and his band Fall Out Boy.

ok well my name is Camryn Wentz. little sister to pete wentz. i'm 18 and have a twin brother named derek. i have semi-long brown hair and blue eyes. i'm not that tall -- only 5'5. i'm not anorexic thin but i'm not chubby. i guess you could say i've got the curse of curves :) anyways.. me and my brother just graduated high school and pete invited me to go on tour with him to take pictures and spend some time with him before college. he told me that P!ATD was the other band they were touring with. he knew that i had the biggest crush ever on ryan ross. typical yes, but he's so darn cute! i went home to make sure i had everything packed. i was taking a plane to LA where i would meet up with my brother and everyone else. derek was dropping me off at the airport since him and a couple of his friends were taking a road trip to the east. "Come on camryn! you don't want to miss your flight," derek yelled. "ok i'm coming," i yelled back. i grabbed my messenger back with my sidekick, cds, and magazines in it, my 2 suitcases, and my favorite pillow and ran downstairs. "bye honey. have fun and don't make too much trouble for your brother," my mom said as i gave her and my dad a hug goodbye. "don't worry mom. pete wouldn't have asked me along if i would be too much trouble." "call us everynight!" "ok mom, BYE! love you both" i got in the front seat of derek's car and we sped off to the the airport. (20 mins later) "ok well, have fun sis. i'll call and check in to find out where you're at" derek said. "ok and you tell me where you guys are at. be safe. i don't want to get a call in the middle of the night saying you got lost in the middle of nowhere and were all murdered by some psycopath" i said. "ha ha ok we'll be careful. and you tell them guys if they touch you, i'll be there faster than they can say ABC to kick their ass!" "ook derek. you won't do much skinny boy" "yeah, well i can at least intimidate them" "haha well my flight leaves in 10 mins. love you derek. have fun and take lots of pics for me" "of course. likewise for you too" i boarded the plane and got a window seat. i loved sitting by the window. it calmed me. plus i loved looking at the clouds :)

(4 hours later)

we finally landed in LA. i grabbed my stuff and headed towards luggage claim. i finally got my 2 suitcases after tugging at them for what seemed like hours. i may be kinda strong but those things were under everyone else's stuff and it just wasn't working. i started looking for any familar faces connected with my brother. all of sudden i felt someone put their hands around my eyes and whisper "guess who" i knew it could only be one person..."JOE!" "how do you always know it's me" he pouted. "just a lucky guess" he picked me up and swung me around. "we've all missed you like crazy cam" joe said. "yeah, i've missed you all too. i counted down the days until i would see you again" "CAMRYN TYLER WENTZ!!" i heard a very familiar voice yell. "PETER LEWIS KINGSTON WENTZ III!!" i ran and jumped on my brother, giving him the biggest hug i've ever given anyone in my life. "howwasyourflight?what'sitliketofinallygraduate?areyouhungry?" he spit out all in one breath. "whooaaa! pete..slow down. my flight was good. i'm glad to finally be out of school. and of course i'm hungry! when am i not?" i answered all his questions. "ok well let's go to wendy's and catch up. there's some special guys i want you to meet" me, pete, and joe got into their rental car and drove to wendy's to meet everyone else. we talked about everything. then sang along to the songs on the radio. we finally pulled up to wendy's and ordered our food. we got there before the others so we got a couple of tables and began to eat. i was the first one to see Patrick and Andy pull up. i jumped out of my seat and gave them both hugs before they could even get inside. "geez cam. let us get our food first before you attack us" patrick said. "yeah, i thought you were some rabid fan girl at first" andy joked. i sat down while they got their food. "where are the others?" pete asked patrick. "they were right behind us.. oh there they are" he replied. in walked 4 guys known as Panic! At The Disco (also known as my favorite band..besides FOB of course). pete introduced us. "guys this is my sister camryn. camryn, these are the guys of panic!" all 5 of us smiled and said hello. i caught ryan's eye and smiled. 'god he is soo cute' i thought. this summer was going to be very interesting.
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