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You'll always be his little girl.....

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Another oneshot, that I got from my bestest friend, KK!! I love you, girly!! Enjoy!!

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Krystle arrived first to the stage, she sat with Spencer and they were just talking about how crazy life has been this past year. Spencer was stroking her back and telling her that it was going to be alright. Just then Trish and Brendon and everyone else entered onto the stage. They sat down in a circle and Trish sat in between Brendon's legs.
"Soo, it's been a whole year, can you believe that??" asked Trish.
The three other girls shook their heads in disbelief. Trish then started to talk about the good ol' times that happened while her daddy was alive.
"Oh my gosh!! And speaking of Starbucks!! Guess what I watched today??" asked Krystle, randomly.
"What's that??" asked Stephanie.
"A little less 16 candles!!" replied Krystle, excitedly.
Trish then bursted out laughing and then fell backwards onto Brendon, whom started to laugh as well, but out of confusion.
"Darling, that was REALLY random," laughed Trish.
"I know, but that's just who I am, and you love me," said Krystle.
Trish and Krystle then tried to give each other a serious look, but it didn't really work, because they just bursted out laughing, again.
"Oh my gosh!! William Beckett is one hott vampire!!" announced Trish.
"Is he now??" asked Brendon, pretending to be jealous.
He folded his arms and stuck-out his bottom, pouty, lip. Trish couldn't resist so she kissed him. The man has irresitable lips, what more could she do?? But kiss them?? Just then, Krystle winked at Brendon and he got up and walked off stage. Trish was really confused and asked her best friend, why she winked at her boyfriend. Krystle didn't make a sound, she just smiled.
"Umm, Trishy, B's behind you," announced Katie.
Trish looked and saw her boyfriend with a white derby hat on and fake plastic vampire teeth in his mouth. Trish bursted out laughing and gave Brendon a hug. She knew how crazy he can be and with Krystle involved, it just added the little perk to it all.
Trish then suggested that the eight venture to the cemetary, where her dad is. They all agreed, but said that she and Brendon should get a head start on it. The two agreed and left Trish's old high school in Brendon's car.
"You ok, babe??" asked Brendon.
Trish smiled, nodded, and then took her boyfriend's hand. Brendon then rubbed her hand with his and told her that everything would be alright. That's when Trish started to cry. Everything wasn't going to be alright, no she missed her daddy, soo much and it was almost unreal to not have him in her life anymore, in a physical sense. The two reached the cemetary and then they got out of Brendon's car. Brendon wrapped his arm around Trish's waist and kissed her head.
"You're going to be alright, babe, I promise," said Brendon.
"Thanks. Well there it is," said Trish, with a softer voice.
She began to sob evenmore so now. Brendon kissed her head, again and told her that he was here for her. They walked over to her dad's grave, while holding hands. She knelt down, cried more, and then felt the grass around the headstone. Brendon then noticed Krystle and everyone else, walking towards them. The three girls, knelt down with Trish, and placed two bouquets of flowers by the grave. They then all hugged Trish and told her that they were here for her. She thanked them and then they each said a little something to her dad. This anniversary wasn't like any other holiday, no it was more important; not to mention, harder. They all missed Mr. Kachin, and each though of him as a dad. Unfortunately, the guys had never met him, but had the impression that he truth was a great man, because he was.

A/N:~For you, Daddy....I miss you soo much and wish I could go back in time, but I know I can't. So, this Friday, I shall celebrate what an amazing life you had. I love you.~
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